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Again, and I won't repeat this message: A person- any person- may name their own created element WHATEVER AND HOWEVER THEY WANT TO.


No person owns the names of their elements- end of story. If you don't like it, suck it up and deal with it. He can call it A swan's neck tortise shell Sit N' spin for all that it matters. You don't own that name, and for that matter nobody else does.



Games Forum Management Team

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I think I can clear this one up. In my park, Fisher Park, found on SGW primarily, there has been a long running joke about me naming the element I posted a "Fisher Roll." Some members of that site actually follow along and call that element comprised of two half dive loops (as called in-game) designed to look like a large corkscrew a "Fisher Roll". I know aroberts is a member over there as well. I was merely poking fun at the fact that he has misused the Fisher Roll as my park is where the name originates.

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