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Beast has been Slayed!

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Well as sad as it is to see a coaster go this one has been given the chop, quite literaly.


Looks like it happened a couple of days ago, just took a drive over to the now defunct park to take a look and it is indeed now a pile of firewood. Always sad to see something from your childhood wiped out.


If you want to check it out I uploaded some photos to the aussie site r-c.com.



It's not my site so I'm in no way promoting it here, but that's where my photos from today are.

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Here is a quote from Defunction.net in regards to what is happening with the Space Probe.


From Dj Superslueth at Defunction Forums.

I am prepared to blow my cover and say that last I heard (and this was well over a month ago so I expect that it may have changed) both rides were to go to you guessed it. They were not sold and they were to be reopened (albeit somewhere else) so do your maths and figure that one out.



Pretty much there have been rumors of Adventure World eying the 2 rides left at Wonderland (Zodiac, and Probe) but another rumor comes up from a while back that the rides haven't been sold, but will operate again. Pretty much will move to one of Sunways other parks.


If you guys need any questions answered, please don't hesitate.

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How long ago did you get the credit Elissa? Did you get it's little brother too?


The beastie was a great little coaster, this thing however was a fair bucket of crap by the time it's day came I will admit though, that last ride on the last day was still damn fun!


I'm hoping that we'll get some notice as to when Probe is coming down so that I can go and see it/document it. Did you manage to get that credit too? You can actually see probe in one of those photos there.


Like Paul said the arm is up on Zodiac (ferris wheel) because the other corrisponding side is down. When not in use the hydralics even out meaning both arms sit half way off the ground, hidden in the trees. So the fact it's up means they must have fired it up in the last week or so. Some have reported that they may even be in the process of removing the gondolas. Would be great to see this ride back in action in YET ANOTHER park, it's got to be almost vintage by now!

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Beastie was awesome, I remember it having a decent amount of air and really preferred it over Beast (apart from the last ride - did it really run well or were we just too excited? )


But yeah very sad to see it go, I'll have to go check it out soon.

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Yeah I did pretty much everything at Wonderland. Beastie was nice, but it was basically just one of the "scooby-doo kiddy woodies" that we have dotting the country here. Beast was rough, but not unrideable. Damn Boomerang was my first ever! Mmmm Space Probe...I think I rode it like 6 times that day!


Here's hoping that it finds a home!

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Yeah see back then Probe was good!


You should have seen it in its last few years though... the theming was pretty much all but gone and one side (read a 1/3 of capacity) was dead, never to operate again.


Then again if the Boomerang which was a piece of sh1t by then end of it all can get a new home then anything is possible!

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