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TPR Official Game Exchange Challenge - April 2011!

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I would also like to announce that not only will we feature ALL of the contest entries tracks on the DVD of the next issue of the Club TPR Magazine, but we will also dedicate a page to our contest winners and pictures of their creations!

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I've been slowly reviewing the entries in this TPR Challenge- one by one, really.


I can say so far: Some of you have hit the nail on the head- and have done splendidly at building my park a perfect interpretation of what I'm looking for in an Arrow Looping Coaster.


Some of you have given me flawless interpretations of what Anton Schwarzkopf would have done with the same challenge...


Some of you have given me a B&M clone in Arrow Track




Some of you have given me a Vekoma clone.


Keep up the good work- as every entry is impressive in it's own way.



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Im finally done!



With my submission I want everyone to understand the who, what, where, and how of this phenomal coaster. When I was approached by said park owner I was a little stumped. I was thinking, "with all these new innoventions in coaster technology why would he want a style that dated!". Alas, my team and I sat down and start brainstorming. Our first hurdle was the land layout. Man-o-man what a "piece of work" plot this was. Since crazy park owner stated that his park would be reminiscences of Asian hill side parks with various means of getting to and from areas of the park, we decided not to start low to the ground to really bring out the aspect of a terrain coaster. Our next order of business was to compile elements and the order.


Said park owner made it clear he wanted for sure 6 inversions (2 vertical loops, 2 corkscrews and a batwing), a killer drop (atleast 133ft long) and a speed reaching 55mph. So, with our creative genius' we presented crazy park owner with these suggestions; A traditional vertical loop (like the ones on his beloved vortex), Arrows modern take of the vertical loop (a la Tenn. Tornado), a traditional corkscrew, A homage to Drachen fire with a cutback and a diving corkscrew but in reverse and a very unique twist on the batwing, something we like to call a "slip knot". Throw in a few wild turns and some airtime (afterall he loved that drop on diamondback) and the rest is history!


And here is a front and back POV for you guys who want to still vote but dont have Nolimits!



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so nobody helped me with my grid problem, and i got a complaint about it. my spacing is at 3, i know it's supposed to be at 3.(something) but my computer got messed with.... so sorry, but thats what happened.


I'm guessing you needed this to check the height of your coaster? Well, there are other ways to do it.


You could point the mouse somewhere and read the coordinates to see how high something is,

You could also look up how much the height you want is in meters and then look at the grid.

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^It can be set to anything you want-I personally prefer the metric system even though it's not the standard I was initially taught. It's so much more streamlined because so many NL applications use meters, m/s, etc. and it makes many much much more usable. I'd just change the preferences from imperial to metric to get rid of the decimals-so it only makes sense (to me) to use what is so much cleaner looking.


my 2 cents.

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Nothing special. No matter what the grid is set to your coaster will still be the same height. Basically the grid is there to help guide you if you want to put something exactly at a particular place, but now the vertex panel does that so technically you dont even need a grid.

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