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Ever Been The Only One On A Ride?

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Here's a story for the "Ride it and they will come" department:


One year in Knoebel, I was the only rider on the Wipeout. After that ride was over, Believe it or not!, there was a massive line of riders waiting to board. Talk about stepping into another world experience.


"I'm not perfect; I just love to ride!!!"

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Rode Escape from Pompeii by myself once on a "cool" spring day...mostly because of the warm fire effects in the ride. I screamed like mad on the drop and made many who were watching question my sanity. It is really interesting how the tone changes when you are the only rider.

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At Universal we were late for our flight home but really wanted to go on Earthquake (pre-Disaster). We asked at the exit if there was anyway we could ride it without going througth the lengthy pre-show that we simply didn't have time for. My then GF and I offerred to spilt up as single riders wereever they were was as spot. Staff was very kind and said yes but were kinda being weird and laughing about it.


Then we found why. They put us right in the middle of the massive train. Ran an entire cycle just for us. All while cracking some jokes over the PA about the exclusive nature of the ride. "We hope that BOTH of surive. We are glad that BOTH of you enjoyed the ride." etc, etc.


Very surreal and memerable experience. A bit awkward because all eyes were on us. But long story short: an amazing way to end an Orlando trip.

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Being a ride operator for Wild Thing, I got to ride it alone all the time as the test rider before opening for the day. The other coasters I've been on alone include every other coaster at Valleyfair (except Steel Venom and Cosmic Coaster), Kraken, and Carolina Cyclone.

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I've once been the only one on Cobra and Mammut Tree at Connyland in Switzerland, but this park is so small and hasn't that many visitors, so this is easily the case...

Oh, and on Crazy Mine at Hansa Park and on a fun fair Wild Mouse, I had once a car for myself

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First time riding Atlantica SuperSplash at Europa Park I was the only person in the boat. It was 9:40 in the morning and the crowds hadn't gotten to the back end of the park yet (Blue Fire was still a walk-on and Wodan's queue was about 10 minutes). It was actually kinda fun making all kinds of noises when no-one was around to hear it.


Most log flumes I ride alone when I'm at a park by myself.

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