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~Waterbury Amusement Park~[RCT3]

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I like what you've done so far!


Only thing I would suggest is maybe a few more buildings?


I think you should also add some kind of indoor/outdoor coaster, that would be great for this park!


Loving the park so far,



Thanks, and you'll definitely see more buildings in the park. I can try I've never done a coaster like that before.



Today was a tragic day at the park. Just read below.


Well it was the last week of the summer season, and I decided to get my last rides on everything. MY day started off well, I rode Corkscrew to see progress on the new expansion.

Looks like more land clearing has been done, and some paths are being laid down.


After that I decided to ride The Great Wheel, since I've never been on it before. But on the ride I saw smoke and fire rising above the trees.


This can't be good! I rushed over there after I got off, but it was already blocked off and I was told to put my camera away.


When I got out of the park, I took this picture. This definitely can't be good.


The next day a newspaper article was released. Here's what it said.

Montgomery Herald

-August 15th, 1993.

Today was a tragic day at a local amusement park in Stowe, Vt. As one of their beloved attractions, Waterfront Bumpers, caught on fire and was destroyed.

A report was released from park officials stating, "This was definitely a tragic day, but luckily, no other rides and buildings were damaged from the fire."


The cause of the fire was from one of the workers inspecting the ride and dropped his lit cigarette, starting a blaze. Park rules do not allow smoking, and that

employee was fired. The park will shut down early this season, and will re-open next April.


Good news is, the park is planning an expansion, they wont give us any clue what it is, but will make an announcement very soon.


Till next time!


Comments, Feedback/Criticism is appreciated!

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Wow,sad day at Waterbury. Although your park is amazing,the logos for the rides are amazing,the roller coaster layouts are amazing,and your skills are amazing. Great job.

Thanks! Definitely a sad day.


After the fire, we have some great news! A new restaurant called Jimmy's Lakeside Steakhouse, and a new water ride called: Storm Surge (Or just Surge).

Here is a photo released of what was left of Waterfront (and a burnt maple), luckily nothing else in the park was damaged.


Onto the announcement.

New for 1994, is Jimmy's Lakeside Steakhouse! It is the largest restaurant at the park and will be serving gourmet meats and

a world famous bottomless steak fries!


You also have the choice of sitting on the beautiful lakeside patio, offering great views of the park!


Storm Surge will be the first water attraction at Waterbury, and the first of its kind in Vermont! The ride will take you 50ft above the

ground, and do a large double-dip, before splashing down and sending waves of water on the passengers!


And the ride's station.


The new area will open Spring Break 1994!


Exciting! The park has not confirmed what they are going to do with the former Waterfront Bumpers area.

Till next time!


Comments, Feedback/Criticism please!

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Did Afterburner-style rides even exist in 1993?


I remember seeing Top Spins about as early as 1996-1997, but I don't recall seeing Afterburners around that time.


This is a pretty great looking park so far though!

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Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. That looks really nice!


This is a great park! I love the logo for Surge. How do you do it?

Thanks! And google images...

Did Afterburner-style rides even exist in 1993?


I remember seeing Top Spins about as early as 1996-1997, but I don't recall seeing Afterburners around that time.


This is a pretty great looking park so far though!

If they didn't.... then it's an early prototype. And thanks!

I really like the look of this park. The extensive foliage, the great look of many of the park buildings - it appears to be a great example of a smaller family-style park. Keep up the great work!



Thanks for all the replies everyone!


The snow has melted, and it's finally opening day of spring break! The park has gotten a new owner, and I'm a bit iffy about it, because they are now charging money for the rides! It's a dollar for Corkscrew and Stallion, and 50 cents for the flats. It doesn't seem like much but it can be annoying. Also the new addition didn't open yet, here's why:

Skloosh! Due to a massive blizzard that rolled through during construction, the opening of the new expansion has been pushed back

till summer.

Another family flat ride we forgot to announce is coming your way too! A paratrooper ride from a former fair was assembled at the

park today!

Look forward to riding Surge, and the Paratrooper this summer!

-Waterbury Management


It's disappointing, oh well I guess

The park has announced that the fire site will be temporarily filled with new trees and re-sodded. They also said there might be something interesting coming to the plot of land next season.

Looks like they're half way done.


The weird thing is, this side of the park used to be the most crowded side. Now with the bumper cars gone, the only thing over here is Corkscrew. But I guess this will soon change within the next year!


And this will be the last time you will see all these Falcon banners.


This is still my favorite midway!


There have been rumors going around of High Flyin' Parachutes demise, with these types of rides starting to vanish. It might be true


Hopefully it isn't, because it's a great relaxing ride and provides a great view!


Eagle's Flight is still one of the best flats! And everyone agrees! It's really popular among guests.


From the que line of Eagle's Flight, you get some great across the lake shots!

Here's a shot of Falcon.


Which is still very popular!


You can also see the new expansion taking form.


And the former Waterbury Bumpers


Near the end of the day, I decided to hit the coasters as the lines died down.


And as I was on Corkscrew, I got a shot of the new expansion, and Surge testing.


More soon!


Comments, Feedback/Criticism please!!!!!

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Wondeful update!


About the "intersting" thing coming to the park next year, I think it will either be a new restaurant or a flat ride of some sort.

Thanks! And you'll just have to wait and see


Sorry for the delayed update, I've been very busy. But First, I'm no longer making this a timeline park, mainly because I'm planning to carry this park for a long time. So it will start at June, Year 3 now.


June, Year 3


It is now the summer season! And I'm very excited to show you the opening of the new expansion! There's some fishy stuff going on though with High Flyin' Parachutes.

Also I said that the owners are charging for the rides now, here's the list of prices.

$1 Charge




$.75 Charge


Eagle's Flight

$.50 Charge

Everything Else.


The first thing you see are new LCD monitors that advertise Surge and ticket prices.


Something weird is going on with High Flyin' Parachutes. It was shut down, walled off, and it's sign was missing. I'm worried about the fate of this ride.


There are Surge banners everywhere!


So during Spring Break I told you that they were filling in the fire spot with trees. They are finished, but it looks like they just plopped down random trees just so the spot would be filled. The management stated they wanted something "Easy to rip up to fit in next years addition, which will drastically change the skyline." Very interesting!


This will be very different next year!


So onto the new area! Here's Paratrooper doing it's thing! It's still missing its ride sign though.


Here's the entrance to Surge, it's similar to Stallion's entrance.


Everyone flocked to Surge! Since it got to nearly 90 degrees today, the line almost stretched out of the entrance!


Yeah, the line got very long! Luckily it had a shaded line though!


So here's how the ride goes. You climb up 50ft and do a quick turn around.


And do a double dip...


And Skloosh you get drenched!


It's definitely a well-needed addition!


Here's one of my favorite shots! From Surge's lift.


There were record-breaking crowds today! Corkscrew had an hour long line as well!


As the day came to a close, I got this shot of the new expansion


And Falcon, which is still holding up well.


And that's all for now. See you next time!

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Hello again everybody! I have another summer update. The crowds were surprisingly non existent today, unlike my last visit where lines got to nearly an hour on most rides. All in all a good day at Waterbury. But I do have sad news, just read the update


I decided to hit Stallion first today, it's starting to get unbearably rough!


After I decided to walk over to Falcon. Which usually its line is filled, but it was a walk on today. Yay for no crowds!


See nobody! Just workers...


I went on over to the other side, and I finally found people!


I hit Paratrooper, then skipped Surge as I didn't feel like getting wet today.



Onto the sad news.... :'( Here's a statement released from the park:


We have some sad news today. One of the parks beloved attractions, High Flyin' Parachutes, will be on its way out. The ride will be removed from the park by next summer for a future expansion.


We are announcing the new attraction that will replace the former Waterfront Bumpers soon. So look forward to that! Season passes for next season are on sale now for $34.99.

-Waterbury Management


RIP High Flyin' Parachutes. You will be missed. I guess they're announcing the new attraction soon too. See you next time!


Comments are appreciated! I'd love some feedback!

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Beautiful park! Sad to hear that High Flyin' Parachutes is leaving, but I can't wait to see what comes next! Great job



Im sorry for the delayed update, my bandwidth on photobucket exceeded. But im switching to Imageshack so it shouldn't happen again.


Coming Summer Year 4: Hellevator!

Soar 220ft into the air, and drop to speeds up to 5 ft per second.

Manufactured by Intamin, after you are strapped into the ride, it will slowly hoist you up to the

top of the tower. After taking in the view you will plummit back to earth. This will surely be a

great addition to Waterbury's already great flat ride collection.


Concept art:


Here's a quick update as the summer season comes to a close.

Walking up to this entrance is always a welcoming sight. It will be different without HFP, which won't be removed before the next summer season.


The first thing you see is the beautiful Mansfield Square.


The information building.


And the La Brea Bakery. Constantly rated as the parks best restaurant.


And the park's jewelry store.


The park has a ferris wheel, if you didn't know


Paratrooper and Surge are still holding up well!



And so are Corkscrew and Stallion! Hopefully another coaster will join this list.



See you guys next time in Spring Year 4! With an update on Hellevator!


Comments are appreciated!

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Wow it's been a while since I updated this. Mostly due to lack of motivation, but I'm back with frequent updates!


Spring Year 4

I decided to hit the park today, crowds were large, but manageable. I got in all the rides I wanted to get in. It was more of a chill day, I decided just to sit back and relax/take in the view.

Ride count:

Falcon (1)

Corkscrew (2)

Surge (1)

Eagle's Flight (1)


To start off my report, here's a map of the park. It's going to be updated by the summer with the additions of Hellevator, and removal of High Flyin' Parachutes.


I wanted to take a ride on Stallion, but sadly it was still down for maintenance.


I decided to take a ride on Falcon which had a 20 min wait, then head on over and check on Hellevator construction. It is definitely coming along quite nicely


They had Hellevator signs all along the construction wall.


Had two quick rides on Corkscrew.


Then hit Surge, then slowly made my way out of the park. Here's a skyline shot, which will quickly change by this summer!


Another update soon!


Comments/Feedback appreciated! I would love some of your feedback !

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Fantastic, I'm a little sad that High Flyin' Parachutes is gone but over all it's a great park. Looking forward to seeing Hellevator construction continue. Great Work!



It's FINALLY SUMMER! The sun is out, the park is open, and lines are longer than ever before!

Summer Year 4


Today was hot! 102 degrees to be exact, luckily we have Surge which had a two hour wait today! The first thing I did when I got to the park was bolt right to Hellevator, I was one of the first people to get on. What can I say? The ride was great! And the view was breathtaking. One thing was interesting, they did a lot of land clearing on the old HFP site. The plot of land is huge! Wonder what's coming to the park? Coaster maybe?


When I was walking towards Hellevator, I noticed it's eerie queue line.


The entrance. There was a lot of mist which helped you cool down.


The line was also shrouded in trees.


As I got to the top, you see this big construction area on the side of the mountain, it's huge!


As I exited the line was already about an hour long!


I then hit up Surge, as it was already getting blazing hot! Perfect way to cool off


Then I went on Mad Tea Party, which is kind of a ride that gets forgotten a lot. Definitely popular with little kids though.


I then hit Falcon, which is still running great! And Stallion which I forgot to take a picture of


After that the heat was starting to get to me and decided to leave the park early. More updates soon!


Comments & Feedback please!

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This park is turning out amazing



I have sad news, I've had a lot of computer issues lately, so I had to uninstall RCT3 and NetOn2. When I reinstalled everything and put all of CC back. I opened the park and all my supports for Corkscrew were missing, some of my buildings were half gone, and all my ride signs/billboards have disappeared. I double checked and all the sets I have used were properly installed, so it's going to take me some time to rebuild. But don't worry this park is not over! Just on a short break I am starting another park at the same time so look forward to that also


I'd like to thank everyone that commented/gave feedback on this park! It's deeply appreciated. And I promise Waterbury will return soon


Returning soon with a Season 5 announcement! Stay tuned!


Look forward to my new park also!



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