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TheStig and Jake bake dead chicken brownies


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So. Stumbleupon lead me to THIS recipe for an orgasmic looking brownie. Considering that Jake and I both love brownies, and oreos, and each other, we decided to get together and bake these.


Also we played No Limits.




First things first, you need brownie mix.


Then you need some idiot to put two dead chickens in to a bowl.


Add oil, and brown powdery stuff to the top of the dead chickens...


...and mix it for 50 strokes. I had to switch hands halfway through, I'm usually done after 25.


Secret ingredient: Ice cream. Cookies and cream ice cream to be exact*


*No longer a secret ingredient.


When you are all done (or are just awkward and clumsy) murder the rest of the already dead chickens.


Seriously though, I dropped these on the ground. They cracked and made a mess. Stupid 50 strokes...


Your badder should look like this when it is all said and done.


But just to make sure you should dip a spoon in and show your thighs who's boss.


Next thing to do is add half the badder to the pan, then layer with Oreos!


Food can be artistic too you know.


You should be able to get most of the package on there, but if not just eat the rest while the brownies are in the oven.


Layer with the rest of the badder...


...and then place in to the oven!


Thirtyish minutes later you get this! Wow!




Just like the picture on the website.



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Yay you put the pictures up! They are sooo much better now after 2 days of zip lock baggy storage! And sorry Andrew I didn't even think to bring you brownies!!! Haha.


Colin we need to make more stuff. And take more pictures. And play more mini golf.

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The Healthy Part: Bah, True Mass is such a ripoff. You're paying for the shiny label and the BSN name. There are a ton of other supplements that work much better for cheaper!


The Unhealthy Part: Looks damn good. Would still prefer to have brownies over cake any day!

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