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[RCT3] East Side Lagoon: 1982 - A Stroll Through the Park

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Well, I'd have more updates, but since the expansion, the parks been a little difficult to work with, I've tried taking pics, but they rarely take.. that or the game crashes as I'm staging a shot. I've got a half update today, just letting you know it's alive!



Exploring Updates - 1967



The park added a pseudo entrance to their pseudo kiddieland this year as well. Crazy paving breaks up the monotony.



The centerpiece fountain still has its charm!



Cyclone still thrilling, Snack Bar still tasty!



Hornet can look chaotic.. but it's got a fairly simple layout!



A great addition to the skyline.

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The custom supports on Hornet are, to be precise, magnificent. Excellent job with that- as I don't think I've seen customs like that done so precisely before.




Haha, to be honest, I kinda winged the whole thing! I did a little research and saw that the Jet Stars didn't have the trusses connected to each other, but that's about it!


I've been having trouble with the file so the quality on the pictures is pretty bad since I had to use the snipping tool to get them.



1967 - A Continuing Saga




Cyclone looks as tall as the Ferris Wheel.




A peek at the path layout.




Still hiring bands to play! East Side's apparently a firm believer in sounds!




I love how Cyclone's station splits the trees here. Though the park may need an update to the landscaping here!




Cyclone got some more retracking recently. The finale was streamlined a bit and is now much less likely to destroy you.




A bit of Hornet...




A look at the layout. That building in the center will soon house some electronics.




The pool looks much less important since the moving of the central fountain.




A peek at some of the first airtime hill on Cyclone to close the day.

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Yupp, they're not Millenium Flyers per-say, but on a short historic sidenote..


The older style coasters that started were typically out-and-back style, or had some wide unbanked turns, hence they had 6 and 8 seats per individual, but as twists got really insane, designers had to innovate new trains that could maneuver them. They came up with the articulated style with 2 passengers per. Cyclone is an example of what they'd often refer to as a Bobs style with the 2 passengers per. When GCI came along, they had similar turns and layouts to an extent, and when they designed their Millennium Flyers, the first I 'think' were for Lightning Racer which was a throwback to Cyclone's age in Hershey's Midway America, so they introduced cars very similar to what used to be found on rides like Cyclone. So there's your more explained link! Apart from the Hershey connection, it's accurate to the best of my knowledge.


Last update of the season should be coming along soon, I'm gonna start rocking and rolling with this park cause it's crashing like mad and I've really gotta streamline soon.

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Slightly delayed.. But the park cooperated for this update, which is great!



Rumorville - 1967




Racer still grabs the crowds, though lines aren't ever really that long.




It's a maintenance nightmare. The track gets beat up pretty bad through it's convoluted layout!




The letters that were intended to be sent were back-ordered and the park eventually cancelled the order altogether. Strange..




There's always a market for coasters, though people always want more!




With the addition of Hornet I really hope it doesn't cost us an old classic!




Contemplation picture...

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1968 - Left Unscathed


So the new year is here, and it seems there's been no major teardowns.. for now. The park received extremely extensive renovations this year.




First up is the new logo and paint job! And if you have a keen eye you'll see that the gardens at the front have also been redone.




A minor sacrifice, the cookie cutter eating pavilions that were once here have been replaced by a lush garden walkthrough, giving better views of Cyclone. And the keen eye may notice safety improved stairs on the ride. One of many fixes the ride got over the winter.




The gardens extend past the Snack Bar and all the way to the Paratrooper which also received new paint, not bad!




Some of those great views I mentioned.. Shows you a little bit better how messed up this ride's finale is.




New paint on Thunder Bobs and catwalks for Hornet! Both still running in top shape!




And I'll leave you with some minor architectural changes to Cyclone. (The pillars at the end were originally situated on the side wall.)

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1968 - East Side Lagoon Amusement Park




Midway Games have finally came back to the park! The fifties had them briefly, but they quickly fell out of favor for whatever unknown reasons..




A better look at what's happened to Cyclone. Been brightened up a bit. Originally the scheme was to be orange and purple, but that was scrapped as it was said it would have too much of an impact, and that the modest roots of the ride need to be preserved however possible.




Can't get enough of the Ferris Wheel! Already forgotten about Caverns? Soon not! Rumors of a new dark ride exist




A fun little Test Your Strength ride has cropped up next to the ferris wheel.




The pool was extremely crowded today.. and every day. Those pesky peeps just love to beat the crap out of it!




That old ramshackle building across the way was finally demolished. Years of gangsters completely trashed the place! They say that upon teardown, they actually found a corpse under the floorboards! Though that's just a rumor...




And a final shot of Hornet now two years in operation.

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1968 - A New Direction




As 1968 dawns, the park has had to ask itself many questions. Perhaps most importantly, where do we go now?




Surely a park that has been around for 68 years can't expect to live on the same tricks day in and day out.




When are they required to leave behind their legacy and start a new one?




Is the past nothing more than progress towards a new beginning?

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Where did you get the art deco scenery? I like the art deco look and think this looks great, can't wait to see more from this park.


The art deco is primarily Vodhin's City of Oz sets, with some random types of walls thrown in.


Ok guys... I apologize for the super extended wait (4 months, wow!) The park was not cooperating and it really drove me from the game, in combination with life getting in the way and such. Meanwhile, I've been working on all sorts of other endeavours, from video games, to music, to more art. All of which have hopefully translated in some way to my abilities in rct3.


I'd also like to say that the park has underwent some drastic changes, so it maybe isn't sticking as close to my original storyline as I'd have liked, but it was either make a few compromises or fail to ever have the park updated again, and I'm not even close to ready to close up shop with this park.




1970 - A New Decade



We're back in business!




...By Spock's beard! They've ripped out the pool!




AND the Racer! Must... repress.. rage...





Ahh, much better... happy thoughts...




Oh well, at least Cyclone still delivers.




And don't forget our Dipper! Weird without Racer in the background..




Still early in the day.




Mmm, atmosphere...



-John Stafford

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Racer's gone!? ... ... no... ... It was my favorite through the whole story... RIP: Racer, you will be missed :'(


Believe me, it wasn't an easy decision!





Um... In that second photo, I think that mechanic took a wrong turn


Anyways, great job on another great update. It's a shame Racer had to go, but oh well, hopefully a reincarnation returns in the future.


Thanks! Racer was the one ride that really helped me get this park to where I wanted it to be, but as always, new rides come along!




1970 - Filling in the Holes




You may be wondering just what happened in my year off.. Well frankly, it wasn't a good year to miss!




Management had to scrap Racer, saying that with Hornet grabbing the crowds, it just wasn't worth all the trouble anymore!




Knowing that the public wouldn't take too kindly to this, they really had to follow through with the additions in 1969. And the beautiful new brickwork is just one of the few great things they did!




They also went all out in getting their infrastructure nice and pristine. These bathrooms are probably cleaner than the ones at your own house!




Well anyways, as I'm writing this I'm getting distracted by a bit of nostalgia..




I'll never forget coming here in middle school and having the time of my life with this fantastic girl I'd gotten to know throughout the day.




It was all a bit childish, but it's the simple things like riding the old Caverns at the end of the night with her that truly make this park something I'll always remember...




*sigh* Well we all know that good things don't last forever. You never know when your favorite ride is gonna turn into a big pile of dirt. But there's still knowing that that big pile of dirt is gonna rise up into something better and hopefully lead to some new memories..

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1970 - Nighttime


I stuck around for closing tonight, it was the first time in a while. I never get enough chances to see the park in its full cycle. Usually the kids aren't up for staying till close.



People love a good night ride on Cyclone. It's always that last hurrah to close out the day. I've got some strong memories attached to this one..



You get one of the best views around from that lift hill up there. Gosh it's hard to believe how old this thing is! Over 60 years now?? Wow..



Of course it's had its fair share of modifications.. This view was way different when I was a child.



It seems as all the food stands are closing up shop for the night.



Paradise Falls has been closed for hours now.. Though it still lights up nicely.



The guests must really respect the park, it's great to see how open this is, but not a flower out of place!



The bumper cars building lights up red at night. It can get quite eerie over there sitting at one of the secluded benches.



Scope yourself out a nice staring spot at the lagoon as night draws in.. The view is spectacular.



I like how the keep the park relatively dark at night, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!



It's great that Hornet is bringing in new crowds, I just hope that these new steel coasters don't cost me my classics!


And on a totally unrelated note.. Kennywood's Thunderbolt has really caught Pittsburgh's eye recently... One of these days I'll have to go and check it out!



To the detail oriented, ignore that that sign on Thunderbolt wasn't added yet!

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1970 - Last of the Season




Always fun to get angles of this.. Hopefully by next year this side of the park has something new..




Hornet is always a ton of fun. The possibilities with steel are endless, I hope that at some point another steel coaster gets added.




Paradise Falls gives some great views of pretty much everything.




Crowds were light early in the day...




But the mid-day crowds were insane..




The games booth gets pretty busy at night..




And crowds usually lighten up around sundown.

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