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New 5-D ride for The London Dungeon in 2011!

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The London Dungeon are now releasing information on their new 5-D ride opening in May. It sounds interesting.....


UK's First 5D Laser Ride to be Unleashed at the London Dungeon on 28th May


An entirely new, super sensory, adrenaline-charged ride will be unleashed at the London Dungeon on 28th May – Vengeance: the UK’s first 5D Laser Ride.


Taking scare to a whole new level, this technologically groundbreaking 5D ride is a full scale assault on the senses. Guests will be transported to a séance set in Victorian times at 50 Berkeley Square, alleged to be the most haunted house in London at the time. Here riders will come face to face with one of the most famous and feared mediums of the age, Florence Cook, who will take them on the ultimate ghost hunt in a high octane battle of skill, speed and nerve.


Completely disorientated in the dark and spinning at high speeds, riders will shoot it out with twisted, vengeful spirits, whilst facing their full destructive force. This is definitely not a ride for the faint hearted and wusses should take the ‘escape door’ option!


A UK first, Vengeance is only the third 5D ride in the world, it promises a unique and totally immersive experience which puts riders at the heart of the action. The ride’s five dimensions combine:


3D: Stunningly realistic high definition 3D film exclusively produced for the ride, enabling visitors to watch in terror as the strange spirits from 50 Berkeley Square appear to come to life around them!

4D: Incredible fully immersive special effects – including high speed rotating movements and unexpected ‘scare’ effects built into every seat – making up the fourth dimension

5D: A final, fifth dimension, rider interactivity, with a fast paced laser shoot-out enabling riders to fire at evil spirits using a Victorian style revolver laser gun

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I wonder what the other two 5D rides are supposed to be. I've ridden one in Branson like this. It was decidedly overpriced, but still enjoyable, although I didn't know what to shoot at. This sounds like it will be a fun attraction!

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Yeah, definitely not my type of ride, but the technology sounds pretty neat. Pure speculation here...I believe in Robb's IAAPA coverage Sally Corp had shown a new technology where you can be fired back at on the ride. I wonder if they will be incorporating that into this ride. That is of course, if this is a Sally Corp ride to begin with.

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Looks like it's worth checking out. I'd previously heard some rumors about this on another site. I'll be in London in July before the ACE Scandinavia trip. I'd originally just scheduled a 2 day stopover, with only a quick side trip to Thorpe planned. But I've decided to extend it to a full 4 days, partially to take in Alton Towers again. (Luckily, you don't have to pay extra to switch flights on American Airlines when you're using miles for award travel.) And since I'm also interested in seeing the Windsor Castle on the day I'm at Thorpe, I'll probably hit up Legoland briefly as well. At that point, it makes sense to get the Merlin annual pass, which includes a bunch of attractions in London, including the London Dungeon, the London Eye, Madame Toussauds, Sea Life Aquarium, and more.


I probably would have stopped in for a bit at the Dungeon mainly because it was included in the pass. But this might make it more worth the stop, especially if I don't have to pay extra for it. Let's hope the lines won't be too long! Luckily, the trip extension included an extra day for general sightseeing, since that day already seems booked up now!


Now, if only the Doctor Who Experience were included, which is probably the most must-see attraction in the UK for me, at the moment.

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