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TPR's Official Australia Trip Update Thread!

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Those TPR cowboy pictures are hilarious! I bet Jake shed a tear seeing all of you in cowboy hats I also am a lover of flowriders! It's so nice not having to wear a wetsuit, paddle out to the waves, paddle like mad to catch the wave, nasty sea water, creatures, etc. Awesome report!

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Apologies Robb, didn't mean to sidetrack the thread.


I've really enjoyed these updates so far, hope you enjoy the rest of your time in our fair country, looking forward to the Dreamworld report

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I have to admit this has given me a new appreciation of Australian parks. It was dissatisfaction with Australian parks from a Gold Coast visit in 2003 that lead me to find out how to get to Cedar Point later that year on my first real USA park trip, but they have improved since then.


I haven't been to Sea World (I'd really like to check out Shark Bay and Jet Rescue) or Dreamworld since 2003; and I haven't been to Wet and Wild or Movie World since 2007. I keep saying I'll wait until the next major attraction, but that may be a while still. Halloween has looked impressive at Movie World the last few years.


Oh by the way the sharks are waiting for you, and don't think you're safe in the shallows - those juvenile White Pointers are still 7-8 foot, and bite:


I wish this was a photoshop.

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Aww thats not a shark. This summer Newcastle beach got closed down 3 times because of great whites, Catho at Swansea got closed down 6 times. This is the worst time of the year to swim in our oceans, all the great whites come in shore to feed on the bait fish.... wow what does this have to do TPR!?


Anyway still can't believe you guys have finally come to Australia!! Should have hit up Draculas restaurant while you were on the gold coast!!

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^Umm, a couple of us we're making a joke, I believe that's allowed on TPR occasionally. That photo is from Hawk's Nest, and has been featured in the news today.


Now I'm waiting to see how much TPR likes Dreamworld, this is personally the one of the big four I like the least. I'll be interested to see how Mick Doohan's Motocoaster compares to Jet Rescue. I found it dsiappointing that two parks so close together both installed very similar Intamins.


I hope no one is experiencing B & M withdrawal symptoms in our B & M free continent. I'm glad I'm not a B & M fanboy.

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Today TPR's trip in Australia continued at:




We also have a new video for you!!!


Tower of Terror 2 Roller Coaster Front Seat POV Dreamworld Australia


Cyclone Backseat POV Video:


Mick Doohan's Motocoaster POV Video:




Next up on our Aussie tour was Dreamworld!


Oooh! Looks like TPR may learn something today!


First we were given good bags filled with surprises...


Then we were introduced to the "Dreamworld Challenge", a scavenger hunt that would put TPR teams against each other!


But first we were taken on a backstage tour of the park...


First we checked out the water park filled with all kinds of great Proslide rides.


We checked out the water filtration and heating systems.


Head of maintenance, Bob, explained how the filter systems work.


Perilite for the filtration system or what Charlie Sheen calls Saturday night...you decide!


Next was a behind the scenes look at one of the most anticipated coasters of the trip! Tower of Terror 2!


We got to look under the vehicle.


They explained how the track is not welded to the supports, but is placed in these grooves so it can have flexibility to shift back and forth.


arently these are a pretty hot commodity to parks that run an Intamin Reverse Freefall coaster.


They let us check out the ride manual.


Here's the control panel.


And a very efficient way for riders to store their stuff. This swings out towards the car, so it's easy and quick to put away your bags, and then swings back so departing riders aren't in the way when the next train boards. What a GREAT idea!


Here are the new backwards trains.


Dreamworld claims they first had the idea of the backwards car in 1996.


And then of course...TPR got ERT on TOT2!


Backwards Tower of Terror is awesome!!!


hen they re-did Tower of Terror, they turned the car around backwards and extended the launch tunnel to add more theming to the ride.


They also added new theming and lights to the back area. Watch the video, the tunnel section is awesome!


It is a slight bummer the ride doesn't go farther up the tower...


But the theming and the new backwards launch still make for an awesome ride!!!


"I can't ride yet, but at least I got to climb in it!"


Next up they even gave us ERT on laser tag!


It was an all out slaughter fest!


We all broke off into teams to complete the Dreamworld challenge.


"Wow, some of these questions are tough!"


I feel like I've seen this sign before...


Yup...Vekoma SLC in training!


Cyclone is an old-school Arrow looper which used to reside at Luna Park Sydney.


And when we say old school we mean coat hanger old school! :)


Are these the old Drachen Fire trains?


Good luck you guys!!! :)


Giant Drop was pretty damn awesome!


This thing is huge!


TPR fan Amber shows us Giant Drop!


Here is what the ride vehicle looks like.


Giant Drop is right up there with Blue Fall and Hurkan Condor as the best drop rides in the world!


Dreamworld also has a fantastic animal section.


We got another kangaroo credit!


Many of the kangaroos had joeys in their pouch.


KidTums loved feeding the kangaroos...


Although the kangaroos had their own ideas..


Plenty of us did the "fondle a koala" experience!


Awww....don't you want to cuddle this baby koala?


That is one lucky koala!


Mr. Turtle approves this photo!


Hooray! The Motocoaster opened!


Nothing creepier than a bunch of grown men on the kiddie ride! ;)


KidTums wanted to do the skinny ride...


Any ride themed to beavers is awesome!


It was time to see who won the Dreamworld Challenge!


We got points for riding rides.


Some people took this very seriously!!!


Our sad and pathetic winners!!! Give them a huge round of apple sauce! Thank you Dreamworld for a great day!!!

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Looks like you guys are having a blast. Thanks for the POV as I have yet to get to the park and try the TOT2.


Did you guys get POV from the Giant Drop, or are you saving that for an upcoming DVD?


Enjoy the rest of your trip and I guess I will have to deliver that beer I owe Robb another trip...I am sure there will be another one in the future.

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Did you guys get POV from the Giant Drop, or are you saving that for an upcoming DVD?

I took POVs of Giant Drop, MotoCoaster and Cyclone, but I just didn't have time to edit together the videos. They take about 2 hours each with all the editing, rendering, and uploading via slow hotel internet time. I'll get them posted at some point!

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^Thanks a lot Robb! I've been waiting for proper pov's of Aussie coasters for a long time now... I really appreciate that extra bit of effort your putting in to make them Don't think it's going unnoticed from your fellow enthusiasts down under!

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That guy in one of the first photos in the Dreamworld Education centre is actually one of the two guys out of the Dreamworld Insiders who post videos on the parks FB page when something new comes to the park, to go behind the scenes and to promote it, or to promote the park in general, kind of a cool way to to get extra advertising for free and let the general public whats going on!!


One thing I wanted to know is what did you think of the Wipeout and The Claw, I know the states has similar rides to The Claw, but ours is a smaller version and wanted to hear how you guys thought it stacked up! Also what did you guys think of Tiger island, curious was the White Lion Exhibit open when you visited or was it still being constructed?

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They haven't changed, the back two rows have always had the sidecar. The great thing about them is they have a lower height restriction than the regular seats, so kids who otherwise wouldn't be tall enough to ride can still ride in the side car, which IMHO is one of the best features of the ride.


Again, loving the updates, been watching this thread round the clock and it's been well worth it so far!

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I rode Tower of Terror when it had the t-bar restraints back in 2008. I rode it a bunch of times, but the best time was when I wasn't stapled and could really feel the "8" seconds of floating airtime. Lots of fun.


Of course, Giant Drop is amazing. How about the log flume? I thought it was randomly histarical haha. And Mick Doohan's Motor Coaster was dissapointingly tame in my opinion.


So jealous!

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