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Due to Rooming Arrangements - ONE SPOT OPEN FOR JAPAN!

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Thinking about Japan?


Couldn't confirm until much closer? Like now?


We're two months away from the trip and due to how rooming worked out I have one spot open in each trip (Southern Japan or Tokyo) or you can sign up for the Combo!


Let me know ASAP if you may be interested in this spot! I'm doing rooming lists to the hotels now!


TRIP FLYER: http://www.themeparkreview.com/events/TPR_Japan_2011_flyer.pdf

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^Why would we be scared to be there? I'd be way more scared on the West Coast of the USA which is way overdue for a big quake and nowhere near as prepared as Japan is!


All of the parks we're scheduled to visit are open and operating the coasters and rides, it's not like we were going anywhere near the nuclear plant! That was part of our Northern Japan trip that luckily we did two years ago!


FYI, all civilized countries have also pulled their travel warnings for Japan.

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That would suck.


I went canoeing with some friends on the Boundary Waters in Minnesota back in the '90s. That was a lot of fun. Like clockwork, the mosquitoes would come out and you had better be in your tent. It was like a wall, they were everywhere.

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Tokyo is full...


Still looking for one person to take our last spot for Southern with an option to add on Disney!


Southern Japan parks are awesome and include Nagashima Spaland, Parque Espana, Space World, Kijima, Mitsui Greenland, Universal, and more!!!

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