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Coasters destroyed/damaged by mother nature?

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Well there probably is some type of insurance of them, but I mean yeah it stinks. But I mean there probably wont be damage to the tracks of the steel coasters at SFNO, but possibly the wooden coaster or the trains. There will be damaged buildings there definitely, but it wont be obliterated. It will probably be closed for awhile.

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A LONG time ago (early 40's) , a park by the local lake here was totaly destroyed by a Water Spout that came on land. The Ferris Wheel fell into the lake, and its still there.. it became the home of many fish, so it was voted not to be recovered. The small woodie that was there was blown to pieces, and the only thing at the park that was left was the bleachers of the baseball field.. ( they are still there also)

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Swamp Fox at Family Amusement Park in Myrtle Beach was damaged by Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Stood for a couple of years before being rebuilt. I rode it in 1988 but have not been on it since.

Its designer John Allen once said something to the effect of "coasters hold together pretty well in a storm.. it's the landing that breaks them"


Even though he was responsible for revolutionising the coaster industry in some ways I don't quite like (introducing parabolic hills and making dynamic calculations more mainstream, etc.) I'd love to have met that man. I'm sure a good long down-to-earth humourous coaster chat would ensue. Grr off-topic me.


Storms and fires tend to be the death of many rides, moreso in the past. I wonder how Jazzland/SFNO has got on..?

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