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TPR's Official Australia Trip Update Thread!

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Your staying at the Holiday Inn Surfers Paradise, Right?


I think i may have seen that photo Before.



Obviously you have less construction, a cool ferris wheel and no daylight.




We really enjoyed our stay at that hotel. Fantastic spot for a vacation.

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My step daughter is up for her first ever Gold Coast trip this week.

I hope her experience includes seeing you guys running amuck at a park.

Enjoy Superman

What is your schedule, what day are you doing Luna Park Melbourne.

I can't seem to locate the dated schedule,sorry.

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^pssst! Read the thread!!! It is explained in detail why you will not be meeting up with the group!


Would of loved to be on the trip, but holidays did not permit.

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Happily bore you guy but it'll have to be over a beer or something one day... Can't post on here.


I just love how many stories a ride that has never even opened has about it

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TPR's next day in Australia was...


Warner Bros Movie World


We also have more POV videos for you!

Superman Roller Coaster Front Seat POV Warner Bros Movie World Australia

Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster with "Lights On!"


We tried for a Xmas card photo, but someone wouldn't quite cooperate!


TPR Members doing the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb!


TPR says goodbye to Sydney as we prepare for our first internal flight!


"Today I will be playing the role of airline host...and I'll do a better job that most LAX staff!"


And there is our plane!


It's like the plane knew we were coming!


And just when things couldn't get weirder, we get spotted on the flight by TPR fan Scott who also just happened to be our flight attendant!


The view from our hotel....


Still our view!


Our day at Warner Bros Movie World started out with ERT on Superman! Easily one of the best themed Intamin rocket coasters ever!


And then ERT on Scooby Doo first with the lights off and then with the lights ON!


Lethal Weapon was perfectly named...it was "Lethal!" ;)


It does have a BONUS HELIX!!!


The park itself is very well themed and if it had maybe one or two more "major" attractions it would be on the map!


It was time for credit whoring...


Roller Skater...check!


I need to let the Knotts guy know about this!


KidTums had an awesome time on the kiddy bumper cars.


This section of the park looked awesome!


The log flume was cool...pretty much the same as the one at the Madrid park


TPR gives it thumb up!


The Dirty Harry bar serves what might be my favourite named item in any park!


Yup...it's the "Make My Day Nachos!!!"


Getting ready to blast off on BatWing.


Superman is really awesome! Right up there with iSpeed, Xcelerator, and Storm Runner as the best Intamin launch coasters out there!


The short bit going in and out of the building was great!


Awesome coaster!!!


And yes, there are WB characters here!


And Looney Tunes!


We checked out the stunt driving show...


It was pretty much a Lights Motors Action rip off...


But it was honestly pretty good!


And big explosions make everything awesome!


It was very cool to get a "lights on" look at Scooby Doo. The park tells me that they have never done this for any guests before!


The dark ride parts were very cool. Reminded me of the "Dragon" at Legoland parks.


And the dark ride section was quite long as well.


The core of the ride itself is a standard 'extended' Mack Wild Mouse, like the kind you see at Legoland with the big drop.


There are two major differences, though. The first being the elevator lift, which is similar to Europa Park's mouse or Journey at Sea World San Diego.


The other difference is that this drop is taken...backwards! You then enter a turn table right after the drop to go forwards.


And once you're turned forward it's pretty standard Wild Mouse stuff...


Oh, yeah...there's a giant spider and lasers...it's like a Scooby Doo rave in a box!


Is it just me or does Scooby kind of look like the dog from Redneck Batman?


Did we mention that Superman Escape was awesome?


The Superman figure on the back made me laugh every time I saw it! =)


It was very cool that Superman was there...it just looks kind of silly and made me giggle...


Superman is "pushing" the train to safety...no really, that's the actual storyline! (to be honest, it's brilliant!)


Here's the launch track shot! This comes after a long dark ride section (watch the video!)


Yay! More POV!


I think I would put this one somewhere between Storm Runner and iSpeed. It was seriously kick ass!


And TPR members enjoyed a bit of ERT on the ride this morning! ;)


And that pretty much wraps up our day at WBMW!


Thank you to WBMW for a fantastic visit!

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^Awesome work with respect to getting POVs up as you go. Very high quality...Our parks are quite restrictive when it comes to filming, nor do we really have enthusiast events where this can take place, so the only POVs out there tend to be sneaky ones on YT done with mobile phone camera. Good to have some now...Thanks.


How did you find Scooby with the lights off?

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Wow, I had no idea that Superman was such an elaborate ride. For some reason, I always thought it was just a clone of the one at SFMM.


Scooby Doo looks like a step up from the Dark Knight rides, nothing more. Although, the dark ride portion definitely looks cool!

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Both of those coasters are pretty impressive looking to me. How does Superman compare to Maverick? I loved Storm Runner and love Maverick and that thing looks like a cool mix of both (awesome launch with some great airtime).

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