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[RCT3] East Side Lagoon: 1982 - A Stroll Through the Park

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Thanks for all the kind words! If it isn't the best one you've ever had yet... I hope that soon enough it will be! I've been occupied lately, but this park will not be dying anytime soon, don't worry!



1960 - Flat Ride Alley


As the season wears on, and Labor Day quickly approaches, I will be finally be getting to the last remaining undiscovered new attractions for the new East Side.




This new ride was just created this past winter by Reverchon. We had to make accommodations for it, but the guests seem to really enjoy it!




The Roll-O-Plane. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done!




People again seem to love the addition of these 'fair' rides. This Round-Up, unlike all the other new fair rides, was bought second-hand from another park.




The pride and joy of all of our new flat rides. Cost us a bunch, but well worth the money.




A rather boring part of the park, this pathway takes you from flat ride alley up to the swimming pool.




If you've been curious about what has been done to Chase Thru the .. err I mean, Sky Streak, it has been converted into a Little Dipper ride. It's a perfect step for kids without enough courage yet to brave Twister!

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1963 - Who Said Rodents Are Bad?


It's been a few years since we last spoke. The park hasn't underwent many changes. It's still relatively unchanged. There's been some touch ups here and there. But the only big addition is this year, with the addition of a new coaster.



The Mad Mouse. A relatively simple wooden mouse ride. Isn't technically new.. It was picked up from a failing park in Ohio. Nevertheless, it's another great addition. It took the place of Thunder Bobs, which is likely to be placed in the park again in a different location in the coming years.



The old house still sits in its original spot. It gets a coat of paint every once in a while. As well as a landscaping touch up every few seasons.



A dominating attraction. It's been doing well. Presumably because of its dominating position, despite being in the corner of the park.



Many have wondered why the park has no Kiddieland. It's hard to say for certain, but the park has smaller rides scattered throughout. It's very likely that in the future there will be a growth in these smaller rides.



Now called the Little Dipper, it's got a cute little station.



This picture has always seemed odd to me... I'll never know why the park decided to put its most dominating ride right behind the ferris wheel.... Maybe they'll get a bigger one someday.



Rumored expansion?



The park layout as of 1963. Looks very different than from its early days!



Not often discussed, but you can't forget about the backbone of any amusement park in these times. If you aren't interested in riding, you can still picnic and meet new people.


The status of the business is looking shady at best.. The public seems suspicious of our activities. Our strong business standpoint has earned us a lot of cash, but also made us some powerful enemies.




To those who haven't picked up on it, the park is run by the mob!

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Haha thanks for the comments guys! As for the whole run by the mob thing I figured.. why not? Obviously it's not exactly 'feasible' in the real world, but it's a game and I figured, why not spice things up? The typical setup for running a park has been done thousands of times. I've got some neat ideas that you'll be seeing soon which are meant to set my park apart from the typical park. As of right now.. I guess you could say we're only in the rising action!

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1963 - All Is Well on the Surface




Record attendance today... things going almost too well...




Just some casual park-goers, unaware of any hidden dangers...




Some very important business is no doubt going on upstairs...




Nothing like lounging away your troubles on a hot summer day...




Nothing to see here...




Huh, I wonder how that gun got so far from the shooting gallery! Let's just slide that into the lagoon...




Ahh, back to the old family fun...

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Some good/bad news to everyone. My hard drive crashed, all my parks and tracks etc. have been saved, but I am without any custom content. It will be a little while before I can either re-download it all or recover it from my hard drive. Recovering it would mean another absence.. So the park is still 100% intact, but since there's no content, it would be entirely empty if I were to open it. Again.. give it a little time and you'll have the park back.

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An Odd Man - 1963



^ A mysterious character was spotted at the park today... Little is known about his identity, what is known is that he enjoys french fries and 'taking it in the rear.'



He's seen here exchanging a mysterious unmarked package with an African american. The Mexican following is suspiciously afraid...



Boarding Racer in the front... now something is really odd here...



Off it goes... soon to be engulfed by the trees and the deep valley.



I appreciate the patience... I've got the park working. Some things aren't exactly the same, I'm trying to avoid showing the empty parts until I can fully accumulate all my scenery again.

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1963 - More Strange Happenings..




Happy people taking the surprise drop under the bridge..




Another strange person walking about the Caverns. A mechanic no doubt, but what is he doing??




Seen now on the roof, with mysterious boxes marked 'TNT.' This can't be good!




Is this park ever going to be free of the meddling grasp of fate?

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1963 - Muscled Out?




Today will surely be remembered as a bad day for the park... Not only because of the loss of a classic attraction at the park, but a family has been torn apart.




As it stands, the park has no plans of restoring the Caverns and will instead demolish it and leave the land for further development in the near future.


As the narrator... I know... But as far as the public is concerned there was merely a fire injuring one of the mechanics.



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