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Chadster's Vacation Adventures: Final Edition!

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Go Pack go! Thanks for the report Chad and Jo, glad you guys had a good time. I'm also glad to hear that they're expanding the stadium! Tickets to Packer games are so hard to come by. Season tickets have been sold out since 1960 and there are over 86000 names on the waitlist today!


Most of the people who clean up after game day are school kids. While the team does pay for their services, the money usually goes to their school club, etc.

Gotta like that cheap child labor

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^Yeah, season tickets and maybe individual tickets might be hard to come by, but they offer lots of packaged deals. Friends of my parents go several times a year doing this. Obviously, if its a game against Chicago or Minnesota you're going to pay more. I think the cheapest package deal starts around $500 a ticket, BUT this includes good seats, hotel for a night, transportation to the stadium from the hotel, tailgating before the game (with all you can eat AND drink mind you). Plus, for an extra $20-30 you can upgrade your seat to one in the first 5 rows behind the goal posts. Mom and I are going to go someday, we just haven't picked a day yet to go!

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The time we went, I believe we used StubHub (the other person bought the tickets, so I'm not sure what site they used). If it's not a high demand game, like Bears or Vikings, single game tickets didn't seem that hard to get.


That package deal sounds pretty awesome. If I was going to go again, I'd look into one of those.



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I never considered taking this tour (before) now, but now it's something I'll think about in combination with Bay Beach.

Exactly, Jo was the one who brought the tour up to me literally the day before and I was like sure, why not. I didn't care for the HoF part so that was skipped. But, speaking of Bay Beach....


After a lovely tour and a stop for Mexican food, we arrived at Bay Beach Amusement Park in you guessed it, Green Bay, WI. So, why did I mention that we stopped for food, TMI you say? Well, I mention it because we thought we'd have to pay theme park prices at, well, a theme park. NOT! Food and drink were right inline with your favorite fast food joint or cheaper, and, it looked and smelt good! Next time, I'll eat there and try it out!


So, lets get down to it. The park is, yes, small (as you know, I love smaller parks) and caters to families. Speaking of catering, they had a wedding or something going on while we were there so they also do special events. The flat rides were nothing special with your off the shelf Scrambler, Tilt, Ferris Wheel, and Train, but they did have a Yo-Yo, so they get bonus points there.


As for Zippin Pippin, it's a solid ride with a nice surprise at the end. It's certainly a welcome and needed addition to the park. They were running both trains and for a shorter ride, not much wait time in the brakes. They were also chewing through the line at a steady rate. With the Pippin all by it's lonesome at the far end of the park, they have left themselves with an excellent opportunity for expansion.


Here we are at Bay Beach Amusement Park! Inside the building you will find food and an event hall.


To the left of the building, you will find a place to buy stuff to stuff you suitcase with.


On the other side of the gift shop, you will find the ticket booth. Note the prices, crazy cheap!


After buying tickets, you run into the train depot.


And here would be the train, in the depot.


Ride safety signage. Wait, .50 for a ride on a Tilt-A-Whirl? Are we back in the 60's?


Seriously, the pricing blew my mind, in a good way.


For you wheel of ferris lovers.


A very colorful scrambler.


Hey, what do you say we play a little game. Use one of the following photos on the scambler and write your own caption.












This was well, awkward. I guess its like a super round up, only not.


And if you want to bang people in cars, they have that here.


But I say, it's time to go here instead.






Our train has arrived, lets get in. Errrrrmmm, I thought I read they had new trains.....


HAHA, it's the car Elvis sat in, and you can too!


As you can tell, she's ready to roll.


Ok, time to go ride! I've been looking forward to this one!


Lift hill action.


Transfer track action.


Out the back door action.


Forward motion action!


Elivs would be proud. They did a very nice job re-creating this ride.


Serioulsy, if you are expecting high thrill and intensity, you won't find it here. What you will find is a solid, fun ride thats a very nice addition to the park which should draw visitors for many years to come. And for $1, you can't go wrong!


And with that, I say thanks to Bay Beach for a lovely afternoon, I will for sure drop by next time I'm in town and you should too!

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I really enjoyed Bay Beach. I do hope that the park adds a few more rides, even if it's just a small kiddie coaster. It's a really beautiful park too. I need to go back up there next summer. I still have the tickets in my car. If they didn't change the color, then I'll use them!

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So gotta ask, where does your adventure take you next?


Excellent question! It might take me to the Dell's, Illinois, or even a Brewery!


There are only 10 adventures left this season! What will be my final destination? All I will say is it will have a Christmas theme to it!

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Thanks everyone, glad you enjoyed it!


Concerning the overly reasonably priced ride tickets, the park itself is a municipal amusement park operated by the City of Green Bay Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department so they don't have to worry much about turning a profit, although paying the bills is nice!


How was the Green Bay Mexican food?quote]

Well, I didn't have to make any emergency stops on the way to Little Amerricka, so I suppose it was decent


Did you go on the giant mat slide they have?

Nah, I'm normally not a slide person, but every once and a while I will!

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I live and work in green bay. My favorite pastime is what I refer to as an "epic lunch" in which while in business clothes, drive on my lunch to the park across town, get one, sometimes two rides in, hit a drive-thru and still make it back to back to my desk within an hour! I love it! Where else can you do that?

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I have to admit this is the first time I've heard of the park, but it looks like a great little family-style attraction! and they have a SCAT!! [one of my all-time favorite midway vomitorium...er..attractions], which means I have to go there while visiting the area next year. Thanks for a great TR

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After a great trip to Bay Beach, it was time to make the drive across the state to Marshall, WI to hit up another small park, Little Amerricka! Situated off in what amounts to farmland in the middle of nowhere, this little park has a few surprises.


The first bit of advice I can give everyone is to call before you go. Their website indicated they were closing at 6pm, but nope, they were closing at 5pm. With me arriving at 4pm, I had to get a move on. So, I bought 10 tickets and started running to the rides.


On this, the 10th of September, the park was busy. It has a ghetto atmosphere that I, for some reason, really like. I also like the fact that the parks rides have been installed and refurbed by the owner himself. Chalk one up for the little guy!


So no more chit chat, lets get to it!


Welcome to Little Amerricka! This is where you enter the park.


"Hello, I'm a Ferris Wheel"


EVIL!!! The little balloon thingy in the background was interesting to watch. But times a wasting, did I mention that you should call before you go? I'm told the park has a history of changing its closing time just for the heck of it.


We will start off the this adventure by going in here.


"Dear Heavenly Father, keep me safe, please bring me back home to my family and friends"


This isn't going to be good.....


"Help me Jesus! Help me Jewish God! Help me Allah! AAAAAHHH! Help me Tom Cruise! Tom Cruise, use your witchcraft on me to get the fire off me!"


Ok, after a few bumps and brusies, it was time to embark on something a little less abbrasive.


So I rode this, and banged my knees. So, it was time to get find something else, perhaps something tame.


So, I hopped aboard the powered monorail and took a journey around the park. I have to say, the overview the monorail gives you is quite nice and covers most every aspect of the park.


Hello Mad Mouse, I will collect you in just a bit.


This would be the parking lot, in the middle of a farm.


The putt-putt course looked rather nice.


Over here is a log flume that the park recently purchased. Locals tell me that the park owner estimates the concrete cost alone to be around $1million and not to look for it to be built out anytime soon. I'm told the owner likes to buy older rides, tinker with them, then put them together. The tinkering may take 2 years or 5 years.


Water boats for your pleasure. You can buy single ride tickets or a play all day wristband.


The train takes you back in this little town village. I was told I had to take the train if i didn't do anything else. I was told correct. When you come to the park, don't just credit run it, take the train too!


And we're traveling, and we're traveling....


I discovered they have an IP to use Mario on their tilt.


Another well ran Scambler.


You are not an amusement park if you don't have horses chasing themselves.


If you happen to die on one of the rides, you should get a reduction in funeral costs.


And we will end our journey on the monorail with a view of credit whore park. I mean the kiddie coaster. With other rides in the middle of it.


I missed it :(


They also had some decent bumper cars. Nothing, however, beats the ones at Oaks Amusement Park. Nothing.




We take a break in this awesome report for a NERD SHOT of the Mad Mouse. We now return you to your regularly scheduled awesome trip report.


From this angle, the cars really do look like a pissed off mouse.


Last, but not least, the Meteor!


"This is an intense ride. Don't stand up. Keep your arms inside. Don't do anything stupid."


Lift hill nerd shot.


Here is a series of action shots for you.


For a small ride, it is kinda fun.





Well that's it, I conquered 8 rides in one hour, but really, you should plan about 2 hours at the park to really be able to relax and enjoy. Thanks Little Amerricka!


So, where do I head next??? I bet you can guess! Until next time!

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