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What coaster would you rebuild?

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Two seemingly random coasters, but I would love to rebuild Flashback and Son Of Beast. I've been told they suck, but I want to ride them so badly still. It's the point that I actually saw them in real life, but couldn't actually go on them for whatever reason.


I'm not a credit whore haha

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Flying Turns at Euclid Beach in Cleveland - I like my coasters to be near-death experiences.


The original Big Dipper at Luna Park Sydney, I was so young when I rode it, I can barely remember it.


Batman side of Chiller, it was closed every time I went to GADV while it was still standing, Robin was great but I would have loved to fly through that reverse top-hat.


Eagle's Fortress - this was a downright tragedy, understandable that it was tearing itself to pieces and the park needed to do something about that, but sad all the same.

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I would go back to the original Ravine Flyer.


Little is known about the layout of that coaster besides the fact it went over Peninsula Drive. Pictures depict only the station and the bridge, but there is not blueprint or pictures of any other portions of Ravine Flyer.

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I would go back in time and ride Bizarro at SFNE, when it was still Superman. I had a lot of memories on that ride when it was Superman, and I've dreamed of being able to go on it in it's original form again. I'd also like to go back in time to ride Batman and Robin: The Chiller. I grew up reading all about that ride, and wanting to go to Great Adventure, but I never visited while it was there.

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As far as going back in time to ride one, I'd pick the SDC Windstorm/Hurricane that once lived at Fun Forest by the Space Needle in Seattle. Rode it in summer of 2004 on a family trip, and from what I remember it ran MUCH faster than SCBB's (that one's closed too, being relocated to NM). It provided a much more intense ride as a result, powerful from start to finish, and the train still had quite a bit of speed going into the brakes.

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I would rebuild (even though it is still standing) Big Dipper from Geauga Lake, I'm a sucker for wooden roller coasters from the 1920's and I drove past Geauga Lake two times when I was little and remembering seeing it and wanting to go on it so bad. Then I got my first platinum pass and Geauga Lake closed...


I also wouldn't mind the Big Bad Wolf because I love Arrow Supsended Coasters and it always fascinated me and for sh*ts and giggles, I wouldn't mind the Bat from King's Island also.

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