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[RCT3] East Side Lagoon: 1982 - A Stroll Through the Park

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1978 - Another Year Down


So the year's over and the park has begun laying the foundations for next years additions, there's quite a lot happening!




There's not much happening here. There's gonna be a little retracking as usual, but the layout will remain the same. And this little cove is ognna remain intact as well.




Something new is going here next year. The Dutch pavilion shading the queue will be re-used, though what for is a secret for now.




Here's the big one! Cyclone is getting a full facelift for its station. It will finally be state of the art and cohesive. No more fragments from different time periods and renovations. Should look grand when it's done.




The park manager has been contemplating what exactly should be done with midway games. No final decision has been reached.


There's another big change coming, but we aren't ready to show you that just yet!

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1979 - Blast From the Past



The final changes are settling into place and the new Cyclone station has finally been unvelied along with new landscaping. It's finally all tidied up.



The pavilion finally got rid of those obscene tables and replaced them with much more suitable ones.



And the Falls finally got the attention it deserves. New station, new queue, new water systems, new boats. It all looks very fresh and rejuvinated.



Working infrastructure to keep this drop intact. Still awaiting a booth to watch for troublemakers standing up and what not.



The station is an obvious tribute to the original Racer station. It cost a pretty penny to replace the old one but if we're spending all that money to redo the area it needed that centerpiece. It's a strange theme and if the Falls ever goes at least we've still got a perfectly good station left.



At sunset it is magical along with the rest of the park. It finally has that vastness that this area has been striving for. Little details like signage still remain, though much of it is done.

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Only one word can describe this park: amazing. The park looks absolutely gorgeous. The storyline is simply awesome. And the fact that you've been working on this park for about three years makes this park even more spectacular. This park really needs some more attention. Keep up the great work!

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I really like the flume!




I agree, very nice flume. It sounds like you're setting it up for removal down the line but hopefully that doesn't happen.


Nah, nothing set in stone yet, just setting up some long term


I'm so excited to see the upcoming updates! Man I wish this park was real. I've been to almost every amusement park in Pennsylvania and I can tell if this was a real park, it would be one of my favorites! Also really happy to see the whip added in!


Thanks a bunch! I based all my decisions around what other PA parks were doing so it's got a lot of the same feel to it. My passion in amusement parks stems from me visiting local PA parks as well!



School has made it nearly impossible to find any time to play the game, though luckily I had a few spare hours today to get an update prepared, so here ya go!



1979 - Back From the Dead


We're coming close to a new season, and the 80's are almost upon us, but before that, we've still gotta finish some things up.




The area around Cyclone has been stripped back to some open landscaping rather than so much constricting concrete. They also added a little cherry tree overlook to admire the new facade.




This brick area is still pretty inorganic.. but it is a high traffic area.




More open space here, but this traffic is finally under control and the queue is finally in order for the flume.




They made some serious infrastructure improvements here to the reservoir and pump system. Being one of the first flume rides technology hadn't quite caught up yet, but we are now finally able to maintain this system with fairly low maintenance.




The Whip has finally been completed and awaits its first customers. Rebuilding a classic ride with new parts has some serious challenges..




Some new landscaping here. We're finally trying to fill in the place in get some shade.




And the biggest addition for this year, we've added a Quasar ride in front of the Ferris Wheel. It fills the space quite nicely with just a few site changes and queue re-arranging.


We hope to see you at the park this year!

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1979 - Opening Day


Welcome back to another year! All in all it's a pretty standard year, a new attraction and some infrastructure updates, but we're all very proud of how it's all turned out this year. Minor changes can go a long way.




The long standing Snack Shack has finally been converted to a full scale restaurant that serves mostly pizza and other assorted things. There's a new covered seating area next to it. It gives an interesting blend of traditional architecture and a more modern style.




You also can see that the Dodgems finally have a sign discerning the ride from just a regular old building. Also it is visible all the way down the midway.




The public has loved this ride since it was added in the 60's. It's becoming a staple among the flat rides.




Of all the things that have changed, I'm very happy this area is one of them. What was once kind of a wasted area of trees has become a central bridge between all the corners of the park.




Here's a better look at that covered seating area. It gives a nice look at a nice turn on Cyclone. A little noisy, yes, but it's a cool view.




The Falls got an extreme makeover and are now built to last for the next 40+ years and beyond. Basically better everything. Water pumps, improved excavation in the reservoir, the final drop has been completely retracked etc..




An interesting thing is that the queue runs right along the final curve, something not typically found on other log flumes. It provides an interesting interaction between waiting guests and those in the queue.




Back towards the entrance things get a little more boring. The area next to the Whip is slated for expansion soon, but is currently very bare, only hosting the restrooms and the Whip. In the next 10 years we hope for things to be almost completely filled in.




The entrance is heavily shrouded in vegetation, hiding the park from incoming guests. And keeping the experience contained once you're inside.




Yeah we've got some great trees here too. These ones are pretty ancient and fill the entire midway with shade, an excellent thing on the hot days.

Edited by grrt
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I'm so happy East Side Lagoon is back. I read this whole story during summer, and loved it!! The additions for 79' look great and I look forward to following this story.


Thank you! I always enjoy hearing that people have actually read through the story.


Great updates. I'd love to see this park really make a statement with the 1980s


No details yet, but there will be some wonderful things coming!


Great update as always! I hope to see many innovations in the 1980's and beyond!


Thank you! You will surely see the park change even more throughout the 80's.


Nice Update! I can't wait to see what the 80's bring!


Thanks! The 80's will bring some new things and some old as well.



1979 - Sunset




The sun sets yet again on another summer day..




While this ride is popular among most, it tends to give me some severe nausea. It is pretty though.




Cyclone looms over all..




The new station gives the ride the character it's always deserved.




As the sun really starts to go down people love to flock to these rowboats for a nice romantic view of Dragon Coaster.




Though for those not fortunate to have a significant other, or who just prefer a good thrill, Scorpion is always an option.




I had to make a quick run to the car for some Advil and decided to take this lovely sunset view of the entrance that is so often missed. The Whip totally changes this area.




I took a little break to just sit and soak in the view. The new sign really adds an odd glow to things.. And now we wait till nighttime really sets in!

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1979 - Overviews




Scorpion at nighttime stands over the park. The interesting use of terrain makes it rather imposing.




The station is pretty clean cut. The feature here is wood. There's lots of it.




The park spans a lot of acres. You can see the variety of rides here. More is sure to come soon!




The staple of the park is the hand dug lagoon. Initially meant to be more integral in the original design of the park, a few building cuts including a third casino style restaurant where Hornet stands caused the park to shift much more towards the entrance. The bumper cars building became the substitute for that original structure. We'd for sure be looking at a much different park if that building was there instead.

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I am so excited for what yet is to come to the park in the 80s! Having my fingers cross for a Arrow or Togo! If you did a Togo coaster I feel it would be interesting since I rarely see anyone anymore build Togos in RCT3. Although an Arrow would fit the park better in my opinion.

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1979 - Night Is Great




Before I show you the final update of the season, this sprawling scene should hold you over. This area was recently converted into a primarily rides area, and the whole park has opened up because of it.


This will be the last time I'm at the park this year on unofficial business. There's been a new ride added this year, though I never got a good picture of it! I promise I will in the offseason. It's a Reverchon Quasar that's been added in front of the ferris wheel where its entrance used to be.




I can confidently say that after 3 tries the park has finally got the entrance right. It was renovated once in the 30's after the Depression, though with a limited budget it never realized it's full potential. I hope this architecture can stand recognizable for decades to come.




Reinventing architecture is a favorite thing of East Side to do. I can't count how many buildings have received top down facelifts and now stand as park symbols. The bumper cars.. the Snack Shack pictured here.. the Carousel building.. entrance building.. the Racer.. Dragon Coaster.. Nearly every building in the park has been done over at least once.




It's worth noring that East Side has always tried to keep the original structures integrity and has never fully torn down a building and replaced it. Though we have lost many classic structures such as the old owners house and the restaurant across the lagoon.




Cyclone has served the park well and still holds its impressive stronghold over it. The lift hill can be seen from nearly everywhere in the park. Thanks to some creative use of terrain it sits atop a small hill which looks over the entire park.




A rare look up at the structure..




Though many rides are easy to spot, the park has plenty of overgrown corners with hidden secrets of their own. The rowboats never get that much attention, but is a favorite to take dates on at night. This seems to be exactly what is happening here as two young lovebirds look like they're the only two in line. I'm sure the operator will let them have the boats as long as they want..




This little candy stand is becoming popular at the park mostly for its chocolate truffles which are simply incredible! The windmill in the background was long a wish of the old owners but never came to realization until 1975 when it was purchased from a nearby dying kiddie park and transplanted here. The blades do spin and photographers can be granted access to the platform with special permission.




One thing is pretty clear, there will likely be many more of these changes throughout the years, some small, some large, and hopefully some new traditions that can be preserved by caring owners

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Night Is Great Pt. III


Well I said I wouldn't have anymore photos, but I do. Night is my favorite time to be at the park. There's far less people here and the lighting is just amazing to look at.




The front of the park has a red glow to it that isn't present anywhere else. One of the most changing areas of the park, virtually nothing here is original except for the general shapes.




As you creep out from the central areas of the park it becomes even more unrecognizable with the parks old structure even more foreign. The park has not looked back from its rapid expansion since, and still continues to push its borders further and further. None of this was here 20 years ago.




It seems like East Side is constantly refurbishing old rides and I hope that idea doesn't stop. This Paratrooper has been refurbished at least once, and most rides have gotten the same treatment at some point.




Another favorite tactic is strategically buying up old rides from failing parks and giving them new homes here. It brings in crowds from the failing park as well as attracting new more local guests who may not even know it's old. Seems cheap, but it's all in the name of preserving old gems.




The entrance has been fixed up a few times as well.




Here is the new ride finally! The park is closed now, and the lights have begun shutting off, but you can see how it fits in. It's quite a fun ride!




The most important addition this decade has without a doubt been the most important. The park has luckily been rewarded by the investment and has grown because of it, unlike some other parks who were unable to keep up.




One of the worst things to happen this decade was the loss of the Racer, which was replaced by a measly little Log Flume, a very expensive replacement which many feel was not worth it. Though regardless, the park treats the ride well, taking care to remember what used to sit in its place.




One thing is for sure, regardless of what we like and don't like to change, the park must if it is to survive.

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Now of course this is all based on speculation, but from what I have observed in other parks, many of them remove at least one big wooden coaster, an example would be aeroplane coaster at playland. In my personal opinion, these coasters were huge staples of those parks and often times demolished due to budget reasons. So with that said how awesome would it be in the future of this park if racer were brought back to life and set a good example to other parks! Again this is meant with no disrespect to grrt's decisions. Book matter what I will always and forever love this park!!

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What is the new ride? I don't think I've seen that flat before.


That is a Reverchon Quasar ride! CFH Rides has created it along with most of the other flats. A quick Google search would show you his massive catalog of CFR's!


Now of course this is all based on speculation, but from what I have observed in other parks, many of them remove at least one big wooden coaster, an example would be aeroplane coaster at playland. In my personal opinion, these coasters were huge staples of those parks and often times demolished due to budget reasons. So with that said how awesome would it be in the future of this park if racer were brought back to life and set a good example to other parks! Again this is meant with no disrespect to grrt's decisions. Book matter what I will always and forever love this park!!


Ah, true! The Racer has been removed for exactly such a reason. All signs have indicated that doing so balanced the budget for the 70's. The 70's were not great for parks and a lot of great rides were lost in this decade. Though it is unlikely the exact ride will be reborn due to its shear unmanageable size, it lives on in spirit with the flume station, and there is always the opportunity for another similar racing coaster to arise at one point or another. The park does make a point to salvage dying rides, but size also becomes an issue, as the park is running out of room already! But I will say that you will likely enjoy whatever new coasters will make their way into the park.



1980 - New Decade, New Changes




Well the park looks to be starting the 80's off with a bang. Hornet is currently dismantled and sitting in storage while this massive plot of land sits empty. Rumors are abound on what will sit in this spot come next year, Everything from a new coaster to a dark ride to a petting zoo.




Curiously enough, the kiddie rides have also all been torn up and await new homes, or we hope so at least. In the coming weeks I expect this site to be even further transformed as the park gears up for what is sure to be a turbulent decade.

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