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Photo TR: Hamburger Frühlingsdom / Hamburg Spring Fair

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Just a quick TR from our recent jaunt to Hamburg for the Frühlingsdom spring fair.


Oh, and an on-ride video from High Energy, since few people outside Europe will have had the chance to ride a Zierer Star Shape! Filmed with staff permission, of course.



First really big German fair of the year


First ride at the main entrance, the Mondial R5 Shake, "Shaker".


Many have tried to copy the Huss Frisbee, but this version is still by far the best


No German fair is complete without at least one very large beer tent


And no German beer tent would be complete without live music


The first of 3 Zierer Star Shapes ever built. By a quirk of fate, we'll be seeing the 2nd a week later in Blackpool, then the 3rd in Scotland 2 weeks after that, making its world première.


A big big surprise to see Techno Power, which normally sticks to southern Germany


Probably the fastest of the KMG Remixes I've ridden, but with a very anti-climactic ending to the ride cycle.


Yes, don't worry coaster fans, there was something for you too. The superb Schwarzkopf Alpina Bahn, no less!


Two generations of the same type of ride, Wave Swinger and the Sky Dance - Sky Dance being one of the Around The World rides, a sort-of official Star Flyer clone. Not to be ridden on a March night in Hamburg, due to unbelievable coldness.


Das Kajüte, a truly superb portable bar, themed as a ship's cabin, selling all your favourite drinks from all over Germany - including the delicious Berliner Weiße


For Brits, believe it or not, this is the same Musik Express that was rethemed as Winter Wonderland Express at Hyde Park 2009



Pretty good firework show for opening night


Dom Dancer, a pretty good Huss Break Dance, but not a patch on the mighty Kinzler machine. Interestingly, as this attends all 3 Dom fairs each year, much of the artwork is very Hamburg orientated. St Pauli, on this car, is the area in which the Dom takes place, and also the name of the local football team.


Also, if you ever want to see how it's possible to load a Break Dance in under 30 seconds, go to a busy German fair!


Back again the next day, avoiding the temptations of the nearby Reeperbahn


Alpina Bahn may be almost 30 years old, but it's a definite top-5 coaster


Forget Afterburners, forget Gyro Swings, forget Giant Frisbees. In fact, don't judge any Frisbee type ride until you've ridden an original on proper German fair speed. It's a million times better.


A Star Shape and a beer garden. Paradise.


Dock 12, another superb food and drink area, again selling a wonderful selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, along with excellent food.


High Energy is superb. Bling at Blackpool is appalling by comparison. How will the third Star Shape, Air, compare? We'll find out later this month!


Alpina Bahn viewed from High Energy - and no, the staff had no issue with us taking cameras on the ride.


Alpina Bahn in beautiful spring sunshine



Star Flyer ... I mean Around The World ... I mean Sky Dance!


The fair's other coaster. Göber & Eberhard's Wilde Maus, which seems to follow me all around Germany.


Hamburg's more permanent tower in the background, which was closed throughout our stay - which I only discovered after spending over half an hour walking to it!


Shaker - if I'm honest, probably the weakest Mondial Shake I've ridden (well, apart from theme park ones, obviously!).


As long as I gaze on Alpina Bahn susnet, I am in paradise


Frisbee and High Energy, a duo of superb spin rides


The huge fun house that acts as a pre-show for the Rotor


The huge wheel, complete with the symbol of Hamburg on its centrepiece



Why did Huss stop building rides like this and start building total crap?!


Likewise, how has such a good ride as the Star Shape only managed to sell 3 units in 8 years? 2 if you discount Blackpool's dreadful version!


Big Monster, a classic Schwarzkopf Monster 3 type Polyp


Airwolf, a truly superb ride, one of only 3 Mondial Infernos ever built, and a definite predecessor to the Top Scan


Atlantic Rafting. Well presented, but lousy ride. There should be a law against having Fabbri rides on German fairs.


Inside the beer tent. "Beer tent" sells it a bit short, as they also do full meals, and carry a huge array of both food and drink. Even during the live music, the table services continues with great efficiency.


After this point, the night becomes a bit of a blur. Prost!

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I don't really have too much to add here, other than it looks like a lot of fun.


But since the third word of the title is my last name, I thought I should put in a presence here!


Some day I'll have to get to an actual German fair to see how they really run their flat rides. The closest I've come is to go to a fair outside Paris.

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I would die on those rides.


Same--if I went to, say, Oktoberfest, it'd be all about the coasters, fun houses, dark rides, and beer and food for me.


This fair looks like "Flat Ride Heaven or Hell," depending on your taste (and stomach's tolerance).

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