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Chadster's Vacation Adventures: Final Edition!

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Omg I need a skeleton Domo! Win me one and I'll pay you back on the NE trip


Really nice photos too!


Sorry Jake, if I had known you'd wanted one about 10 hours before you posted this I would have went back and got one for you!


Whats Canyon Blaster like nowadays??I must admit although it was years ago when I went to Vegas, I thought Canyon Blaster was pretty good, and I really enjoyed it, remember riding it quite a lot of times as there was no queue for it.


I agree with Paul, it's running very well, nice and smooth, trains looks very good as well.


They are always such a unique mix of charm and crap. I really appreciate the pictures, not a bad carnival for such a small town.


Fact. You didn't miss too much, it was a hot sticky evening, but well worth it, I even ran into a co-worker and his family. The Indian Tacos smelt good but I passed. Pride Amusements seems to have a strong hold on Oklahoma carnivals, they seem to do a fine job. Glenpool PD still makes a habit of fund raising in that area, though not as much as they once did. I only live a few miles north of Glenpool off Hwy 75, so it was nice to get out for a few hours. Braums Limeade's are the bomb!


Glad everyone enjoyed. Keep an eye out on my thread over the next few days. Laura and I will be posting pictures and reports from our visit to most all of the Oregon/Washington parks and a bonus Idaho park!

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  • 2 weeks later...

After a long anticipated trip to Oregon, I landed on June 25, 2011 at Portland International, grabbed my bags and rental car, and headed to pick up the Luscious Laura. Over the next week, Laura and I will bring you several parks from three states plus a bonus carnevil. Some of the parks we visited included Oaks, Enchanted Forest, Wild Waves, and Silverwood.


Our journey today begins with Laura's home park, Oaks Amusement Park. Oaks is located in Portland along the Willamette River in a scenic setting that also offers year round roller skating. All day admission on this Saturday was only $14.75, and while the park doesn't have the biggest, tallest, fastest coaster on the planet, it does offer a selection of rides that kept a smile on our face.


Welcome to Oaks Amusment Park, this would be the main entrance.




Good thing they are not racist against non-Scandinavians. Even though Laura is one.




New for this year is their mini-golf course overlooking the river. Nice setting.


And here we have the almost gay kiddie coaster!


This was running very well on Saturday. On Tuesday, not so much. Apparently the ride operator has the freedom to control the swinging motions, Tuesday night was LAME! (Yes, we had soooo much fun, we returned on Tuesday for two for one night!)


Laura experienced a "Big" adventure inside this dark ride.


Yay for Lopping Thunder! A custom made Italian thingy.


The ride vehicle.


It's a VERY active ride! At first, I thought the sign said no cats allowed...


The onride photo, we are both very excited for an active ride!


Weeeeeee. Watchout for the top of that first hill, ouch!


Wait, the Ferris wheel was POPULAR? Missed that...


This Rock and Roll did not have us rocking nor rolling, very tame


The ride op's keep slowing the ride down, saying "HANDS DOWN"




This is the new style tilt


Not as forceful as the old style, but still a gives you a decent spin



Part of the Scandanavian festival, they liked to play with sticks and balls


This is a kick ass scrambler, the Mega Dick-O in the background, not so much.


So much force, so much banging, so many G's, it was one of the best ran I've been on in some time.


WTF?!?!?!?! The ride op is reading the operators manual????


I made sure Laura read and understood the rules of my, I mean, the rides.


Next we head to their classic Carousel


I tried to take a picture of us, but my pole was in the way.


aww, adjusted my pole.


Laura liked her rooster.


The carousel also had various connector plates like these.


In case you were wondering about the full pricing and what the ticket booth looks like.


Creepy shooting attraction.


We both experienced a massive eruption.


Rock-O-Plane. Holly crap that's an insane ride!


Next we hit up the most awesome bumper cars ever!


Yup, we passed inspection.


The cars are super fast, some of the best I've ever been on


These were some seriously creepy pissed off looking cars!


They even have a storyline to follow along the wall.



Part of the midway


And finally, we took a look around at the roller skating rink, included with admission, skate rental extra. The Organ and pipes were awesome. We understand it is played every Sunday and Thursday.


Look!!! We found a ducky!!!


We had the most funtastic time ever at Oaks! Thanks Oaks!


Next up, bonus Carnevil, and a little whoring!

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Am I supposed to comment on the length of your pole? Not gonna touch that!


You could put together a tribute to wildly run old school flat rides. I'm looking forward to video of that Rock o Plane and super-fast Scrambler. And the bumper cars, those look like they could be the real deal. DO NOT underestimate the time you'll need for Knoebels. That place is right up your alley, a treasure trove of classic flats run right.

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So after a funtastic day at Oaks, we headed for a little credit whoring at the Tigard Balloon Festival. Those of you who read Laura's trip report, "Laura finds a Starflyer" will recognize that the rides are mostly the same. Why? Well duh, it's the same midway operator!


Being that as it is, we won't bore you with all of the rides. Actually, we only had like 45 minutes before the festival closed, plus we listened for a bit to Johnny Limbo. The balloons had glowed and left and so were the crowds, thus the rides were all walk on.


On a side note, I must say Laura knows more about parks, rides, and carnivals than anyone I know. If it wasn't for her knowledge, I would have missed a credit!


And now you get to witness me whoring out the Tiger Express.


After a 15 minute walk from the parking area over the river and thru the woods, we didn't end up and Grandma's house, but ended up on the midway!


Yay!!! This ride was blazzing fast!


I'm pretty sure the carny knew I was only there to get the credit, so he only spun me around like three time, but that's fine, we had more important things to ride...


Like the Zipper! This was a crazy ride, we laughed so hard on it, flipping and turning, it was great! The carney saw my TPR shirt and was like what's your favorite coaster, so I made something up. Told him we'd be back for the fair in Sept and much to our surprise he was like, I'll be there running the Zipper so be sure to stop by...lol


Next we hit up this Super Orbiter, and man, what a wild intense ride! Wished it lasted longer, but we learned they had to cut down on the ride cycle as after every cycle someone would lose their load. Not cool. And once again, they were asking about TPR, how cool was that?


Over at the inverter, a photography class was mezmerized at the ride and were snapping away like crazy. The ride itself is also crazy.


The festival was winding down so we headed off to the band that was playing.


And we found Johnny Limbo.


He sounded pretty darn good for an old guy!


So that's it, a brief stop off at this community festival. Time for some rest as we hit the road early in the morning for three parks!

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After swearing at my cell phone for the alarm not going off when set to and fussing with a parks website for tickets, I finally made it to pick Laura up about 45 minutes later than our planned 6am departure on June 26th. But, me having a lead foot assisted in making up a good portion of that time, time we would eventually lose at Riverfront park due to the National 3 on 3 basketball tournament that closed practically every downtown street. Too bad I didn't get pictures of that, but honestly, we were more concerned about getting our credit and getting gone to our third park of the day.


We started off by heading to Country Mercantile, a new credit for both of us. Unfortunately, upon arrival we found out the coaster was not in operation. Nonetheless this place was neat with a deli, candy counter, and tons of jams, jellies, and other deliciousness. Had I not been afraid that the jars would've broken on the plane home, I would have stocked up.


Disappointed that the coaster was not running we left and headed to Riverfront park to ride my first ring carousel and a powered kiddie credit that hauled the mail. So, off we go to Riverfront!


Here we are on the Oregon Trail! Laura told me the rest stops had free cookies, so naturally we had to stop and take advantage of. What we both didn't know is that we would catch up on our history as well!


Here, we learned about my culture.


Then we learned about death.


After our history lesson, I had to take in the scenic views. I know, most of you were probably expecting a picture of Laura, but those scenic views can't be posted here ;)


Sooo pretty. I'm ready to pack the uhaul, oh hell, it would cost me more to rent a truck than what my stuff is worth, I will sell it all and fly up. I LOVE the weather.


But, it's time to hit the trail.


And arrive at Country Mercantile. Where, we found the coaster to be closed.


So we both felt like doing something that would violate ACE's code of ethics, but this sign reminded us not to.


So it was on to Riverfront!


After finding a place to park amungst the madness of the 3 on 3 basketball tourny, which was easily the biggest thing this town has going each year, we made our way to the parks mascot, the goat. This is no ordinary goat, it will eat your trash. Unfortunatley, he was full and didn't care to eat anymore.


Our first ride was one of the most anticipated of the trip, the Ring Carousel! This thing was AWESOME!


The detail was amazing.


I even managed to use the wind resistance to my advantage to correctly position my cock ring in the hole! Twice!


As you can see, Laura was excited!


After a turn on the carousel, we made our way to the other amusements passing by the Amelia Earhart tribute.


And the ferris wheel which apparently requires a hard hat to operate.


The itsy bitsy spider


ACEr's must sit on the outside


Sit on the OUTSIDE!!!


This would be a Tilt.


An old school tilt, my fav!


Just in case you didn't know what it was or who made it.


And now to the credit attraction of the day!


Wacth out, the dragon will give you some tounge!


What a sexy tail Laura has!


"Hey, what are you two whores doing riding a kiddie coaster?"


The course.


And how about an on course photo. This thing packed a punch! Fun place, I would hit it again. But for now, Silverwood is on the brain!


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Are you happy now?


Bring on Corkscrew! I rode it in it's first year, after waiting through an endless shuffle of people. I was nine at the time. Mom encouraged me to go, but sat on the sidelines with dad. They didn't trust their own necks to a coaster that goes upside down. Send the kid!

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So after a quick bite to eat, we made the short drive from Riverfront to Silverwood. I had bought our tickets online to try and save some coin, but had technical difficulties printing the tickets at the hotel. After sending the information to Laura, we discovered you could only attempt to print your tickets twice. Keep that in mind if you buy online


Once at the park, the girl at Guest Services quickly printed our tickets and in we went. This park was immaculate. While not on the same level as Busch Gardens in the realm of landscaping, it comes damn close. Everything was vibrant and full of life. I must say, I would not mind coming back to this park at all. Lines were short and the ops were friendly. Tremors and Timber Terror are both top notch coasters, with Tremors making its way into my top 10.


Next time you are in Idaho, be sure to stop by Silverwood and enjoy plush landscaping and friendly folks.


We arrived at Silverwood around 2:45 and not only found clear blue skies, but also found a very empty parking lot. How empty? Empty enough to not justify having someone collect your parking fee empty, so, FREE parking!


Walking inside I was instantly impressed with the landscaping.


Off in the distance is the water park, an area we didn't visit, however many others did keeping ride lines at a walk on level.


This looks like a good place to go.


After a long drive, we decided we should get our screw on.


NERD shot!


Orange marking tape was all over this ride at weld points, SCARED!


So, we head to our ride vehicle.


And head out to screw. Speaking of head, this one lacked head banging, win!


And we're screwing!


And we screwed some more!


Keeping with the get all the credz first, then flats later priority, we headed to Termors.


This is a great ride, a very solid woodie.


Take the Tunnel!!! Zooming under the giftshop - win!


Some suprising air, and some intense laterals bumped this ride into my top 10.


After Tremors, we head to Timber Terror, a literal walk on, it was waiting for us in the station!


The lift hill. Again, I can't get over how good this park looks!


Double NERD shot! Another solid solid ride.


Little pops of air land this ride solid in my top 15.


Continuing on, even the signs have plants to liven them up!


Station shot! So we were both asking ourselves, how is it that a park in the middle of nowhere, 1. has solid wood, and 2. able to keep their Inverted Boomerang up and running.


Zoommmmmmm Yes, we took it in the rear. My FIRST ever Giant Inverted Boomerang!


That's freakin' straight up!


I have to say, I liked the ride, but, it was a bit jarring.


I can see why Laura has it in her top 10. However, I could only hit it once.


Aftershock, get it, haha, we went to find the powered coaster, but wait, what is this? Say it can't be so!


There it sits. :(



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Part II of Silverwood!


After hitting the coasters, it was time to hunt down the spin and spews. First on the list was this VERY NAUGHTY ride, the Sky Diver.


We couldn't imagine riding this alone, it slams you into the sides and each other violently!


Wheel of Ferris, did not ride. BORING!


Larson Tower = Winning!


Walking toward the Paratrooper we took a look at the log ride. We ended up making this our last ride of the night. Had it not been for the landscaping, the ride would have been ultra boring.


Surprise your friend and get her wet!


These bumper boats were awesome! And in a great setting surrounding the Paratrooper.


One can squirt for 30 seconds? DID NOT KNOW THAT!


A mildly ran Paratrooper, but it was very relaxing and gives you a good view of the park.


Now it was time to get some stuff for Larry's Park Index.


And no, we didn't ride it. But someone wanted to...


And the second of the rides for Larry's Park Index.


This looked like it would be fun for a kid.


Oh, wait, didn't Robb ride one of these at IAPAAA?


But, he's a big kid, so, I guess it was ok.


Tilt-A-Whirl, old school, and it was bad ass!




Very, mediocre. Note: Don't let yourself out, BIG NO NO.


The Super Round Up was very Super and very Intense! (I will confess, I think it made me a little queezy)


And we can't forget the scrambler, another well ran, quality kick ass scrambler!


So there you have it folks, another fantastic day at a clean, well maintained, scenic park! Thanks Silverwood!


Now we were off to fuel up for a 5 hour drive to our hotel to get ready for another full day of parks!

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Thanks for the screw job. No head banging? Nice!


Don't know about Silverwood's GIB, but I find Deja Vu a Jekyl / Hyde experience. Head- hurting rough or smooth yet intense. If you'd managed another ride, I wonder what you would've found.

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Did you skip the train ride? If so you missed out.

I would say this is the case if you're into that sort of thing (trains.) I'm not a "train person", really, and on my first two or three trips to the park, I skipped it. I finally did it, and it was nice, fun, charming, etc, and I can fully appreciate why people consider it to be one of the parks signature attractions, but it just wasn't my thing. The little show they did at the stop was cute, but like the Knott's train, I actually far more enjoyed touring the round house and hearing some history about the trains than I actually do riding the trains.


Personally, if I'm going to ride any train at Silverwood, I'll ride the one goin 50 MPH ducking through tunnels!


Having said that, I would recommend the train ride, especially if you're there with kids, family, or just having a nice relaxed day, but it sounds like you had a really great visit to the park without it.


Also, on Tremors, did you notice any of the Rocky Mountain Topper Track?

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I hear you Robb. It just appears from his pictures that the park was as empty as it was the day I was there and the train makes for a good ride to break the monotony.

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Thanks guys for the kind remarks.


Larry - I had to take a bit and reflect on your train question because I honestly don't remember seeing it running. I did see some old train cars that appeared to be used for scenery along the line, but I don't recall that it was running.


Robb - I agree, I'd rather dive through a tunnel at 50mph than a train ride, but I have been known to take a relaxing ride at Knotts, CP, SFOT, and WoF when I need to sit down for a bit. As far as the Topper Track, if it was there, I didn't notice it. Certainly to me there was no rough rough smooth rough rough spots, and we mostly took it in the rear. I know Laura was looking around a bit on the lift, but she didn't mention anything about noticing any Topper Track. Refelecting back, if it was there, they did a darn good job of matching the color to the wood.


Jake - You 100% for sure need to visit this park!! If you don't, you missing out on some really good wood! Notice that Laura has both woodies in her top 10!



Tomorrow I plan on posting a little whoring that I did while in town, then.....Wild Zamperla Waves coming up towards the end of the week!

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So after a few hours of sleep we were off to Remlinger Farms. On the way down, we swore my GPS was telling us to continue on Dildo road, still not sure what road we were supposed to be on, so we will go with dildo road.


Today would be a credit run only, admission was a few dollars cheaper than expected at $11, so this would also officially be one of the top 3 most expensive credits for me to date.


Laura waited outside the farm so no ride photographer, but thought I would quickly share my whoring experience.


Yep, here we are, just off dildo road.


A quick stop on the way to the coaster to say hi to the Chief.


And here I am at the main attraction.


ACEr's take note!


Here's the station.


And the course.


So there it is. Plain. Simple. Whorish.


Next up, Wild Zamperla Waves!

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After my whoring, and in an effort to save some coin, we made our way to Safeway to purchase discount tickets for Wild Waves. Well, as we found out, not all Safeway stores in the area sell them, so, we ended up going to two stores saving about $25. So, if you're going to Wild Waves, make sure you check that the Safeway store you are going to has the discounted tickets ;)


So this 27th day of July was spitting rain off and which assisted in keeping the crowds away. With fours coasters, I found Timberhawk: Ride of Prey to not only be the best the park has, but it's pretty darn good too! It didn't beat you up, had some nice surprises of air and a layout that kept me interested. Coming in second for me was Wild Thing, with automatic double rides for everyone, our first two cycles weren't too bad, the last two cycles we had slapped us around a bit, but still, it's not a bad ride, just not a top tier ride.


One thing we found really funny happened at the Klondike Gold Rusher. Basically two cars out of three running, the line was about 50 people deep which equalled about a twenty minute wait. Why was the wait that long? Well, anytime someone loses something on the ride, the ride is closed, a mechanic is called, the item is retrieved, and the ride reopens. The mechanic had just retrieved a hat and someone lost their flip flop on the platform. Back comes the mechanic, gets the shoe. Then you were instructed to hold the bar at all times, even on the lift. Don't even think about removing your hands from that bar. If you remove your hands from the bar, they will "talk" to you when you get back. Mouth off to them a little bit (note: did not mouth off to them, a group of people did) they will call security on you. The best part, security told the ride ops to basically get over it, lmao!


As far as food goes we grabbed a couple of personal sized pizzas and I have to say, they were pretty tasty and fresh out of the oven!


So if you want a good laugh, decent food, and loads of Zamperla goodness, head to Wild Waves.


Welcome to Wild Waves, here we have the, wait for it, wait for it, Wave Pool!


Here we have a food outlet...


A park map...


and an ACEr.


The water park looked nice, had about everything you'd want in a water park, slides, river, wave pool, and a new toilet bowl. But at 70 degrees, I'll pass.


Across the pond we find rides!


Shirts are optional, yay!


Shooting whales.


So for our first credit of the day, a powered kiddie coaster!


This little ride kicked some serious ass, and dare I say it, was kinda fun!


Next we headed to the Zamperla "better hold on to the bar or else" wild mouse thing.


The girls running this ride got the award for worst ride ops of the park. SLOW!


Nerd Shot!


On the way into the park, Laura mentioned she wanted to ride the Kangaroos, I was all for it, unfortunatley it was in several pieces. Lucky for us, they got it put back together, minus about half the seats. I blame ACE for exceeding the weight limit.


Laura was ready to box some ears!


Next up, we headed to Wild Thing. And for you lift hill motor nerds, this shot's for you!


Wallking up the stairs to the station, we found people working on the new toilet bowl.


But about 3pm, the workers were done. Gotta love bankers hours.


Anyway, back to the coaster. Any guess as to who these two are?


Scenic view through the coaster spying on the water park.


Scenic view with a coaster train in the way.


After lunch, we walked by the pond. Ever heard the term flop like a fish, well, i think this is where the phrase was invented.


So we grabbed some fish food and teased them a bit. The ducks were walking all over the fish, some stepping in the hungry mouths, others just trying to get the hell away!


Feeding the fish was easily the most fun we had in the park.


Next we headed to this pissed off looking thing.


This pus was actually really well themed, and the best part, double rides!


How about a classic carousel?




Laura was excited to ride again


Next up, the woodie!


Given the quality of the rest of the parks coasters, this was a welcome attraction. Ran great, airtime, sharp turns, it has it all. And, it had the longest line in the park. But, since we like it in the rear, the wait time was much less, three trains at most.


In Washington, this sign means, put your crap here.


Bend Over.


The park even has homeless people!


Laura the Lumberjack.


Ok, so we laughed at these tea cup looking things at first. Then we decided to ride. Looks innocent, but VERY NAUGHTY!


Super fast spinning, everyone should ride this!


Over in the enchanted village the dragon grabbed hold of Laura. NAUGHTY DRAGON, give her back!


See, we are in the enchanted village.


But what do I see back here?


Best.Scrambler.Ever. Full power from the start, lots of banging, good motion, and a happy ending. What more could you want?


So I tried to yank on my sword, but I was apparently doing it wrong


So Laura gave it a shot, but it wasn't going to pop


So we ended up on the Ring of Fire. Overall, good carnival ride.


I'm a pleasure seeker! This park just redeemed itself!


So that was the end of our day at Wild Waves. Not a great park, put a park nonetheless. Glad I went, we both turned it into a fun time.


On the way back to Portland...


we drove thru downtown Tacoma. And found this. WTF??? A kid with adult toys?

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On the morning of June 28th we made our way to what I would say the most screwed up park ever, Enchanted Forest. This is one of those parks that has you asking yourself, WTF were they smoking? Normally I would give a brief narrative of the park, but this time, I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves.


So here we are at Enchanted Forest. During the week, the park is dead. When we arrived, I really wasn't sure if they were even open!


The main entrance. My mind was instantly in overload with WTF being the main thought.


When we walked in we headed to the right to check out the walk thru attractions.


I didn't know Michael Jackson had a place here...


So we walked past the indoor water show and made our way to the gravitron. This was actually really cool!


But when I turned around I was freaked out a bit by these characters.


Glory hole?


Hey, Pony Express, THIS is MY Teepee!


This road takes you back toward the flume coaster and dark ride shooting attraction. Which btw we rode three times, I had best scroe two out of three...just sayin'


Laura will neither confirm nor deny that I'm storing Big Timber.


One of the many scenes that you walk by.



Dr. U R Hurtin, almost as good as Dr. Drill 'em Hard.


Two things stand out on the rules. 1. No High Heel Shoes, and 2. Parents, you are responsible for your children. Imagine that.


After walking thru the scenes, we went to walk around Storybook Lane.


Look Chris! Turtle!


And with that, I conclude Part I of Enchanted Forest, more to come soon!

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Part II


This way down Storybook Lane, and to Pedo Bear.




Lil' Miss


Mary's lamb....


had something very naughty hanging down.


Would you like some candy little girl?



Laura likes licking a good shroom



The key hole!


Inside the key hole we find another...glory hole?



So Laura said she had to go to the bathroom, and I was like ok, and went to find somewhere to sit down...


As I was trying to find that place to sit, she called out to me to join her. I was like OK!


I really thought it was an outdoor bathroom like at the lake. FAIL! It was a maze!




Yes I am!



Maybe this was the hill they went up


They had this house where the seven drawfs slept.




Stepping stones with the drawfs names on them...


and even a stone for an ACEr


Looks like a nuke went off in here.


Well, that completes part II of the tour, last part coming up soon! You don't want to miss it!

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Part III - Last Part of Enchanted Forest!


ewwww!!! Booger!!


An old lady! (no not Laura)


You went in the mouth and out the backside...


My, what a big .... I have




Have a seat!


Look! We found a ducky!





Weeee, we're sliding down the shoe!


Weeee again!


Bumper cars, not very good ones either!


Two people in this PTR rode the hopper


Yay! Ice Mountain Bobsled time!!


This was a good ride, cheesy, but good, I would suggest riding it!


And rode it we did!


7 times in fact, breaking Laura's previous six times in a visit record!


So there you have it folks, a tour of a jacked up place. But you know what, we had tons of fun. The staff were laughing at us, I assume because of us being adults in a park geared towards kids, but we didn't care! But they were friendly and rides in good working order, can't ask for much more than that!


So after we left the forest, we drove next door and took a look at some remains.


We went next door to Thrill-Ville, or, what was left of it.


The old slides. Laura said when the park was operating they made sure that people knew they were NOT affiliated with Enchanted Forest, LMAO!


Rock o Plane. The only ride left semi standing.






The go cart track sat silent, the crane had taken the coaster down, and the slide was dry.


Well folks, that concludes the multi-park three state, four day tour! I hope you enjoyed following along, but I bet I had way more fun experiencing it! Stay tuned, more parks, more fun, more flags coming soon!

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