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Chadster's Vacation Adventures: Final Edition!


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Chad - Do you really think you got your dignity back on a Python Pit?

Well, maybe just a wee bit. Ok, your right. Probably not.


Enjoying reading your adventures! And looking forward to one I think I'll be featured in.

Thanks! Not sure when I'll do one from BGB, I still haven't off loaded those pictures!


Did anyone else notice the sign at the Alpine slide that said "Maximum Capacity: 2 heartbeats per chair"

I did chuckle when I saw that, but then I thought, hey, what if they are siamese twins with two hearts and they want someone else to ride with them, then it would be three heartbeats. Not sure how you would sort that one.


...the mannequin chicks wearing jeans was a highlight.

It was seriously the best part of the flea market.


I think I remember having trouble following this rule when I was in China! Alpine slides are a blast, they need more of them here in the US.


Here is a question, How many TPR members have been hurt on TPR trips on Alpine slides!

I had a guy in front of me on the fast track slowing down on purpose so his wife could catch up to him(who was on the SLOW track), so, I hit him. But I agree, they are a blast!



Packer Fans rejoyce, I'll have a tour of their historic stadium posted...tomorrow!

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With the NFL season well underway and the NBA season not even on lifesupport, I thought, this is the perfect time to share with everyone a behind the scenes tour of Lambeau Field


Now those who read my reports from time to time know that normally I, well, travel alone. But not this time! JoJo1979 caught wind of my desire to travel to Green Bay to visit Bay Beach (coming soon!) and said hey, I want to come too!


So on the morning of Sept 10 we met at the stadium, obtained tour tickets, and headed for the atrium and the historic home of the Green Bay Packers!


Well, here we are folks, at the stadium of the only publicly owned team in the NFL. The fith sale of their stock was recently approved, so you too can be a team owner for around $200 a share. Just beware that the stock is, well, worthless. (Not being mean here, financially it's bascially a donation, read more on their website.)


This is where the fortunate get to party, or those with tickets.


When you walk in you hear this hollywood movie soundscape in the tone of "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" (not really, but you can pretend to hear it if you want to)


Those who do not have money, enter here.


The famous Atrium. Without it and all of the improvements that came with it, well, the team might just be a memory. The atrium and associated meeting space has helped the team stay in the black.


The Hall of Fame is this way, for a little extra on the ticket price you can view all the team memories and, yes, even the Superbowl Trophy! Since we have a little time to kill before the tour, let's have a look around.


The gift shop had everything. Pens, pencils, GBP Sharpies, hoodies, and limited edition Superbowl merchandise. They even had this self help book!


Now we play a little game called "Things that Sound Dirty but Really Aren't"


First off, Goin' Deep


That would be a pizza outlet. Not, well, you know.


Next we found the "Meat Packing" Co. Combine the two and you get "Pack it Deep" but I digress.


And finally the dirtiest, nastiest, most disgusting, and final entry of our little game, "Boomerang" Cafe. It's keeps you coming back, but not me. I'm a one and done on boomerangs.


So it was time for our tour, first stop, the Packer's personal suite. I was actually surprised it wasn't center field, but, the view was still very nice.


Want to rent it out when its not being used? Well, you can for about 40k. Includes admission for 40 of your friends, VIP parking, and food.


Next we went underground.


Cool stuff resides in here.


The coaching staff parks in this area. I was told by the alternate tour guide that they know if the team is going to practice that day by whether or not the coaches cars are there. They were not.


Important stuff happens in there.


As Seen on TV!


Get pumped, it's time to run out on to the field. They simulated game day music and crowds as you walked down the tunnel.


Well, I guess we won't be storming the field afterall :(


The field is made up of a blend of real grass and synthetic grass.


One of these things does not look like the other, one of these things is not the same.


The synthetic grass was sewn into the field with a huge sewing machine. True Story!


Most of the people who clean up after game day are school kids. While the team does pay for their services, the money usually goes to their school club, etc.


If you are a loser, you take this tunnel.


From ground level.


From the stands.




6600 new seats will go in this area, with new lights and HD scoreboard. Some of the money you donate to them by purchsing stock will go to this cause.


Well, I hate to say it, but that's pretty much the end of the tour. After we left the field, we went onto the concourse where tens of thousands of beer cans, soda cans, and bottles were bagged up and ready to be sent to the recycler and were dropped back off at the Atrium. It was a neat experience. Plan about 90 minutes to two hours depending on how much time you spend in the gift shop and if you go to the hall of fame or not.


So for you Packer Backers, here's hoping for a perfect season!

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Thanks for sharing, Chad! What they have done to this stadium is awesome...makes the Ralph here in Western NY look like a piece of crap!


They have talked about major renovations for our stadium, but I still like the idea of building one on the Lake Erie waterfront near downtown Buffalo. I would think that it would revitalize the downtown area...even if only on weekends and during special events.

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Thanks for posting this. I highly advise anyone with even the slightest interest in football to go to a Packers game once in your life. It was easily the best live sports event either of us had ever attended. The atmosphere at the game is much more like a college game than a pro sports event, and the crowd is TOTALLY into the game, which just makes it so much fun. Plus everyone was so nice! I witnessed no drunks, no fighting, no one being obnoxious, just people at the game having fun. Considering that I'm pretty sure I've seen some almost attempted murders at Eagles or Ravens games, this was a nice change!


The HOF tour is cool too, especially if you're a Packers fan. Again, I really recommend people checking the stadium out, and going to a game. It's an experience you won't forget.



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Go Pack go! Thanks for the report Chad and Jo, glad you guys had a good time. I'm also glad to hear that they're expanding the stadium! Tickets to Packer games are so hard to come by. Season tickets have been sold out since 1960 and there are over 86000 names on the waitlist today!


Most of the people who clean up after game day are school kids. While the team does pay for their services, the money usually goes to their school club, etc.

Gotta like that cheap child labor

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^Yeah, season tickets and maybe individual tickets might be hard to come by, but they offer lots of packaged deals. Friends of my parents go several times a year doing this. Obviously, if its a game against Chicago or Minnesota you're going to pay more. I think the cheapest package deal starts around $500 a ticket, BUT this includes good seats, hotel for a night, transportation to the stadium from the hotel, tailgating before the game (with all you can eat AND drink mind you). Plus, for an extra $20-30 you can upgrade your seat to one in the first 5 rows behind the goal posts. Mom and I are going to go someday, we just haven't picked a day yet to go!

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The time we went, I believe we used StubHub (the other person bought the tickets, so I'm not sure what site they used). If it's not a high demand game, like Bears or Vikings, single game tickets didn't seem that hard to get.


That package deal sounds pretty awesome. If I was going to go again, I'd look into one of those.



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I never considered taking this tour (before) now, but now it's something I'll think about in combination with Bay Beach.

Exactly, Jo was the one who brought the tour up to me literally the day before and I was like sure, why not. I didn't care for the HoF part so that was skipped. But, speaking of Bay Beach....


After a lovely tour and a stop for Mexican food, we arrived at Bay Beach Amusement Park in you guessed it, Green Bay, WI. So, why did I mention that we stopped for food, TMI you say? Well, I mention it because we thought we'd have to pay theme park prices at, well, a theme park. NOT! Food and drink were right inline with your favorite fast food joint or cheaper, and, it looked and smelt good! Next time, I'll eat there and try it out!


So, lets get down to it. The park is, yes, small (as you know, I love smaller parks) and caters to families. Speaking of catering, they had a wedding or something going on while we were there so they also do special events. The flat rides were nothing special with your off the shelf Scrambler, Tilt, Ferris Wheel, and Train, but they did have a Yo-Yo, so they get bonus points there.


As for Zippin Pippin, it's a solid ride with a nice surprise at the end. It's certainly a welcome and needed addition to the park. They were running both trains and for a shorter ride, not much wait time in the brakes. They were also chewing through the line at a steady rate. With the Pippin all by it's lonesome at the far end of the park, they have left themselves with an excellent opportunity for expansion.


Here we are at Bay Beach Amusement Park! Inside the building you will find food and an event hall.


To the left of the building, you will find a place to buy stuff to stuff you suitcase with.


On the other side of the gift shop, you will find the ticket booth. Note the prices, crazy cheap!


After buying tickets, you run into the train depot.


And here would be the train, in the depot.


Ride safety signage. Wait, .50 for a ride on a Tilt-A-Whirl? Are we back in the 60's?


Seriously, the pricing blew my mind, in a good way.


For you wheel of ferris lovers.


A very colorful scrambler.


Hey, what do you say we play a little game. Use one of the following photos on the scambler and write your own caption.












This was well, awkward. I guess its like a super round up, only not.


And if you want to bang people in cars, they have that here.


But I say, it's time to go here instead.






Our train has arrived, lets get in. Errrrrmmm, I thought I read they had new trains.....


HAHA, it's the car Elvis sat in, and you can too!


As you can tell, she's ready to roll.


Ok, time to go ride! I've been looking forward to this one!


Lift hill action.


Transfer track action.


Out the back door action.


Forward motion action!


Elivs would be proud. They did a very nice job re-creating this ride.


Serioulsy, if you are expecting high thrill and intensity, you won't find it here. What you will find is a solid, fun ride thats a very nice addition to the park which should draw visitors for many years to come. And for $1, you can't go wrong!


And with that, I say thanks to Bay Beach for a lovely afternoon, I will for sure drop by next time I'm in town and you should too!

Edited by chadster
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I really enjoyed Bay Beach. I do hope that the park adds a few more rides, even if it's just a small kiddie coaster. It's a really beautiful park too. I need to go back up there next summer. I still have the tickets in my car. If they didn't change the color, then I'll use them!

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So gotta ask, where does your adventure take you next?


Excellent question! It might take me to the Dell's, Illinois, or even a Brewery!


There are only 10 adventures left this season! What will be my final destination? All I will say is it will have a Christmas theme to it!

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