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Photo TR: Six Flags Astroworld 2011

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I worked with Karl and yes it is just sitting there as a testament to the insanity that was Burke's Six Flags. The selling of the land did not help with the debt and as you can see that "Valuable" piece of land is just sitting there 5 1/2 years later. In a rather ironic twist of fate Burke and Story now run the management company that the CNL investment group uses to manage Splashtown, a waterpark just a few miles from my house in a suburb of Houston.

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the photo is missing some one complaining about there hurting head from Serial Thriller. also I cant wait to check out the new Windseeker its been like 6 years since astroworld has gotten any thing new. Six flags really needs to start taking better care of their parks, maybe we could have TPR trip to astroworld this year.

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Wow, they didn't even pave it.


The impression I get from TPR is that 2011 Astroworld is still preferable to Fuji-Queue.


Plenty of rides there, if you're a a car thief.


This is the greatest trip report of all time IMO.

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Astroworld was a low performing park. If you can see the property isnt that big and the biggest coaster we had was 110 feet tall. Since the space was limited, when they added a new ride they also took one away so the park never really grew. If you were born here and had been going for 30 yrs, the thrill was ENTIRELY gone. I used to go just to walk around to get exercise and buy a funnel cake for my husband. They should have NEVER let people buy up the property around there. There was no room for expansion. That little area you see was for the park, corporate offices, employee parking, water world and the mechanic shops etc. Sorry and TIRED park. As sorry as Kentucky Kingdom and I am sure I am going to get cursed out for fans but you all know that once u have been to a SFMM, SFGA, SFOT or Cedar Point, Astroworld seemed like a carnival in a shopping mall parking lot. The only ride i KINDA liked riding was XLR8 our suspended coaster. Now we used to have a ride called the Alpine Sleigh Ride back in the 70's, It was a ride that went through a mountain, kinda like space mountain but not as fast. The got rid of it in the mid 70's due to too many mechanical problems but the mountain remained. I dont know why they didnt utilize it because it would have made a good ride like the volcano at Kings Dominion.

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