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Photo TR: Robb & Elissa in New York City!

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Completely untrue! Unless you are African American. Cabbies discriminate, that's a fact!


Hmmm...well, I'm white, and the last time I was in NYC, I tried getting a cab from the Cornell Club, where the bus dropped us off, and had a hard time getting one. They'd pull over, and when my mom told them we were headed to the Affinia on 34th street, they just flat out refused to give us a ride, even with empty seats. We had to walk down several blocks and keep trying, with a 20 dollar bill in my mom's hand, before someone finally gave us a ride.


While we're on the subject of race, nearly all the cabbies who refused to give us rides were either Indian or Middle Eastern, and the one who finally picked us up was Puerto Rican. What that means, I'm not sure, because we have some very nice Indian people living here in Ithaca.


In any case, I'd rather just save the money and walk when possible when I'm down there.

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^ We didn't have any problem getting a cab when we were there, but we were coming from the Townhouse Club in Manhattan going back to Times Square (where we were staying) and even though we aren't NYC experts, we knew he was taking the looooon way back & just running up the meter. Finally, we told him to drop us off at a location we recognized, paid him $18 and from then on, we either walked or used the subway.


I was disappointed that there was no drunken Cash Cab!

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^Speaking of brains, here in Ithaca, there's a collection of brains at Cornell University, including that of serial killer Edward Ruloff, which is actually one of the biggest brains ever studied.


Wow this is so cool! I never knew that someone so close to me was a TPR fan like me! (Sorry this is off-topic!) I live like 30 minutes away from Ithaca in the Corning area!


Also Robb when were you all in NYC? I was there Friday on March 4th! It would have been awesome to have met you and Elissa! I want to try and go on a TPR trip with you guys soon!!!

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^Nice! I was actually in the area (half hour away in East Meadow) those three days too because of a swim meet. It was so weird to see this when I got back because we hit up a lot of the same stores you did such as the 5th ave. Apple Store (LOVE APPLE!) I asked my parents if we could go on TOTR too but they said no! I will have to show them the awesome pictures you guys got and say look at how awesome that would've been!!!

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