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Gertrude's 2011 West Coast Bash Adventure.

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West Coast Bash 2011 was great! Here's just a small taste...


The night before West Coast Bash, SFMM security cameras caught some abnormal activity.


The night before West Coast Bash, SFMM security cameras caught some abnormal activity.


The night before West Coast Bash, SFMM security cameras caught some abnormal activity.


Brittney and I arrived bright and early to Magic Mountain. That poor sign has no purpose!


Just before opening, Neil gave some announcements.


The huge crowd was excited for morning ERT.


Once inside, we ran into Gertrude.


Gertrude belittled the useless sign.


Gertrude started feeling bad for Mr. Sign when he started crying.


Being the nice goose that Gertrude is, she decided to help Mr. Sign become important.


We couldn't hang around with Gertrude because we didn't want to miss morning ERT. We'll check back with Mr. Sign later though!


After ERT we had a tour of a haunt maze.


Brittney fell in love with the attraction.


Big Mike got spooked!


It was neat seeing a haunt with the lights on.


There were lots of spooky things like these tombstones.


After a ride on Superman (which is WAY better than it used to be), it was time for lunch.


And then came our behind the scenes look at Tatsu where we saw tons of stuff you can't normally see.


More stuff you can't normally see.


And something you probably wish you didn't see!


We took a spin on Goldrusher, then headed over to the Q&A session which was hilarious as always.


Then came a special announcement in a big envelope...




After the Q&A session we headed outside the park to Tomato Joe's for our (now annual) vegan pizza adventure.


Then back to the park for night time ERT. X2 had a cool new soundtrack.


Scream was re-themed to dance party Scream. The whole ERT session was the manliest ERT time since the invention of the manly pose. It was absolutely ridiculous. Thanks to Brittney, The Bebes, Matt, and Paul for being extra manly - it was really memorable!


And probably the coolest bonus was Batman with lights and fog. Everyone agreed, this just "worked." It's too bad it can't always be foggy.


Thanks to SFMM for a great day with tons of fun suprises!

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...really GREAT Trip Report! Thank you ILoveRides. I really enjoyed it!


..but,.. where are the dinosaurs in it? I missed them a bit *sniff*


(btw,.. i don´t think that Gertrude would have so much time for a sign,.. but this trip report is still, pure awesome!!! )


EDIT: oh. and thank you so much for this photo! Now i can be sure ..


(this one should win, a REAL donkey award!!! ...maybe... no. I was just joking)

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And now on to the Knott's day...


In the wee hours of the morning the ground below Knott's Berry Farm started rumbling!


Brittney and I showed up early to get our spots on the two awesome tours: Xcelerator and Timber Mountain Log Ride.


The Xcelerator tour was first up. We headed over there to see things that you can't normally see!


Another view you can't normally get. Pac-Man ghosts took over the track.


High heels aren't allowed in Xcelerator's hydraulic room...


... so Gertrude had to wait outside.


Brittney and I checked out the hydraulic room, which was pretty neat.


Meanwhile, Gertrude decided to take a spin on Xcelerator. Unfortunately, the Pac-Man ghosts started chasing her!


She ran and ran but they kept following her! Here she is being chased through the Calico Mine Train ride.


She tried to escape in the Western Trails Museum to no avail!


A cherry! Gertrude missed it!


Gertrude hopped in the flume of the Timber Mountain Log Ride and ran as fast as she could!


Maybe Gertrude will get a high score.


Go Gertrude, go!


The ghosts started chasing after TPR members too! It was terrible! The only hope was for Gertrude to get that Power Pellet. Thankfully, she got it just in time!


Gertrude ate the ghosts and saved the day!


Thanks to Gertrude, and thanks to Knott's for an awesome 2nd day of West Coast Bash!!! I didn't get too many pictures because of the rain, but everything from the tours to the ERT was amazing! It was a great day, and I can't wait until next year's West Coast Bash!

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I'd like to apologize to Gertrude on behalf of all ghost everywhere... they chased me... they're brethren, away as well... the assholes. Anyway, it was good meeting you guys, despite not really introducing myself. I was the guy at the end of the day wearing a yellow rain coat trying to figure out what was going on with ERT.

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OMG! That was the most furkin' awesome PTR EVER! I can't stop looking at it. First off, I had low expectations considering Gertrude never finished he BAB report. Then I see ghosts and I'm like "David's being lazy and is just gonna do some lame video game reference.", but then you actually made it awesome, and even more awesome with Charlie Sheen! Winning!


Oh my god David, this report...Oh my god David, this report..On my god! I'm like seriously gonna buy you your own goose and become a vegan. OMG!

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