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[RCT3] East Side Lagoon: 1982 - A Stroll Through the Park

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1964 - Staying On Track


Time has passed... The bad blood remains, though much has been done to squash out Kennywood. This is the largest year for the park, the park's assets are showing the largest percent increase in history. All being accomplished without a new coaster.




A huge new parking lot has been placed at the front of the park providing more ample and convenient parking than to the former lot across the street which has been sold off at a high cost to make room for a shopping center.




Guests no longer have to risk crossing the ever expanding freeway. They now have a chance to build anticipation over the park, instead of worrying about the hassle of street crossing.




The entrance has been updated. Despite the visible change, a better turnstile system has been implemented, as well as a remodeling of the buildings interiors.




Standard wood replacement has been done on Cyclone, various re-tracking as well.




The Snack Bar has been seeing unimaginably large crowds. It is likely that a remodeling and expansion will be done here soon.




And I'll leave with a teaser for the real action that's coming soon...

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1964 - The Wheel Unveiled




Nothing too exciting here! Path's been made less uneven, that's about it!




Ahh, here it is! This 200+ foot tall ferris wheel stand high over the park. A new staple to East Side's growing skyline!




In addition to the wheel, this refreshments building has been added.




As well as these bathrooms.

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1964 - Progress Ahead




You may be happy to hear, the park is really in a good financial position right about now. The Space Wheel is really attracting revenue, and the rally behind the space race is helping tons with publicity. It's awaiting that perfect sign which may make it truly recognizable for miles around.




You may also want to hear that the park can finally do some upgrades to its layout. Some parts of the layout work really well, others have their flaws, which we intend to work out. A major flaw is the pathway clogging Mad Mouse whose days are already numbered. It's served its purpose, it's gotta go soon.




As the park gains a new staple, it loses a tradition, the old ferris wheel has been removed, unfortunately no park wanted it, and its been sold for scrap. Finally though we get some great views of Racer, and the paths are infact going to be rerouted to help consolidate those views.

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1964 - End Of Season


The days left in the season are dwindling, and we don't have much of an idea about what the park has planned for next year.




We can speculate that we'll be getting some much needed infrastructure upgrades, but some insist something major is in the works.




The pool is getting pretty old, but you can't tire of one on one of those hot Pittsburgh summer days..




There's an endless flow of cars coming here it seems. The parks really been on the map since it reopened despite not adding anything truly major since then.




The ferris wheel may be a big part of the rebirth of this park. It's a shining symbol of progress and the first ride in the parks history that's visible before driving up to the park.

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1964 - A New Image


We've got mysterious, rapid construction going on over at East Side...



Large empty planters surround fancy new futuristic pathways.



The parks 'midway' has been almost entirely stripped of its once lush foliage and rustic turn of the century atmosphere.



All the parts remain, but a transformation on all fronts is surely going to make this a different place to walk around in come Memorial Day.



Will be interesting to see what the park looks like in a couple months time...

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1965 - Getting Close


We're getting ever closer to opening day, and with only a few things left to do, the park is shining gorgeously!




The full pallet of colors show through nearly everywhere.




Cyclone will be sporting brown supports this year to give contrast from the other three wood coasters which all have white supports. This is a remnant from the 'Pleasure Park' era when white made the park feel 'perfect' against the rust colored steel mills all over the region.




Kudos to the landscapers who worked tirelessly to plant hundreds of trees and bushes.




Racer still retains its stronghold, only it's been set back from the path a bit so it isn't so overwhelming.




The unofficial kiddieland has been shrunk to size and given a new addition.




Captain's Journey is a standard little ride themed to a journey on the seven seas.




The Carousel building has been given a new roof and color scheme.




Thunder Bobs makes its triumphant return after spending a couple years in storage. Now Round-Up and Roll-O-Plane sit in storage. The Middle-Eastern Cafe is still being renovated.




This gorgeous fountain is at the center of the new changes.

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1965 - Opening Day!!


We're so lucky to welcome you back for another season at East Side Lagoon. It's not so often that a park has the luck that this one has. With any luck, this park can hold on for decades to come!




The new planters are shining with life. Those little saplings will hopefully grow to one day fill the area with shade.




Still gathering a line, this gorgeous station still brings them in.




Can't forget about the ferris wheel! Year two and hopefully people start to accept it in the skyline.




Besides the pool, people take a trek up the hill to get their snacks and souvenirs.




Racer and toilets. Nothing more to add!




The centerpiece of the new layout. As trees begin to fill in this area will be king of serenity.




Massive crowds for Captain's Journey! Should give the park a little hint about family needs..




We're proud of our Little Dipper. Couldn't me more thankful that this ride wasn't scrapped.




PS. Polls in the region have ranked this ride AND Racer consistently better than all of Kennywood's respective coasters!

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1965 - Color, color, and more color!




Nature vs. Society. Can both sides win?




You know it's good if they have fancy bathrooms. Seriously, nicest bathrooms I've ever seen!




Even this small staggering can really throw off your perspective of who's in the lead!




Dancing may not be as popular as it once was, but people will still gather to watch the local acts put on a good show! (The Beatles played here when they first came overseas. Amazing to see how huge they've gotten!)




The Snack Bar hasn't changed a bit! Though its surrounding have completely changed.




Lurking in the trees...




Hmm... maybe they should have used more colors?




Racer's been temporarily stripped of its letters.. Something to do with too much weight bearing on the roof? 'Slimmer' ones will be added ASAP.




I'd like to take a moment and thank those who've stood by the park. You may not always comment, but I know there's plenty who look. I'd hope you comment as much as you can, but that's not what I'm here for... Basically, no park can be great without a community. I'm a part of a great community, and I'd like to say thanks for helping to page 17, and here's to 50 more!


With time, things will improve, and hopefully so will approval, notoriety, and input. I'm thrilled with the feedback I've gotten on this park, and hope you all enjoy it into the coming decades!

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You are micrometers away from passing CD5 in my eyes. One more astounding update is all it will take to convince me. I love everything about this park. Not many people can pull off timeline parks, and even fewer can keep them going for a significant amount of time. CGAP/SFSC lasted about 2 years, let's see if you can match it.

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Best park on the forums. I love everything about it. Keep up the amazing work.


Thanks! I plan on it haha.


You sound suprised to be getting so many good replies. I don't see why, your park is fantastic. It has so much charm and history with it. It's been a lot of fun watching this park develop and hopefully it will continue to grow for a while longer.


I'm a perfectionist. I always see flaws in my work.


This park is awesome! Keep up the great work.




You are micrometers away from passing CD5 in my eyes. One more astounding update is all it will take to convince me. I love everything about this park. Not many people can pull off timeline parks, and even fewer can keep them going for a significant amount of time. CGAP/SFSC lasted about 2 years, let's see if you can match it.


Well I hope this update does it!


In the case of the title... it has nothing at all to do with the actual Twilight that we all know and hate!


1965 - A Twilight Romance




Twilight brings out a totally different atmosphere at the park.




The afternoon rush has quelled and those who are willing to empty their energy reserves to stay throughout the night are rewarded with a fantastic new view on the park.




Nothing beats a sunset ride on Racer.




The fountain glows beautifully at night.




Kids never seem to run out of energy...




There's a strange aura at sundown that makes couples extra affectionate...




Thunder Bobs couldn't be happier to be out of a cold warehouse and thrilling happy people.




Until next time...



Still a better love story than Twilight.

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Still a better love story than Twilight.


Too true unfortunately.


Back to your park:


It is truly astounding! I love every update and all the detail you bring to it! You truly are brilliant at the work that you do on the game. This is one of the best parks ever! I believe that you show the highest potential for the game!

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Yep, you've done it. Sorry CD5, I still love your work though.


Every screen in this update looks like it could be a real photo from a real park, especially the first and second to last ones. Definately the best park on the forums right now. This level of realism is one I have never seen in RCT3.

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1965 - Some Old Stuff


So I figured you guys like overviews?




You can see the slimming of the kiddie area. More expansion will likely come to that side much later. The previous layout has been completely overridden. Anybody remember when Chase Thru the Clouds station came out almost to where the Rotor begins? And when Rotor was an ancient barnstormer with complex steel framework?




The midway was completely stripped and paved over. New landscaping features reduce the clutter and put more emphasis on the architecture of the two wooden coasters. Bet you don't remember Loop-de-Loop. The parks first coaster, a handcrafted side friction roller coaster. It sat on the same site as Cyclone. And maybe you know the old Art Deco Racer station? How about Caverns? And I doubt anyone remembers Parachute Drop..



Here's a really old overview!



Year one. ANCIENT photo!



Early advertisement.



Postcard from 1926.



Yupp. It's been a LOT of work making this park. But the progression shows for sure.


And I'll get to all the comments next update or so, this is just to tide you over into my new transition. I'll probably be reminiscing some more..

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