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Chadster's Vacation Adventures: Final Edition!

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I still call shenanigans on the winning group on the Water Challenge, anyone with anything left in their cup at the end had to have cheated somehow.


Great pictures, it was an awesome event. I was really impressed with Dare Devil Dive. It was somewhat tame but overall was a lot of fun. I heard someone compare it to Cheetah Hunt which was an interesting comparison, both were very similar larger family style coasters that were fun but not that intense. I would probably give the edge to Dare Devil.


I was also surprised by the two woodies at SFOG. Scream Machine was running really well and looked great during the back stage tour. Georgia Cyclone was the surprise of the day for me, a little rough but really a fun ride. The back car was full of ejector air and was the perfect mix of fun old school rough and not painful rough, I loved it.

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Sorry about the 400 photo, I had no idea how to work your camera! So different than mine


Fantastic photos man and what an epic day!


No worries man, the crew was really rushing us, which isn't a bad thing at all! And again, appreciate you doing that for me.


It really was the single best bash event for me so far, can't wait to do it again!


And Jo, yes, it was turned on

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Wow a rare photo of me! Awesome coverage of the event, it was great meeting you and hanging out


PS, though my phone died I think we were at Lake Winnie at the same time; but we just went in for the two credits (screw the wacky worm) and had to peace. Yes, there were lots of hillbillies present! haha

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PS, though my phone died I think we were at Lake Winnie at the same time; but we just went in for the two credits (screw the wacky worm) and had to peace. Yes, there were lots of hillbillies present! haha


I wondered what happened! The place was full of hicks, plus it was $5 off Mcdonalds day


@ Ross I agree!


And a Hello Kitty Tat - Winning!

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Ok, so since I've had like one person ask me why I haven't done a N.E. trip report, I'll go ahead and do one. Take it or leave it, this is all you get.


Flew in early, whored the shore, blah blah blah. Went to Coney Island, survived getting mugged and beat to death, yadda yadda. Went to the hotel, watched Piers get drunk, blah blah. Headed to Quassy, rode on a train for the news, got boozed, blah blah. Went to Lake Compounce, got boozed then bruised on Wildcat, boo hoo. Somehow ended up at SFNE the next day, drank some more, rode some spinning room ride while buzzed, epic, and threw water on people off a mouse, blah blah blah. Woke up, stumbled to the bus, ate at some greek place that served pizza, bought Piers a drink in hopes he would sing Gaga, it didn't work. Blah blah. Oh yeah, drank some more, went to some ghetto park called Palace Playland, then about got ran over by a parade getting to the bus only to take us to this thing called Excalibur of which my ass is still sore from and where some pac man takeover occurred, yadda yadda yadda. Went to a lake with an effed up dark ride and some caterpiller ride that put a cover over your head, no soda machines, only water in the soda machines, also, no beer. Moving on. Arrived in Canadia, got the anal prob, Robb kinda liked it. Ended up at some slum hotel with no electric, so, we all went outside and drank. Someone slit their neck with a piece of glass, not sure why. Not sure I care, I was buzzed off some whacky drink that fatdaddy gave me. Now I know why they call him "fat"daddy. #wanttoforgetthatnight. Ended up at some unionized themepark where after each train the ops sat on the a$$, wish I had their job. Got on a bus, headed for pizza, and beer. Had pizza and beer, stumbled to walmart, people were buying smurf crap for some reason, blah blah blah. Rode some stuff thats going away at Great Escape, took over a mine train, [in racist chineese voice: thank you for ride boomerang, have good day now], got to roll back on some kiddie coaster at a jacked up mufflerman park called Magic Forest, not sure what kinda "magic" was going on here, but I felt violated when we left. After crying a little, we ended up at some Italian place that Elissa can't stop talking about, got drunk. Stumbled into the hotel, didn't sleep, left at 4am for home. True Story!


Great trip, too bad I can't remember much of it. Wish I could remember who asked if I was going to do a report, but I'm buzzed, and can't, but whoever you are, hope you are happy now!


After Piers drank this, he shoved the pitcher down his shirt, apparently he was affraid someone would take it from him, afterall, it is NJ


oddly enough, my import software gave this picture number 69


Practice makes perfect?


TPR trips are both fun and educational. Here we learned about the birds and the bees.


And here we learned, erm...


Taking it back to the old school.

Edited by chadster
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Holy endless paragraph! That I read it all - on a tiny phone screen - is testament to it's sheer redonkulous hilarity. Drink you very much!


Thought of you today Chad. A Dragon Wagon at the Miramar Air Show. It didn look right without your shameless face whoring it out.

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^ I figured you'd love that run on paragraph from hades!


@ Jo - I still don't remember much


@ RD - Sex ed wasn't on the agenda, it was a "bonus" item for being on Robb's bus. Actually, it all started with snack time. Not totally sure what all he had in that bag, but its obvious it wasn't candy...

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A few months ago I visited Santa at his Workshop at the North Pole. But this was no ordinary workshop, this workshop had rides and toys, and a Haunted House!


Santa's Workshop at the North Pole is located at the base of Pikes Peak in Cascade, Colorado. Hidden off the beaten path in a peaceful mountain setting, this family park has something for everyone, including a visit with Santa! The park was clean, staff extremely friendly, and they rather enjoyed having a coaster/theme park enthusiast stop by for a visit (And they didn't think I was strange, bonus!). I spent about 2 hours in the park and enjoyed the various attractions, shops, and food offerings. The park itself is cashless giving you a ticket to carry around with you. All of your purchases are recorded on the ticket and you present it to the cashier on the way out of the park (no losing the ticket, they won't let you out!). A winning idea in my book for such a small park.


So next time you are in the Denver area for a Brewery tour, take the short drive to Pike's Peak and visit Santa!


Welcome to the North Pole!


Park Map. In the parking lot.


I visited on Saturday just after lunchtime and the crowds were non-existent. The park, however is open up until December 24, but call before you go to make sure they are open!


First up, an overview of the park.


All of the rides and buildings were in excellent condition, clean, and appeared to be freshly painted.


The views were impressive.


I didn't take the train ride, but it seemed to be a tradition to wave at the people on the Sky Ride and vice versa.




The more smaller parks I visit, the more I am finding these mini-himalaya's. Fun Fact.


I must have broke the Tilt as it was down after I rode, the Slide was fun.


What happens to snow men when they melt?


My North Pole.


And they had the good Paratrooper! A very popular ride.


So lets take a walk around and see how many people stare at a creepy old single guy walking around a park called Santa's Workshop....


They had several of these organs scattered about.


I didn't watch the show, figured that would be over the top creepy despite park staff informing me it wouldn't be.


Another band organ. They played on a schedule every so often.


I swore I was in Colorado and not Oregon. Oh. And NOTED!


One of the eating establishments. The pricing was ultra cheap. A 32oz drink was about $2. You could get a complete meal for around $6.


Kinda looks like frosted cookie.


This thing hauled!


I couldn't snap it :(


For you wheel of ferris fanatics.


Ok, I was really kinda creeped out by this. It had a guy puking his guts as you enter. I mean, really. Now, had that been Santa puking, I might have gone for it, still, I guess they are covering all Holidays.


It wouldn't be Christmas without the farm.


Overview of the wee little kids rides. Most of the rides were family.


Would a Hat Hopper be KT approved?


Time for a rest.


Ok, lets go find the Candy Cane Coaster and see if Candy Canes fly.



Looks intense.


Yup, they look beat up.


See that sign above the exit? If you could touch it, you could touch it.


So after a breath taking ride on the coaster, I did some Christmas shopping.


and visited Santa......Hey, I still want my Red Ryder BB Gun!


After my visit with Santa it was time to go. Seriously guys, this was a great little park worthy of a visit if in the area. If you know me it all, you know that I'm a small park whore, but regardless, if you come up for a little ski action, pop in for a ride, you won't be disappointed!

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