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Photo TR: The Brit Crew at the Fudge Wedding!

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Usually the Brit Crew have to make up an excuse to get together to go out, get drunk and have fun but on April 9th 2011 we were given a legitimate reason to go out and make utter fools out of ourselves. One of our own, the effervescent Sir Campsalot of Lampington, Lampshire: Dave Fudge got married to his beautiful partner Amy and the Brit Crew were there to celebrate in style!


I don't know about anyone else but I've found that since I've hit my mid-20s that weddings start to become a regular part of life. I think I've got about 7 to go to in a two year period! With that in mind I'm always intrigued to see all the little things each couple does to make their own day unique and special. Making a day unique and special is certainly what Dave and Amy pulled of, it was a fantastic day with by far the most unique setting for a wedding meal I've ever seen.


The day started quite traditionally with the wedding service and a beautiful church afterwhich we were carted off to Kidderminster train station where everyone got onto the restaurant car of a vintage steam train that had been hired out as the venue for our wedding meal! It was VERY cool and the food tasted amazing.


After our little jaunt around the rails we were carted to a hotel for the reception which was kicked off with some great speeches all capped off by best man Mike's HILARIOUS speech (PowerPoint presentation and all!). Of course by now the booze was in full flow and Southern Steve just wasn't able to contain himself. Drunk Southern Steve + Dance Floor = endless entertainment for everyone!


All in all it was a fantastic day. I wish Dave and Amy all the happiness in the world and thank them very much for inviting me to be a part of their day.


Oh and Mike would be annoyed if I didn't let you know that we got really lucky with the weather. It was absolutely gorgeous sunshine!


Here's some photos...


Much like a TPR trip there was one important rule to abide by today - DON'T miss the bus! There were a few locations being used for the celebrations and Dave was organised enough to arrange transport for all of us!


I guess if we're gonna have a traditional British wedding then a church might come in handy!


Wow, look at all these sharply dressed individuals! Southern Steve hasn't looked so smart since his last court appearance.


Half an hour to go before the ceremony starts... Plenty of time for a beer!


The Brit Crew together, in a church. This has potential to go very badly!


Thankfully it all went very smoothly and Dave and Amy were married in a very nice service. They both looked fantastic!


OMG, has Mike pulled?!


Get a room you two!


Dave and Amy enjoyed some very swanky transport to their next location!


The rest of the Brit Crew enjoyed some very familiar transportation!


Next stop... Kidderminster train station!


Cool... Retro!


While we waited on our train we got to enjoy a champagne reception at the station!


Oh yeah, and beer too!


Looks like our meal location has arrived! How cool!!!


Before we could board we had to check our table number on this chart. Full Sunday names for everyone here...


Except for TPDave! Like Cher, he needs only one name!


TPDave's place setting was even better!




What a unique setting for a wedding meal!!!


Southern Steve was all over the copious amounts of FREE WINE on offer!


Here's the menu for the journey! Everything sounded really good!


The salmon starter was lovely.


Here's Scottish Steve, pretending to be important.


I went for the roast lamb option for the main course, a very British dish but very un-Britishly tasty!


I'm in the clean plate club!


After the main course the train pulled into Bridgnorth train station where we were able to go have a look around. It was like somewhere out of Harry Potter!




Bridgnorth station has a bar! Result!


"If anyone's looking for me on the journey back you'll find me in here!"


For the journey back these guys decided to come in and slum it with us plebs.


The Lemon Meringue Dessert was delicious!


Instead of using a spoon Southern Steve thought that it would be a much better idea to use his specs as cutlery.


That's a wine stain on his sleeve. TPFail!


The meal on a train idea was certainly unique for a wedding reception and it worked great! I think I can speak for everyone when I say that this was amazing!


After our train ride we headed to the Pear Tree Hotel for the evening reception (and more booze!).


Check out the the hand made train carrying all the wedding cake and Fudge bars! Southern Steve was very keen on stealing this.


Here come the happy couple!


Come speech time Dave slipped quite comfortably back into teacher mode as he addressed everyone and said his and Amy's thanks to everyone.


Mike's highly anticipated Best Man's speech delivered big time. Dave had no idea what he was in for!


Mike's PowerPoint presentation did indeed contain full frontal nudity!!!


The presentation, titled "Dave's Amazing Face" was priceless! Mike absolutely nailed it.


Turns out that Anth isn't the only one who got his suit from Primark!


Time for some more food! How about some Hog Roast?!


Yet again some more awesome food!


My mum always says I almost never have any photos of me and when I do I'm always looking stupid. Hopefully I'm looking slightly less stupid in this one! (Not much I know!)


First dancey dance!


OMG, Mike HAS pulled!


At last! The moment we've been waiting for - Steve's let loose on the dance floor!


Can't read Steve's poker face!


No woman was safe!


Hold onto that feeling Mike!


Bit of Thriller, Dave?


OMG, has Anth pulled?!


Sorry Anth!


The medium-browness of Mike's beard was an attraction for all the hotties!


OH MY GOD, IT'S TPDAVE!!!!!!!!111!!


In true Brit Crew fashion the dance floor was taken over by us!


Steve's night is almost complete!


Steve knows he's gonna be the man who gets drunk next to Divv.


One last dance for the happy couple!


Crazy mid-dancefloor group photo!!!


Looks like the Brit Crew have left their mark on proceedings!


Amy looked fantastic, looks like she had a great day! (Even with the Brit Crew in attendance!)


Dave really does have an Amazing Face!


Thanks to Dave and Amy for inviting me to be there, it was an incredible day!


This report doesn't capture anywhere near how cool and fun this day was but I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading!

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Amazing TR, thanks for sharing!


I've been thinking about doing a big 10 Year Anniversary Vow Renewel Party for Robb & I just so we all have an excuse to dress up, drink, and have fun!

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^^This idea, I like!


Thanks for sharing this with us Divv! It looks like a Fudging-good time was had by the happy couple and all who attended. I send my best wishes to Dave and Amy as the begin the next chapter in their life together.

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Nice one Divv and Caption Fantastic as ever. Dave all that beer drinking, 'twas a nightmare, but we were drinking to absent friends and of course so one for you, one for Robb, one for Ginny, one for Miles (well 2 for Miles as it is Miles!!), one for Bob...........see how it went ? - Big BAD head on Sunday, very worth it ))

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Wow--who would've thought that the Brit Crew owned so many ties?


Congratulations to Dave and Amy! That lunch on the train looked great.

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^ A HUGE "Best Wishes!" to the happy couple, and a HUGE thanks to Divv for letting us attend via TPR!


What a LOVELY wedding day! Traditional, yet imaginative! I adore the train idea for dinner. That is simply awesome. You all looked great!



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At first I would like to wish all the best to the new married couple! Amy and Dave, my best wishes and a great and never ending time together!


That party looks like a really amazing wedding party! I wish more of my friends would have done something like that on their wedding - But don´t tell them about that When I will ever find the right woman again, I will try to do something like that.


Great to see you all had a huge fun. Best regards to all of the BritCrew!

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This report is amazing!!! It is so good to see the viewpoint of the day from the Brit Crew.

Divv, photos and captions = excellent as always.


To everyone else, thanks for the messages!!!


We're sat making use of the free WiFi in Vancouver airport, enjoying looking at the photos.


Dave and Amy

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Congratulations to Dave and Amy...


And it looks everybody had a great, great time!


And on a train! With Food! And awesome dessert!


Thanks for sharing the wonderful moments a-plenty, Divv.




(Wait! You two ^ are/were HERE in Vancouver??? You're too early for Playland's Coaster to open, LOL!)

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^Well, the hat she did have on turned out to be a mini torture device. I was stupid enough to try the bloody thing on, It felt like a small, sharp vice was attached to my head! Kudos to Lou if anything.

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Thanks everyone and you're welcome! I was on the fence on whether I was even gonna do a trip report from this day. I'm glad I did, it's definitely a day worth remembering!

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Thank you for posting this Divv!!


Congrats yet again to Dave and Amy! It looks like you two really know how to throw a party! The meal in a train idea is genius! I so wish that I could've made the voyage to join in the party personally. Having Divv recite the adventures, while very entertaining, just isn't the same.

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