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[RCT3] East Side Lagoon: 1982 - A Stroll Through the Park

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Today at approximately 3:30 PM, the popular local amusement park at East Side, struck a deal with an undisclosed company who will, from now on, be running most of the operations at the park. The park has been family owned since it opened in 1900, but is for the first time sharing ownership. The park manager Alfred Jefferson, will hold his position, while many lower positions are being added, as well as an additional park managing position, yet to be named. Nobody is sure how the merger will work, but what is certain is that the park will be undergoing many changes in the coming years. "Progress is what keeps you alive in this business," said park manager Jefferson. "Many parks have failed in this area because they simply aren't willing to change. We can only hope that this park will stay for a long time. And this merger will surely help us achieve our goal."


It is as of yet, unknown who has taken over the park, there are many speculations, including several of the local car companies, a trolley company, a local rich man, but at the head of the pack lies a large corporation whom is a critical power center for the city, and even runs a lot of the finance around here. It is likely that the final announcement will be made within the next month, meaning that by the time next summer rolls around, there could already be some major changes.



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Today at a press conference at the park, it was revealed that the bank known as Monongahela Sterling America has bought out the park. This local big business hasn't revealed what will become of the employees, or the park management. Already though, they have named many changes and expansions with the park. To start, it was announced that the park will now go under the name of East Side Lagoon Amusement Park. When asked why the sudden name change, park manager Al Jefferson said "the period of old fashioned amusement parks is nearing its end. Pretty soon people will be begging for parks with 5 or 6 coasters, expecting more and more each time they come back. With this change we plan on bringing the park into the present, and hopefully the future, while still preserving the great things about this wonderful parks past. Which is why I now will also reveal to you that over the next 4 years, the park plans on adding two more thrilling coasters, as well as a renovation of the formerly high tech Chase Thru the Clouds. We will also be adding a high capacity swimming pool as it gets rather hot here in the summer."


The park manager went on to answer questions about these two coasters in question. Nothing was said other than they will "be sure to keep bringing families back for more." It is believed that famed roller coaster engineer Harry Traver will be designing at least one of these coasters. Although rumors also exist that they will be designed by John A. Miller, the same person who designed the Chase Thru the Clouds coaster along with genius designs such as the Racer at nearby Kennywood, in addition to the famous Thunderbolt at New York's Coney Island. There is much doubt on how large these expansions will be, some say the park size will double, some say it will triple. Others fear that famous parts of the park will meet the fate of the wreckingball, only time will tell.


This paper is your only source for all things East Side. We will keep you informed as more information is discovered regarding this exciting topic. Please contact us for any factual information you may have.



Loop-de-Loop at sundown..

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Wow! Stunning night shots and really cool how you made them look grainy and vintage. The carousel building is stunning. Looks like Kennywood and West View have some serious competition.


Thank you! I've put historical value first with this park. Seems the best way to get a good realistic park is to start with day one, which has been my approach to this park. I've built from year 1900 (hard to believe.) It's a lot of work, but I think it pays off!


This is just getting better and better


Thanks! It's gonna keep getting better and better! (Spare the bad editing in some updates...)



Well, I've got some big news for all of you! My company has made a new acquisition. We are now co-owners of the East Side Lagoon Amusement Park! But perhaps more exciting, is that I have been promoted and am now going to be working full time on finances at the park. This means I will be the one working out whether or not to buy that fancy new ride for next season! I get access to all the good stuff. Most of it's confidential, so unfortunately I can't tell you...


...Oh, why not?? I'll give you a little 'insight' on the construction that's nearly done down at the park. Here in May things tend to get pretty tense... I figure the park will be too busy dealing with all the hullabaloo that they'll overlook this just once haha. But still, don't go tellin' everyone!!




Oh, and part of the perks is ANOTHER new camera!! Top of the line. Things go out of date pretty fast now it seems. But hey, when you make $75,000 a year it's hard to save it all! Phew, high times just keep getting higher! Who knows what they'll throw at me next..

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Haha I'm glad you all like the park! And for 'historical' purposes. The park actually lies to the West of Munhall. Or in monument terms, the area of land to the East of the Waterfront, off of the road where Sandcastle currently sits. Suburbs basically, nothing historically important. It sits atop a bluff, allowing all the city to see.





The 1927 season is finally here! I've waited all winter to see our plans come to fruition. We are greeted by the typical horse at the entrance, signifying grace, and beauty in its purest form.



We see some lush greens and a beautiful carousel. We never spare any expense in beauty here. It is one of the many things we pride ourselves on.



The old Snack Bar! They mix up their treats from time to time. Currently they're offering pretzels at this fine well kept refreshment stand. It's got the old timey charm. Some may not know this, but this building replaced the old restaurant that burned down during the Great War. While smaller, it still gives the same feel.



It's gettin old! The tracks seem to bear the weight of generations of smiling patrons. You can't put a price on that though!



Oh what's this?? Aye, it be a newly refurbished eating area! Spiffy and crisp, it's sure to bring in the crowds. Just not right now... cause it isn't lunchtime. The back corner of the park has been developed for eating purposes mainly, with the picnic groves just beyond.



Again... not lunchtime haha.The back has stayed generally the same, apart from the new clock and lowered walls. The biggest difference is that there is less weight bearing on the structure, engineered to last a lifetime, and beyond!



The adjacent adding seating has stayed the same, and I think we can expect it to stay that way for a while. It's a fairly new building, and has held up remarkably well already.


I'll be here again soon to provide you the BIG change! As you may have noticed, I only showed one half of the park!

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It's been a little longer than I expected, but I'm still here!




Let's start with some fresh new fancies! They basically completely redid this area, and I have to say, it looks great!




They did tear down the old swings, but I think this is a fair trade off. The new craze sweeping parks now is these Tilt-A-Whirls.




They also added this new souvenir type deal. It fills the void over in the corner quite well. I like it much better than a fence!




Another big change is the revamp of the Chase Thru the Clouds station. Or as I should call it, the Sky Streak. Not sure the theme they were going for. It's reminiscent of Roman times though.




No fear though! The ride is still as thrilling as ever. They did quite a lot of re-tracking this winter and it's gotten quite smooth, or you could call it rough! Whatever your preference..




They added this sundial on top of some benches and a fountain. It brings out the zaniness, really unique look of the park.

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Good news! The park just received an extension of 10 years on their lease to the land at East Side. I guess we can count on the park being open for a few more years under the same management. This also means free will to expand without fearing not making our profit back.




I decided to make a trek back to the park a few weeks later. Ended up with some nice looking night shots. I'm hoping that in the future I'm a little more useful and can actually let you in on progress for new expansion, instead of just waiting till opening day.




I can tell you right now that there's something big coming next year. I can't tell you what, but it's really gonna put this park in the national spotlight.




That being said, the park still hasn't spared any expense in keeping the park up to date.





I've got a lot of artsy shots, and the park is even more beautiful at night, making my job of making it look good really easy!




Needless to say, the park is enjoying it's time of prosperity. People have been coming in record numbers. Leading the park to massive profits, and really nothing to spend it on!




They've added all sorts of unnecessary things.. Notice the fancy cornicing and lavish side 'rails' to the steps leading to and from the ride.



Although I shouldn't be complaining, it sure does lead to some awesome looking shots! Rumors of this ride being torn have since been put to rest with the renovation of the ride.




However skeptics still worry the park may tear down their first coaster. There are many facts backing this up. One, the ride is very old, and costly to maintain. Second, the ride lays on a natural bank that is perfect for any coaster to fit to the terrain without fear of shooting up costs. And the third and possibly most important reason is that ridership has become quite low on this old beast. People flock to the newer rides, leading to all the costs to maintain this thing basically in vain. We can only hope that this ride is spared..

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Well we're nearing the end of the season and I see it fitting to close up not with a traditional update as usual. Today, you get a history lesson! The park's been around a while, it makes sense that there's more than a few stories to share.




The Racer, built in 1925, it has become a staple here at the park, being the main landmark here that keeps people coming back. But of course it's more than just some boards and nails, like every other ride in this park, it has a story.




It started early in the spring of 1924. Hearing about all the new rides being put in, the park manager Al Jefferson thought, why not? Why don't we have a nice big attraction like these other parks? He had seen Kennywood adding their Pippin roller coaster, and upon hearing that their local rival was to be getting a big new coaster, that was the final straw.




They decided that plans to build the nations largest coaster should commence. They called upon coaster designer Harry Traver to build something maniacal, yet beautiful. "When Traver suggested doing a racing coaster, we were more than willing. We saw it as double the fun. It was sort of a growing process from the initial stages. We weren't sure on a location, but seeing as we still had a huge plot of uneven land undeveloped, we saw it as a chance to build something creative."




"When building began, we didn't realize all the training and experience our mechanics would be getting. The thing was a beast. Never before had we seen such a mass of wood before. Traver really is an evil genius. We'd never thought rides could reach such immense sizes."




"The ride ended up topping out with a drop height of 85 feet. While standing out looking over the rail at the top of the first turnaround after we'd finished the ride one of our craftsman said some words. 'Well boys, we're not quite at the top of the world, but man it sure feels like we're getting close.' We'd never think we'd see the day coasters reached such immense heights. Now we're hard on the heels of planning another of what's sure to be many coasters thinking, how much more can we go?" - Big Al




This first drop brought people from all over the nation to flock here. It has been known to knock off more than hats as well. There's one recorded incident of a woman's dress nearly flying off of her. The boys behind sure must have had a rousing ride!




The maniac inside Traver compelled him to add this twisting bowl of jello he's dubbed hell's salad bowl. This was a real pain for the carpenters as they'd never had to maneuver such amounts of track.




In spirit of the beauty requirement set forth, coming off the first drop there's a swooping turn and drop. Although mainly hidden from view, you can catch a decent glimpse of it from the Sky Streak (Formerly Chase Thru The Clouds) as well as the pavilion lurking in the shadows of this ride.




The ride is still enduring, with record ridership each year. They seem to be making all the effort they can to keep it popular. I can strongly say that this ride will be a staple of this park for many many years to come.




The financial condition of East Side is very stable, and income is steadily coming in, allowing for constant upgrade and upkeep. The park is currently in no fear of succumbing to hard times, and the crowds are expected to keep growing into next season and beyond.

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Guys, I hope you are enjoying my park so far. I'm almost caught up, but keep the comments coming! Criticism I will always take constructively. If you see something out of place, just let me know and I'll see if I can improve upon it.




Well folks, as this long season is finally drawing to a close, it seems more and more that the people think this park is getting another coaster. There are rumors that touch-up maintenance to the Loop-De-Loop has been halted, and the ride is being left to rot. However, this is not true, as the park is dedicated to keeping all their rides at their peak performance at all times and no neglect has been made to any rides.


Other parks in the region have begun collecting parts for their new attractions in 1928, and East Side is no exception, we've got a large store of parts ready to be assembled as soon as the season ends. Unfortunately we cannot reveal to you any details of this said attraction at the moment. However, we are able to give you an artists interpretation of the attraction of what it may look like based on all the plans collected.




Details will be given once the ride has been fully constructed and is in a ride-able condition for all passengers.

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Your work never fails to make me smile- I've seen some really good parks in the past on here, and yours is definitely a win win win park.


I'm interested to see this new ride they're building- as it looks very much like something I've always wanted to go on... but never have. Hopefully it's close to what I remember from picture, though.


One thought, I don't think I've seen one in the park (Unless I didn't see it directly)- do you have an Old Mill Scream type flume/splash boat? Or even an old Shoot the Chutes? Just my thoughts- it seems that every park had one at one point or another...

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No fear! You'll see all the historical things popping up here and there pretty soon. I've been trying to get one of the Mill Rides in and haven't been fully successful in finding a location yet. Also, as soon as my partner gets back to me with his video, you should expect one with POV's of all the new rides, hopefully including the new coaster.


East Side Lagoon Proclaims New Coaster To Be "The Ultimate"


This past week, local park East Side Lagoon has unveiled it's newest coaster. To be the third at the park, it was announced that it will "Exceed all current standards of roller coasters in the business." While little information was actually given on the ride itself. It is known that the park has contracted yet again, the legendary coaster designer Harry Traver, for this presumably massive project. With the notoriety of his Giant Cyclone Safety Coasters, it is presumed that this ride will provide a more safe form of one of these models, allowing for greater appeal for a long span of time.


What will strike many locals as unfortunate though, is that long standing figure eight coaster Loop-de-Loop, will have had it's final run. It has become a maintenance nightmare, and its low ridership make it the perfect candidate for demolition. The efforts by the community to salvage it completely been given up, and demolition is slated to begin as soon as the season ends Labor Day next week.


East Side prides itself in having the perfect environment for all people to come and have fun. With trolley service arriving at the park on a regular basis, this getaway provides everything you will need to have a fun day, from picnic groves, to restaurants, to thrills. And soon to be a new roller coaster. More details will be given as they become available, and we are positive that the new ride will bring even more crowds to the growing amusement park here.


Local big time rival Kennywood has looked upon the announcement as a chance to improve traffic flow to its park, they have since doubled their arrow production and are adding directional arrows hundreds of miles away from the park. They are hoping that their new Racer will be able to compete with this new attraction. Business in both parks has been booming, and the coaster battle they seem to be having they insist is friendly, and whether or not Kennywood will rebound next year with another coaster is unknown.


We hope that both parks can live in harmony for years to come.




Another oil painting done by the same artist who also does logos and advertisements for the park.

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It's opening day for the new coaster dubbed the Cyclone. I was going to hold off on going to the park because of massive lines, but I cracked when I saw the picture of the ride!




I only waited about 20 minutes for the ride. Despite the large lines, they were running pretty quick with 3 trains going at full capacity. The best part of the ride is upon exiting the helical turns after the lift you hit this AMAZING airtime hill. I was airborne the whole way to the bottom it seemed!




As I said, there's this banked drop after the lift. It goes around and around for what seems like a lifetime! The g-forces here are some of the greatest I've ever felt!




The ride doesn't mess around. It looms up at the top of the hill, begging all who look at it to just strap themselves in and go for a spin! It's a marvelous piece of engineering that Traver must have put all his brain power into. Probably the best edition to the park in its history and my new favorite ride! I highly recommend to all people reading this.




Although overlooked, the park also advertised that it would be adding to other attractions. The first being this dance hall. It's strange for an amusement park to wait this long to add a dance hall, but in reality the park has always had one. Although never pictured, it's located across the lagoon and last year was converted into a maintenance building. The park intended to move the dance hall to the front of the park for some time, but seeing the costs in actually recreating the building in a new location, they just built a newer one.




The other main attraction is this dark ride, simply known as the Caverns. It documents many famous civilizations and people, including the Atlantians, Egyptians, and Pirates. Along with some classic scares!




Lagoon Cafe is still serving guests, but new this year is the choice to buy single individual meals as opposed to a package deal of lunch and dinner.




Surprising as it may seem, the Racer was closed for the majority of the day. Hard to imagine on such a big day. Apparently plagued by a braking problem. The operators attempted to get as many rides in as they could, but were struggling to stop the trains as the handbrakes required even more force than usual.[/b][/i]

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It's me, Arthur Hopewell. You may have forgotten the name, but I've been keeping track of this park over the past year or so. Today, we're going to explore the parks new dark ride.




The Caverns, as they are called, hold many hidden secrets.




The first scene is of the Lost City of Atlantis, portraying the Utopian society.




We spot a sunken statue, apparently remnants of the once great city.




Watching guard over what's left of the city, the sea man holds his spear in defense, but lets us pass.




Onto the next room, we see an 'advance' in civilization, pirates keep a watchful eye out for treasure.




Don't steal his treasure! He'll fire!




Off into another part of the world, the Egyptians seem to worship this mysterious creature...




The last scene takes us through the darkness of a haunted castle, complete with giant spiders!




Nothing left in the day but take a nice picture of the new area.

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