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Photo TR: Hidden Mickey's of WDW

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WE love looking for Hidden Mickeys. When they redecorated the Poly, one of the online Disney surplus sites had some left over wall murals - one of which is on my kitchen wall. There are three hidden Mickeys on the painting.


Also when we did the behind the seeds tour at The Land, our tour guide told us about a hidden Mickey in the rain forest room. The Micky is actually printed on the rain effect, the way the strobes bounces off of it you can never really see it. If you use a flash and take a picture of the right spot, a Mickey appears.

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My favorite hidden Mickey got slaughtered when they added Sunset Boulevard to the Studios and was further destroyed when that hat popped up in the middle of it. I'm sure someone knows that I am talking about...and those that do...was that the largest ever hidden Mickey before it was ruined?

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Thanks for this interesting TR, could be a part of the TPR Magazine... Find the hidden Mickeys"


Everytime I read about those Disney stuff I got jealous, because I live far away from the Disney Parks... especially of WDW It has been 18 years, since I visited WDW! Time to come back soon.

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Heh, I've had the Hidden Mickey guidebook since about 2003 or so; pretty much memorized where they all are. The Norway shirt one's always been a stretch for me.


A couple that I found thanks to the book:


On the back of a fly, on the mural at Conservation Station (Animal Kingdom). From what I recall, there's at least 20 HM's there.


As the next few pictures show...




One of my favorites.


Mickey: subtle. Shadow: not so much.

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My favorite "hidden" Mickey is in the movie Tron. I should say the first Tron movie.

Holy crap how did I never NOT notice this before?! Now I'm going to have to pull out my TRON DVD when I get home tonight and look for it! That is awesome.

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Finally another update!

It was off to Animal Kingdom and the weather was not too great. It rained most of the morning and I only spent less than half a day here. I planned to go back but never made it on this trip. More to find the next time I’m in town.


Big Hidden Mickey on the right hand ticket booth.


Ever see this guy on one of the side paths by Dinosaur?


Look closely at one of the spots on his back.


This picture is for DT. It is his favorite ride after all.


On the arm of one of the dinos by Primeval Whirl.


Here is a little bit of a skeptical one. Found by the order area of Flame Tree Bar B Que. I think the intent was there if not the proportions


No hidden Mickey here but this is a coaster web site after all.


Inside the gift shop of EE. A little skeptical


This one is actually pretty good if you get the right angle on it. Outside EE at Gupta’s Gear.


Off to the Maharajah Jungle Trek. There are a number of Hidden Mickey’s in the murals here. Look closely to see the first one


Got it!


Love the bling!


Definitely a Hidden Mickey.


Look for it.


Always check the clouds for them.


Another chance!


Peek A Boo!


Another one in one of the murals.


Last chance to redeem yourself on a skeptical Hidden Mickey!


Upside down classic. I think the ears are too far apart! Next up will be the studio. Stay tuned.

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in the area around primal virl, there's a dino-sculpture, whit a cast member "1 year pin"... is that considered a hidden mickey?


Yeah, that would be considered a Hidden Mickey.


Off to Disney’s Hollywood Studio in Florida. Makes as much sense as the old Disney’s California Adventure in California.


First stop is a picture of good tower. One has to wonder why they didn’t make all the other towers with the same ride system.


This is the only picture I have of a hidden Mickey and it is on the way out. There are a few on the ride itself. When you see the video of the family checking into the hotel the little girl is holding a Mickey Doll.


Right next door at the Rock ‘N’ Roller coaster you will see this with three Mickey’s








When you get off the ride and you see the video of Aerosmith , look to the right.


Can’t remember where this one was taken but a some of the manhole covers sport a Mickey.


After leaving Tower and Rock “n” Roller coaster there is this blue building with a skeptical Mickey


I think this is more decoration because it can be found in several spots in the scroll work


See Mickey? See the hidden Mickey’s?


This is inside the lobby of the Brown Derby and I’m not so sure this is one. Jimmy Dodd hosted the Mickey Mouse Club so it would only be natural for him to have the ears.


Back outside lets look at those clouds again. One …


Two, this one is a little harder to see


On the archway to the animation section are what I call more decoration then Hidden Mickey’s






Moving on to the other side of the park you pass by Toy Story Mania. This is the crowd for the fastPass line just after opening. Haven’t seen a line like this since Tower at DisneySea.


Inside the High Octane Refreshment Bar


the Radiator Springs photo op area is this one…..


… on the far wall


If you like Pizza the look in the stars for this one at the Pizza Planet Arcade


If you like even better Italian food check out the 4 hidden Mickey’s in Mama Melrose’s waiting area. On the dog!


A leaf!


Up in the corner. I know, not a very good one.


To the left of the arch into the restaurant. Even worse then the last one!


Sense we are on a roll, they say the one on the plane is a Hidden Mickey too!


Back in the Stage 1 Company Store. Much better


The shorts are considered a Hidden Mickey too!


The Mickey handprints and shadow on the billboard at Hollywood and Sunset Blvd.


In the streets of America area Check out the newsstand on the left


Nice headline!


Wonder around to find the pawn shop to the right of the marquee


Nice watch!


Wonder what W D stands for? This one was not listed in my app


This is in one of the windows. If you like golf, you can actually find this on the 6th green of the Magnolia golf course. If you don’t like golf, use Google maps to see it.


Rodger Rabbit and Eddie Valiant!


The last one for this update is my favorite for this park, It can be found stamped into the concrete at Hollywood and Sunset. It is a little hard to read but it says “Mortimer & Co. 1928 Contractors” Magic Kingdom up next.

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The Eddie Valient Window is one of my favorite little "Hidden" tributes out there!


I recently watched Who Framed Rodger Rabbit with my little brother, so it was fun to point it out to him. Probably one of the greatest Disney films.


I must say I loved the Tower of Terror Queue. It may not be hidden mickeys, but I found myself walking around the library during the pre-show looking at all the references! It really was awesome! (The ride is pretty good too!)

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