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Rct2 Track Design Contest!

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Look at all the people!



This could take a while to judge.

And to those of you asked, I'm not sure of my time zone, but I live in ohio. If I haven't say that you can't submit any more, then you can still submit. So it will not close at midnight, more like 3:00 the next day.

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I have a question to any of those familiar with Windows 7. I cannot located any of my saved games to upload into the games exchange. The RCT2 program is under the Program files (x86). I have about 24 games, scenarios, track files all saved, but cannot locate them via the Program (x86) files. It has the Inforgames file located there. The only files I can open is the game scenarios from the disk (such as Gravity Gardens, Bumbly Bazaar, etc). Anyone can help me locate the files or how too?. Thanks!

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I've got that problem to and here's how to fix it:


go to C:\Programs(x86)\Infogrames Interactive\RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 or whereever you installed the game, and then go to "Saved Games" and then click compability files.

There are all the files that you cant see, so then it's just to cut out the park files you want and then paste them into the real Saved Games folder or to your desktop or wherever you want them to be.


Another solving is to play them in the game and then save game and direct the file somewhere else, like on your desktop.


Hope it helps!

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