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What coaster would you rebuild?

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Cool topic..

Crystal Beach Cyclone (year?)

BGE circa 1993- Drachen Fire (again and again and again before it was slayed)

Chicago Exposition 1893- the first and biggest ever Ferris Wheel

right now- (at night)- Las Vegas, Stratosphere Tower, Big Shot- can think of no better place for a launch ride!

1977 Rocket- Ocean View Park, VA- just cause it's in my favorite movie, "Rollercoaster"

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Of course I would go back to 1993-1994 Elitch Gardens. Ride Mister Twister a zillion times, ride Wild CAt a zillion times, get on the "new" Sidewinder (back then it was white), get wet over and over again on the Log Ride (Splinter), and enjoy all the other rides and old time warm feel of the park in it's (IMO) golden years. Wow.

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I would go back to 1976 or so and tour across the country to the larger regional theme parks back in their heyday-



Kings Dominion

Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags Over Texas

Six Flags Over Mid-America

Great America(s)


Magic Mountain

Opryland USA


Of course I'd also like to go back even further to visit some of the old classic theme parks like Riverview and Coney Island (Ohio).

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Chicago Exposition 1893- the first and biggest ever Ferris Wheel



I take it you have seen the "Chicago World's Fair of 1893" DVD, narrated by Gene Wilder. What a terrific programme - I learned so much from it. There were so many superlatives to boast, it was difficult to keep count.


Simon Baynham

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If I could, I would visit most of the theme parks in the World that have closed, but here's my top 5:


1. Australia's Wonderland Sydney (I have a soft spot for this place, it was the only theme park that I knew about outside the Boston area other than the RCT parks when I was a member of the GP)

2. Whalom Park (So close to home, yet such a distant memory that I never had)

3. Southport's Pleasureland (I had plans to go there, but those plans got demolished just before its closure)

4. Revere Beach (Yet another park too close to home yet too distant of a memory I never got)

5. Paragon Park (I've seen the site. The only things remaining are Mini-Gold and The Merry-Go-Round, the rest seems to be a demolished land of what it once was).

Yeah, I miss a whole lot more theme parks, but those are the ones I wish I could have visited before they closed.

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Hmm, if I could go back to the past i'd;


Go to the opening days of each of the Disney parks


Opening days of SF over Texas and Georgia


Opening of GASM(SFoG), Mindbender, and Viper


Visit all the present Cedar Fair parks


Opening of BGE, all of it's coasters, and Curse


And visit SF Astroworld during its last operating days.


Add on: LOL I forgot I had a picture of Taz as my avatar. Err is it to big?

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Let's say you can jump in your small penis



But anyway, i would go to the future, to see if Luna Park had changed at all. If i could go back, i would got to Australia's Wonderland, an Australian park i failed to visit...


Wes filtered the Word De Lorean out..so now De Lorean = Small Penis

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It's been mentioned earlier but I'd go to Kings Island in 1982 for the Bat, good ole days of the Beast, and I'm sure Racer was still nothing to sneeze at.

Of course, there are a bunch of older parks I'd like to visit, one of them being Ocean View Amusement Park in Norfolk.

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  • 3 years later...

I hope this has not been ask. I searched and could not find another thread resembling it....


If you had the opportunity to rebuild any coaster that has been dismantled and never rebuilt which would it be? Why this particular coaster? Would you leave it with the same themeing or change it all together to give it a new life?


Now I have not been to a lot of parks so you will have to forgive me on my answer if you do not agree. My top one would be the Big Bad Wolf. I know this was not the tallest, fastest, or most thrilling coaster around. I just really LOVED this coaster. I love the feeling of the cars when they flung out to the sides especially when riding in the last car. Also when the train came around that turn and you looked down and saw the water that was such a great feeling to me. I am upset I waiting till its last season to make it to BGW to get on this. I would rebuild it right where it was but would I would enclose most of it making it pitch black - I just LOVE dark coasters.


Also I would want to see the ORIGINAL Cyclone rebuilt. Yes, the one that was so dangerous they had to have medics on hand at all times. I know this day in age with the technology we have I am sure we could make it 100% safe. This coaster was way before my time but I would leave it as is - making no additional theme.


MOD EDIT: I found a similar thread, but I'll agree it wasn't easy, so I merged your thread.

Edited by larrygator
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Riverview Bobs


And selfishly, SFGAm's Shockwave, in it's original location, thusly ridding the world of the waste of steel that replaced it- Superman: Ultimate Flight.


This AND this. Also, the Crystal Beach Cyclone. But I'd most like to go to Riverview. They had some insane defunct flats in addition to all those classic coasters.

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