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Deep South Bash 2011 - Six Flags Over Georgia

Are you interested in Deep South Bash at SFOG?  

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  1. 1. Are you interested in Deep South Bash at SFOG?

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Pumped. This is my first new park since going to SFNE in 2009! All new credits for me! My friends are psyched as well as it will be their first TPR event! Even my wife is getting excited while watching some video from SFOG... Weather's looking good for the weekend, but that may mean more crowds. Oh well, as long as I get the credits before ERT begins I'll be happy!

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This is my first TPR event- and after seeing how many cool things are going on, I can say that I'm already overwhelmed- and it's not even here yet:


1.) Brandy and her cake!


Wow, I'm honored me and my cake made #1 on your list! I have to make sure the cake is perfect now! Oh the pressure...



Since I met Brandy already and she is ultra awesome, I don't mind being 2nd



Thanks, Big Mike! Can't wait to see you again and to meet Megan!

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^There is a Wendy's and a waffle house (not recommended) on the same exit as the hotel... but I'd recommend going 1 exit west on I-20 to Thornton Road for some fast food or to exit 36 (Chapel Hill Road) for nicer sit-down places.


Hard to beat the weather forecast for Saturday!


SFOG weather forecast for Saturday, September 17

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Can't wait to get out of Cincinnati. Haven't done hardly any photography this summer.


Last time I was at SFOG in 2008 was the first time I used my Nikon! Can't wait to get back and re-shoot.

2008 re-visited.



I know I love everything this park has to offer. Going to have to see if SFOG beats out SFOT as my favorite Six Flags park!

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Is anyone interested in going up to Dollywood tomorrow? My friend are I are thinking about it (I really want to, she is ehhh) but looking for some encouragement and peps to spend the day with prior to the DSB. We live in ATL so any out of towners we can show you around a bit too. PM me if interested. If not see everyone on Saturday

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For those who will be staying Friday night at the Wingate, if anyone wants to plan a dinner run, I can fit 3 peeps in my durango. I dont think there is any places to eat at that exit.


A Texas Roadhouse is awesome enough, but this one may please any coaster nerds as they have a giant mural of Goliath on the wall! [Exit 36/Chapel Hill Rd]

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