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Deep in the forest

A very rich man takes his pleasures

He is a sick, twisted individual

He hunts no ordinary prey

So run


He's hunting you



Lightning flashes all around, rain pours like a deathly shower

Perhaps it creates a sanctuary from the encrazed hunter


Hide among the ruined castle

Pray he dare not look through the haze


Fly fast mighty feet

Fail your master not


Old tunnel, offer your protection from this mighty beast

Keep me from the clutches of my pursuer's shredding iron


Here's hoping time wishes me prosperous

It seems to have abandoned previous companions of the hunt


How can such beauty exist in so rustic a setting?

Is my death to be cruel irony in the end?

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Race hard along the path

Looking back will only cost you



Furagida is finally here. It took me a long time to work on, and I am incredibly proud as to how it turned out. It is loosely based off The Beast at King's Island, but only for a few small details. So watch... and enjoy


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