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freefallXL´s -[NL]- workxX

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ProNs? Where?!?! Oh wait, it was just a sick trick . In other news I really like that newest screenshot, what does the name mean?

...you will get it with the NL "climax" project


Thank you for the comments guys!!! I really thought this thread is dead ( +thank you very much)


..*you know*.. what´s coming:








...to be continued*..

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Thank you very MUCH!!!



The set will include:


- The Station

- The tower sections (each 10 meters)

- The cabin (finished and individual ocobjects parts)

- The steel cables (each 10 meters)

- the top

- Textures (jpg and targa..)


I hope it will not be too difficult for beginners. I'll try to write a short guide (How I built the tower and how the .ocobjects be used).




Back into the future:

(future pre-view)


The next "Park" project will be published for Climax. In the design and the features of the tower, maybe you like it too:





(the colors, textures and details will be better ... it´s just a preview!)



Ps.: ...would be really nice, if you could animate 3ds, in NoLimits 2 *dreaming*

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