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Deep South Bash 2011 - Six Flags Over Georgia

Are you interested in Deep South Bash at SFOG?  

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  1. 1. Are you interested in Deep South Bash at SFOG?

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So I had my ticket ready a while ago. Then, I just saw this huge list of every great ride at Six Flags Over Georgia. And now I'm dying to find out what rides we'll be riding at night. Seems like something I never get to do even though I go to the park on a regular basis.


Countdown begins . . .

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TICKET PURCHASED.... The south shall RIDE again!


Now -anybody- who breaks Mindbender whilst I'm there will know the -true- rath of a very grumpy me... As in: Death will be long and painful at the hands of an unpadded Vekoma SLC. In the Back. On Old, ground down wheels.



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Any idea on what kind of beer there will be???? You had me at GASM but free beer, I'm in! Just wondering if it will be something local like Sweetwater 420 or generic like Crud Light!!! Coasters + Beer = AWESOME

Old E would fit the neighborhood well.

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Just so everyone knows, Midbender is an awful coaster, so you should all ride other rides during ERT. I'll take one for the team and marathon on Mindbender in the back seat. You're welcome.


I agree with ^shivtim^ it is really awful and I will also take one for the team and ride with him.


^ & ^^Such an unselfish sacrifice should not go unrewarded. I'll be there with you!


Sorry, my son and I already have dibs on "taking one for the team" on Mindbender.


I, too will be taking one for the team for Mindbender, as it's such an awful ride, that I don't want any of my beloved friends injuring themselves on it. There is no need for everyone else to partake in such a terrible, awful experience. Please, ALlow me to be the designated pain-bearere for the group. In the front seat.

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I think everyone will be pleased with the EBT (Exclusive Beer Time)!


The park is really excited to host our first "Bash" event... and we have a few more surprises yet to be announced!

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I dunno - I was thinking that since Georgia Cyclone is one of the best coasters in the park - everyone would be, and should probably stay, on that side of the park. I would hate for that coaster to be missed!!!


Definitely, everyone flock to the Cyclone. By no means should any of you venture towards Gotham City during ERT! You would be sorely disappointed!

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Sir Clinksalot, you may also ride with us just as long as you don't take the back seat as I would hate for you to feel the wrath of the back seat-leave that to ShivTim and I. We will gladly take the beating it serves up. (plus I don't see anywhere you called it first- )


And I agree that everyone else should flock to GA Cyclone as it is a MUCH better ride than Mindbender.

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