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TPR's Official Australia Trip Update Thread!

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It's just not financially viable to open.

For the money it would cost to get it running, the small ridership wouldn't give the return to justify the expenditure. When you compare it to the HUGE numbers the non thrill attractions bring in there, you can see why that's the direction they are going.

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I don't think the Rocker will ever open, I like to say that, so I can happily eat my words. I haven't been to Katoomba in over a decade at least.


I agree, the most recent reliable article I have seen about it was a few years ago in the Sydney Morning Herald.


Anthea took over the mechanical engineering at Scenic World from her father, but there has been little work done in the intervening years. From memory she used work on the orphan rocker as part of her mechanical engineering degree.


I still have a 4min video from 2003 taken by staff showing the ride being tested with a couple of passengers, but not sure if I am able to distribute it as I do not know what rights were given to me at the time.



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Love the TR guys hope you are having fun, i was on the gold coast aswell this weekend didnt realize it was the weekend for you all in queensland otherwise i would have come to say Hi, i hope the weather fines up and gives you some great days.


to answer the question if WBMW is still strict on things in pockets the answer is yes, i had a wallet in a zipper pocket and the guy at the height restrictions told me i couldnt go on with it



Scooby Doo looks really neat! Did you get a video with the lights off too? Looks like the Scooby "AA's" in the ride are modeled after the Scooby from the more recent movies instead of the animated one.


Can't wait to see more!


Yeah it is based on the scooby movie with Sarah Michelle and Freddy Prince as the movie was recorded on the sound stages in the park

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TPR's next day in Australia started at.


Sea World


We also have more POV videos for you!


Jet Rescue Roller Coaster Front Seat POV Sea World Australia


Sea Viper Roller Coaster Front Seat POV Sea World Australia


"Hi, I'm Dan. I proudly present to you... The Ocean! Now get me the fuck out of here!!!"


Today TPR will be visiting Shamu Dundee!


Our Sea World day starts with ERT in Jet Rescue!


Jet Rescue was GREAT! A perfect family coaster for this park. Even had some surprise thrills!


It's TWISTY!!!!


Here's the first launch...yes, it's all tire driven!


This could be the most awesome train design ever!


"This coaster gives me hope for San Diego's Manta!"


See! TWISTY!!!!!


Awesome little ride!


And yes...there will be POV! :)


And there is Sea Viper...just sitting there waiting for us.


The new trains made by Kumbak are interesting looking...


We also had ERT on Sea Viper...


The best part...it didn't kill us! :)


Did you know? Sea Cucumbers take in water through their anus!


The new Splash Battle and ropes course area was cool looking.


Kind of your standard log flume...but still cool that they have a variety of attractions here.


Ice cream makes any day better!




The Sea Lion show was cool.


The moral of this story...beat your baloney... a lot! :)


Even this park has nothing to do with the Busch parks, they also have a Sesame Street area!


Yup, KidTums still loves her Frog Hoppers!


Since this Sea World does not have killer whales, the dolphin show is their "signature show."


The venue looked more like a natural lagoon rather than a theater.


They did lots of dolphin tricks.


In this show they pull two guests out of the crowd and let then spend time with the dolphins.


This trick was cook when the dolphins flung the trainer through the air!


More silly fish tricks! :)


So is San Diego the only Sea World without covered theaters?


This section is Robb approved!


Didn't know ACE was also in town this week


This is a pretty cool idea.


Yay! Spider Cakes!!!


Another monorail credit.


Artsy shot!


KidTums loves the fondle pond!


Kids 14 and older taste better! :)


Hello polar bear...


Next up was the pirate diving show...


KidTums was not a fan! :)




We checked out the new Penguin Encounter.


It was cool how close up you could get to the penguins.


Sure there was a glass in between you, but seeing them this close up was really cool and different from most other parks.


This one has no head...it must be Joe's




Thank you Sea World for another great day on our Aussie trip!

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Yeah, the ride in question is Bermuda Triangle, and it closed permanently at the end of last year. There is an almost identical version in Germany at Movie Park


Here's a POV of the Sea World ride a year before it's closure. The finale of the ride used to be a wall of fire at the top of the volcano, but that was replaced with rope lights. Suffice to say the ride towards the end of it's life wasn't in great shape



Also I did read earlier in this thread about the Looney Tunes River Ride so here's a POV of that too...



Great updates guys, good to see you all having a good time, can't wait to see the rest of the updates!

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Jet Rescue does indeed look like a blast! [thinks about Pony Express and sighs]


And thanks to this latest update, that giant hairy spider no longer haunts my dreams. Alfred E. Neuman's Australian cousin, drooling over canned fish, has replaced it.

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These photos are bringing back a lot of memories of my honeymoon! Its nice to finally see the Australian parks and coasters get the TPR level exposure. Thanks so much for putting the POV movies up so quickly, I've really enjoyed watching them!


Have a great remainder to your trip!

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Great report! I can't wait to see more!


One question though, was the flume ride through the artificial mountain open? I recall hearing somewhere that it closed permanently, can someone confirm/deny this?

It IS closed.

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Nice POV of Jet Rescue. I've always been curious about that coaster, and it looks like it was a lot of fun! I think Intamin could probably do a pretty kickass coaster with motorcycles or another one of these in the US.

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Wow, I had no idea that Superman was such an elaborate ride. For some reason, I always thought it was just a clone of the one at SFMM.


Scooby Doo looks like a step up from the Dark Knight rides, nothing more. Although, the dark ride portion definitely looks cool!



Both Superman and Lethal Weapon are great coasters with cool theming... Something we desperately struggle for Down Under!!!


Tower of Terror II at Dreamworld is like Superman at SFMM although ours still goes forwards. LOL



Keep up the great reports, guys. Would have liked to have booked for the trip but I've used the money for a 6 week States trip including Orlando (WDW, Universal, Busch Gardens), New York (Six Flags Great Adventure) and LA (SFMM, Universal, Knott's) visit in May, instead.

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How many cakes can Sea World make with one hairy spider? It was a big spider and all but I'd want my money's worth.


Actually, the spiders are dumped in a blender and whipped into a frosting that goes on top of the cake.


It's a common phrase down under: "Put anathah spidah in tha blenda for me, mate!" True story.

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