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Oh Happy Days are here and my item has arrived.... I got one extra and was thinking on what I could do with it. I was thinking the Prince is a nice and Mr Kinzel has been getting beat up lately. I figured I would give Mr Kinzel a nice present on behalf of Prince Desmond. I however cover my identity so that he does not hunt me down and kick me out of his parks if I go to them this summer.1.jpg.ccb52d180b7159976c5993b0aac9b249.jpg

The glorious package from TPR


Here are my coasters.


Ready to ship off to Mr Kinzel with a special note.


Contents of the letter are here:

Deer Mister Kenzel:

I am friend of Great Prince Desmond of Nigeria. He tied to purchase dipper rollercoast a few months back. This turned out to be scam from other type coaster company we thinks. Prince though believes in making lemonade out of sour setuation.

He knows you personaly mean no harm to dipper coast. Prince nows Kat and Kiwi had same chance as rebel to take over Abuju from him as there chance on saving dipper. He wishes to extend olive branch to you and give you one of coaster he got. Please exept this gift and keep table in office safe from drink.


Pleaese enjoy and wish your parks the warmt of a million suns this summer.


Prince Desmond Jones Associate


Here is pictur of me and prince for wall



Ready to go....


I hope he actually get it....


Now I just need need those two morons (Kat and Kiwi) addresses to send them a nice package...

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Thanks Robb for the complement, that means much for me from the true master of sarcasm and having a true sense of humor in the amusement industry.


TPR Members:

On a side note, I still have one table and three left. If anyone can find Kiwi and Kat's address, I will send them also a nice little letter with one each. Yes, I like to kick the dead horse of stupidity.... It is entertaining after a work week of realism.


--- Looking at asking my wife to get me a Club TPR membership for Fathers Day----

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