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Penn State Theme Park Engineering Survey

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Penn State Theme Park Engineering


The Penn State Theme Park Engineering Group has chosen to take on the challenge of designing an original theme park ride from the ground up. The first step in the process, deciding what to design, however, depends on you. By filling out this ten question survey we will be able to gather data regarding what types of rides and characteristics people prefer in a ride experience. After receiving this information, we will then be able to determine what type of ride to build and what characteristics and features are important to its success. From there, we will embark on the long and involved design process, documenting every step along the way.


We would kindly appreciate your input on this survey. It will take only a few minutes and will allow you to express your ride preferences and even give us your most 'out there' ride design ideas. Who knows, maybe we can make one these crazy ideas a reality.


A special thanks to Robb for allowing us to post our survey.



Survey Link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KW6BL2W

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^Don't worry about the location part then. Just leave it blank. I'm pretty sure that you can continue without filling that out. We would greatly appreciate your input.


EDIT: We have fixed the survey so that it allows for people outside of the United States to take it.


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I'm part of the group as well. We really appreciate everyone's input. Please post any extra thoughts you may have. We will definitely read and consider them in addition to the survey. The survey is up for a month so we hope to get a broad range of ideas and opinions.


Thanks again!

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