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West Coast Bash 2011 Photo Updates!

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More Log Ride Awesomeness!


Log Flume parts!


Jeff Johnson's hard hat.


We walked through the show scenes.


The turn into the final lift hill.


They just turned on the water!!! (Where's Dan?)


Snowman invasion!




Thank you Knotts for the awesome Log Ride tour!

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But wait there's more!


Next up was a Windseeker construction area tour.


Jeff says "Check out my big hole!"


The entrance to the ride will be right over there...


Yup...that's a big hole!


And here is the new B&M support!


Knott's West Coast Bash group photo!!!


Snoopy loves TPR this much


"Even Snoopy has a West Coast Bash shirt!"

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Great photo's as always, damn crewing. I should have been there.



I would have killed to do the log flume backstage tour, IMO that log flume is one of the ten best, superfast, the drop in the dark is wicked, the whole ride lick ass.

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I love the look of that loading station during X2 ERT, empty as Snooki's cranium.


That log flume tour looks great, I love that ride, even when the treatment it gets at Scary Farm has been avaerage it's still such a fun ride. Any scoops on Scary Farm or are you all sworn to secrecy?


How was Ghostrider running, like a Rocky Mountain candidate?


Edit: Haunt scoop just came up on Twitter: "Haunt 2011 - DELIRIUM - Enter a waking nightmare where what is real and what is illusion is blurred. The madness is real. Former Club Blood"

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Downunder, I rode Ghostrider for the first time on Wednesday and had six great rides on it. I never found it rough, my first seat ride was fast, smooth and really enjoyable. I ended up riding it six times and was my overall favorite coaster at Knotts

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Maybe Ghostrider has been fixed up a bit, I had a couple of good rides at Scary Farm last year, albeit in the front with a mostly empty train. Though my 2007 and 2009 rides were in the "please make it stop" category.

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I was really surprised with the way the coaster ran, I had heard horror stories on here about it. But the rides I got where fun, with spots of airtime and overall a great ride. I am not sure if sometimes people just jump on the band wagon when they here such and such was awful!

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I want to thank everyone for such an awesome weekend! I wont go into much as pretty much everythings already been said, but the last 2 days were awesome... so happy I decided to make it a weekend this year instead of a day. Also, I want to give a shout out to Knott's management... they could have turned us away due to rain, but they opened what they could, and I got a few fun last rides on sidewinder before leaving.


Also, Ghostrider was running fine in the front, but the back was not kind to me or Socal Coasters this morning. Also, I don't want to call anyone a liar, but I will give my honest to god word that Ghostrider was MUCH smoother in the early years than it is now... no matter what graphs say.


Once again, thanks for everyone. I had an awesome day, So Cal... we should do that again sometime. As for all the random people... you guys were awesome as well... from the train car to going on a Catawumpus hunt you guys were awesome.


Last thing I forgot to add... did anyone notice a roughish transition exiting the cobra roll on bullet? It wasn't terrible or anything... just havent ever noticed it before. Also, I only remember feeling the transition in the back row.


The Cant wait for WCB 2012 Ghost

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West Coast Bash 2011 did not disappoint! From Batman with fog to the remixed X2 audio and the attempt to add Superman to the night time ERT were awesome! I think 2012 will be better and bring more "funzies" (especially if The Looney Toons Fun Lodge is included in our ERT).

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^It just recently got re-tracked in some areas...most notably the last portion of the ride.


Really? That seems odd to me. Whenever I ride it, it seems the worst part is the first turn, the left turn at the bottom of the first drop. It seems it would take Rocky Mountain track to fix that part of the ride. Overall, though Ghostrider is still a great woodie, and it really is the only ride in California to deliver good .

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More pictures


Thank you Knotts for the awesome bonus WCB shirt!


Despite the rain...coasters were OPEN!


Sierra Sidewinder & Montezoomas were running...


Ghostrider was open, trimmed, and brutal!


Most importantly, Xcelerator was running...AWESOME!


Screw you rain! We're riding Xcelerator!


Almost 10 years old and still amazing!


"Here's my best evil face!"




The park provided lots of "ride crap" as prizes for TPR Quest!


Light Cycle activate!


Say hello to your TPR Quest players


TPR Quest players racing back with their items...




Running frantic and fortunately no one ate shit!


I love my wheel.


Our masculinity will take these lovely baskets of crap


More ride crap!!!

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Knott's Presentation time and the last images from this day.


The Knott's presentation was kicked off by funny man and Entertainment Director, Jeff Tucker.


Eric Lynxwiler, Co-Author of Knott's Preserved gave us a seriously EXCELLENT presentation on the history of Knott's and ride creator Bud Hurlbut.


Eric's presentation took us through the early years of Knott's and his information was not only very interesting, but also entertaining


He took us through some classic attractions like the Calico Mine Train, the Log Ride, and many other of Bud's creations.


Park General Manager, Marty, took us through many of the events happening at the park this year and spoke about Windseeker.


Haunt Maze designer, Daniel Miller, presented a brand new maze for 2011's Haunt!


"If you have a sense of squeamish, turn back now!"


The new maze is called "Delirium" and will dive into those nightmares that will make your skin crawl.


Horrific nightmare or description of an ACE buffet? You decide!


Sick, twisted stuff!


Daniel says this is going to be a very psychological maze.


Delirium was originally an idea in development about 5 years ago, but had to go on the back burner for other maze opportunities. Daniel was thrilled to bring this one back from the "dead!"


And this is the location the maze will be going.


Thank you Daniel for the exclusive! =)


Jeff Tucker capped off Knott's presentation with a hilarious Q&A session!


Robb closed out the presentation by discussing an upcoming TPR Haunt event and sending HUGE thanks to Knott's management and PR complimenting them on how well they handled the bad weather today.


And despite the wetness, we had an amazing time


We rode Supreme Scream, Log Ride, and Sierra Sidewinder in the rain!


And it was awesome!


"We are already wet!"


"Yes...we ARE insane!"



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A big thanks out to everyone who put this weekend's Bash together. Even in questionable weather, it was amazing, and I can't wait till next year!


A special thanks to SFMM employes, you guys rocked! So friendly and welcoming, to the likes of which I have never seen!

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