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What coaster would you rebuild?

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I would rebuild Kennywood's Steel Phantom as B&M looping coaster with gold track and black supports and some trims to make it smoother.


I also wouldn't mind the former Batman stand up coaster from Six Flags Astroworld being rebuilt at Darien Lake or even Avalanche Run at Cedar Point!

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Every time I see this thread...


"What coaster would you rebuild?"


All I can think of is "Why on earth did the Chinese choose the SLC?!?!?"


That is an excellent question. Perhaps Golden Horse wanted to prove they could inflict even more pain than Vekoma?

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Perhaps Golden Horse looked on rcdb.com and saw that there are dozens of operating SLC and came to the conclusion that it was popular based on the number of installations.


Then said, "Hey--we can do that!"

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As others have said, I would absolutely want to ride any of the Traver coasters, namely:


Crystal Beach Cyclone

Revere Beach Lightning

Palisades Park Cyclone

Oaks Amusement Park Zip


The question is, could modern technologies for building woodies make the CB Cyclone a viable coaster in today's theme park scene without altering the original design and specs? To be viable, it would have to appeal to a reasonable segment of the GP and be re-ride-able, not be prone to inflicting injuries or extreme discomfort, and not tear itself apart or become a total maintenance nightmare. Is it possible using the original design or would it have to be tweaked or heavily altered for it to even be insurable? What would be the best manufacturer to take on the task? Intamin with prefab track? GCI with their expertise in twister style coasters and exceptional rolling stock? RMC with topper track or I beam? What rolling stock would be best? Millenium Flyers, Timberliners, Gerstlauer 2 or 3 benchers, PTC 2 or 3 benchers, or something custom designed?


Whatever the end result, if anyone actually took on a CB Cyclone recreation or re-imagining, I would be there opening day, squealing like a giddy school kid!

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Crystal Beach Cyclone

Airplane Coaster

Cyclone Racer


Switchback Railway (lol why the hell not?)


Drachen Fire. Back in time. I know it may have caused brain trauma and was probably terrible but it was unqiue, and wicked. And when I went to Busch Gardens it sat there...SBNO mocking me

Son of Beast, with the new wooden coaster technology so it'd be less death inducing, and hopefully quicker. (and no loop)

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Penn State man! After such a long gap (thanks to my f-in laziness) I'll finally graduate in May



I always wanted the Vekoma SLC re built by B&M. It would be an intense ride but without the brain trauma!

Including Jubilee Odyssey. I think it looks cool but could be less painful and ironed out to fix those stalls (if it still happens).

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I would expand the space and spread out the layout

that Goudurix currently occupies at Parc Asterix.


Although that triple loop is sometimes (?) a

painful experience, I think it could be better,

possibly, with a tiny bit more 'running track' to it,

around and within it.


Everything else has spread all around it, so why not

this coaster too?


My choice.


>>>>>>> And Go back in time to ride DL Matterhorn, the way

it was originally designed to do, run single cars. The left side was

awesome, I remember.... at age 10! <<<<<<<<<<


The coaster in question..... at Parc Asterix, France. 2008 TPR Tour. Oops. Maybe 4 loops????

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