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Vancouver Playland is getting a new ride

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With the plan for continued expansion for the next 20 years, I wouldn't be surprized if things get moved around and maybe taken out while they're at it. Although I must admit, the new placement of the bumper cars is quite intersting indeed. Especially since it's one of the older rides and now it's been moved upfront with the "newer" rides (Hellavator, Gladiator, Kettle Creek, Crazy Beach Party).


As for Playland becomming a more "themepark-like destination", I think that's their intention with the expansion plans. I know this is only wishful thinking, but could a new coaster be on it's way in the years to come?


(crosses fingers)

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At the park this afternoon, while a Whitecaps' soccer match was happening,

next door at Empire Stadium. Took a few more, ongoing pix of

Atmosfear construction.


Tower pieces are still not getting any assembly love yet, LOL.


A few bits and pieces I didn't notice before. And what I'd call the 'kite' frames for it, there? Maybe not.


And how it looks, this weekend. Not much, but the base foundation is slowly coming together.

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Atmosfear Construction BUMP


Back from the park with a few mini-pix.


Not much changed with the foundation

or the building of the 'tower' itself.


And included a couple of 'scenic shots'

from the ferris wheel - knowing it will be

much higher (and faster turning!) on





As I go up on the wheel, the view of Atmosfear gets...better. Our beautiul Coaster is in background.


Tower pieces awaiting assembly. Still.


A better look at how everything's doing there. Look like entry/exit ramping being built, this side of it.


A view from the ferris wheel - part of the mountain range that 'frames' our city.


More mountains. Great view. From any tall ride, lol!


A last look at Atmosfear and it's base.


And you can juuust make out the Coaster there in the back of everything.

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You'd think because the opening date is less than a month away that they'd want to push construction a lot more now but it looks like they've barely done anything to the ride in 2 weeks now. Also I was thinking that if they do plan on expanding the place they could get something like Tatsu from SFMM I went onto that one and it is amazing, we could have the tallest and fastest flying coaster and that would hopefully bring the crowds more than this ride will because it seems the only place that these rides are really popular is in Europe. Over here and in the US they don't seem to be that big of a deal really.

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Back from Playland this afternoon, with a few more

construction pix of Atmosfear...


(Pardon the overcast skies and blurry focus.)


We got CRANE ONSITE! (o:


Pulling back further, for a bigger shot. Note the ride ops building on the left. At the back is the rotating piece that the arms and seats are held on. The crane is preparing to lift that piece onto the tower, and then the tower pieces themself, will follow.


Between the crane and the tower, I see the two sets of seats for the ride.


Another far shot. Nothing was really moving down onsite, at the time I was there, but it did look like things were going to happen (build), soon.


Closest I can get to "see the seats," heh heh. Thru the construction fencing.


A bit closer look at the seats, and a worker in back there, doing something with the rotation piece.

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I still don't have a clue why there'd be a weight limit for this ride really, I've talked to a lot of my friends that live in Europe and there's absolutely no weight limit for the exact same ride Playland is getting, why do you think Playland would enforce a 160 pound weight limit per person when the seats are stronger than the one's on the Wave Swinger?

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Here's the last pix I could take of Atmosfear, today.

On the ground, and one from the ferris wheel, close to it.


I leave mid-week for the first of the two TPR Japan Tours

(with a little bit of Tokyo Disney in between, heh heh)

so hopefully, by the time I get back, this thing will be

finally up and running. But...


I chatted with one of the ride ops, and she wasn't too

convinced Atmosfear would meet it's July 1st Opening Day.


But whatever happens, I'll find out when I get back

from Japan on July 4th, lol!


See y'all!


Lots of Atmosfear's pieces there, all surrounding the main tower. The 'device' that holds the chains/seats is behind the tower.


Sort of the same shot as yesterday. And you can sort of see the 'device' that holds the chains and swings - and swings, lol.


Another shot of the seats, still snugged together, ready for separation and attachment to the 'device'. (o:


I am not totally sure what this is for, except to enable the 'device' to go up and down the tower? Could I have a Star Flyer expert HERE on this, please? Thanks in advance.


Looking a bit closer at the 'device' back there, being worked on. Sorry about pic fuzziness. It's a cheap mini-digi cam, lol!


They have started to put the actual tower together, which is great!


And last look/shot of Atmosfear-in-the-making, before I take off for Japan! Hopefully, it will be completed and operating by July 1st.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgN78K2k5qA&feature=feedu take a look at what I found on Youtube today. if you listen to the end of the clip it says now open, I heard they were going to test it for a while before opening it to the public, this is completely idiotic if they're opening it to the public now, any amusement park knows they need to test run it for at least a week just in case there's something wrong with the ride, that's not even 1 day of testing for this ride if they were barely even finishing up the ride yesterday. It says Atmosfear, the new ride, now open at Playland. If that's true then I say we should wait until the Grand Opening if it truly is running right now, I am definitely a dare devil, but I'm not going to go onto a ride that's never been through a test run of at least a while because there is so much that could go wrong with rides that haven't been tested before, especially with a ride like this one, there is so many inherent dangers with this ride that I wouldn't trust it without it being put through its paces for a while to see if there's anything that could go wrong with it.
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^ The ride is not yet open and will absolutely go through days of testing.


PNE/Playland: We’d love to be able to provide an exact day, but between construction and the very important testing and safety protocols we won’t be able to provide one for a few weeks still. We’ll be posting our TV and radio spots shortly though to get you ramped up!



You didn't actually think any park would open a major ride with a day of testing?

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You didn't actually think any park would open a major ride with a day of testing?


I didn't think so but knowing Playland and how much they don't care about how they run their rides I thought they would've done it, but at least they won't because I do kind of want to go onto this ride and see if it's any good or not, course after it was a resounding failure during PNE I'm just hoping that it won't become a paper weight for years to come, I'm sure with all the hype going on it'll be popular for a while, but after the hype it might not stay as a popular ride anymore, I actually spent about 5 hours in front of it during PNE to record how many people went onto the ride and see if there was any re-riders, and out of all the people I saw go onto that ride in those 5 hours, there was about 1000 people that went onto it, don't remember the exact ammount but that is a close number to how many people went onto it, 97% of the people who went onto it were younger kids, about between the ages of 5 and 8, the other 3 percent were teenagers and adults, and out of all the people that went onto it, about 40% of the young kids done a re-ride of it, and about 1/2% of the teenagers and adults that went onto it done rerides. So I'm really hoping it'll be popular for years to come because I don't want to see Playland go bankrupt.

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Not sure why you'd be worried about Playland going broke. Playland is nowhere near close to bankruptcy, in fact, it is very profitable. Now that the PNE grounds have been made permanent after years of debate, Playland will be going under severe remodeling (landscaping, themeing etc..). In addition, (directly from their website), "Playland gradually expands north with new rides to an ultimate size of 22 acres. Check out "Master Plan" at http://vancouver.ca/pnepark/

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Am back from the TPR Japan Tours, so am planning to

head over to the park before this coming weekend, and

check out what's happening lately with Atmosfear, take a few pix,



And I also will have an interesting comparison opportunity as I just rode an

identical (in design and height) StarFlyer at Fuji-Q Highland Park,

one week ago today! Hopefully, the ride cycle here will be just as cool

as it was at Fuji.


Stay tuned, lol.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Bump to post new pix of Atmosfear.


They're currently testing the ride w/o any riders

on it. And hopefully, as they've been advertising,

the thing will be ready and operable "sometime this month."


We wait - be patient - and hope for the best, lol.


Here's the photos I took on Sat. July 9...


Walking to the park - what do I spy there on the left of Hellevator?


Getting closer now, with both towers poking through the trees in Exhibition Park.


And here's the view from Playland's main entrance.


Doing artsy fartsy shots of Atmosfear with Hellevator in front.


Looking good, from what I see at ground level.


Everything appears to be assembled (I hope) properly, lol.


A view from the ferris wheel.


Another view, bit higher up on the wheel.


Last shot, another artsy one. "Opening in July"! Here's hoping, soon.

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BUMP to announce...


Just read in this morning's local city paper,


Atmosfear is (in the ad) Opening on.... Saturday!


The same day that our Annual GAY DAY happens

at Playland. (Don't forget to wear a red shirt! )


Hmmm. There should be some really big

girly-type screams a-plenty that day and on that ride, lol.


Looking forward to seeing it in action - and riding it after

it's opened, probably in the following week.

Saturday will be nuts with the crowd size.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhfnXIIHUG8 I found this while looking through Youtube, it looks pretty good but I'm not sure if I'd get onto it or not, I can easily get onto the Wave Swinger but I'm not sure if I'd get onto this one, here's my video of the Wave Swinger
what do you think? Think these are about the same sized seats as the Star Flyer?
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It opened today!


It had a malfunction today!


They fixed it today!


And I rode it - single rider - in the rain.


And it was awe - some.


And I even got a button (woo hoo!) as a first day rider, for it too LOL.


Fun time, even with the rain coming down periodically.

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^ Yes, you should be able to, no doubt about it!


I think the side-by-side seats for Atmosfear are actually a bit bigger

than the single ones on Wave Swinger. (IMhO) A bit more comfy too.


And the only way to really find out, is to come to the park,

get in the queue line, and ride the ride, LOL!


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Yep. I was there near noon, and stayed till after 2 pm.


I got just one ride on Atmosfear, wearing my newly-bought

white "What Fear?" t-shirt from the Playland Gift Shop.

($20 - not included with their current 50% off Everything Sale, lol)


It was great in "normal weather" too, heh heh. (Compared to all the

rain I put up with yesterday, on it's Opening Day.)

An adrenalin rush, I must say. And an excellent view of the city and

mountains, if you could focus quick enough, whirling around so fast.

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