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Incredible Hulk coaster

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My school got to go "behind the scenes" of the Hulk as part of a physics/calculus field trip. I'd seen this thread before I went, so I made sure to ask what was used to launch the coaster.


The ride mechanic who led the tour said the tires used to launch the train are air-filled, not solid rubber. He said they have to check the air pressure of the tires daily, and that on cold days they often have to add more air due to the lower temperature.

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I remember watching a documentary on IOA back in the day, and between that and the above pic of the launch, I know it's tires similar to these that they use. The documentary mentioned they are aircraft tires for a commercial jet. Which would make sense, for air-filled, sturdy tires would provide more traction and grip than a solid piece of rubber


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^I also remember watching that documentary where they showed footage of preconstruction tests of the launch at a different location. They made it seem like universal creative designed the launch system. Now to check youtube and mousebits to find it.

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Here's some photos i found from various sources on the internet from construction of IOA. also some brand spanking new dragons


Here's one aerial shot from what looks to be 1998 during construction. Notice that the rings around the tunnel aren't there


Here's another


Another from behind the coaster


Dragons 1998/1999


One more

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