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Idora Park - Lost River & Kooky Castle

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I am not sure what made me think of this park today but I did. I was only there once when I was in third grade and can not remember much about it. I do remember though that they had a ride called The Lost River. Do any of the old timers on here remember what the ride experience was for this. For some reason I keep thinking this was a hybrid Log Flume and Dark Ride. I can not find any pictures of this ride to reference exactly what it was.


However, I did find a picture of the outside of Kooky Castle and it looked much like the facade on the now defunct Le Cachot ride at Kennywood. Was this similar in stunts also, since it was a Bill Tracy ride?

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The Lost River was a very old chute the chutes and sort of dark ride combined. The boat entered a tunnel and inside were different "scenes" of a jungle type setting. This type of ride, with different scene styles for a park's own individuality, was common in the earlier 1900's at many parks. For example, Euclid Beach called theirs "Over The Falls". Inside were lit scenes of miniature waterfalls with running water.Idora's displays were kind of cheesy, but unlike many flume rides today, at least it had theming!

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^ Thanks, I was looking at pictures of the Kooky Castle just a few moments ago and stumbled on some pictures of The Lost River on "The Bill Tracy Project" website.


http://notlmpresed.angelfire.com/tracyidorapark.html (This site is a must for those who love the classic dark rides,s ome pretty interesting floor plans on there and such from Tracy).


I did not realize The Lost River was one of his creations. The pictures do not show much, but what it did looked interesting.


I saw some of the cars that the Castle utilized. I noticed it was far from the Le Cachot, since that used the pretzel cars

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