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The Parking Thread

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It's funny how Disneyland can go from $12 to $15; not $13 or $14, but right to $15 (someones got to pay for the tram doors )

Actually, the last time I was at Disneyland (September 2009), the price for parking was $14. So it's $15 now, huh? I'll just make sure to go with Diana---she has an AP with parking included.


This is one reason why I do get SFMM's Xtreme Pass.




Darn it, you're right!


Although I'm on my sixth AP, this is the first time I've gone with the Premium (free parking). I must say, it's quite convenient to have parking included.


Also, this is the first time I've been enticed to carpool to Disneyland - I meet up with family members in OC to take one car for free parking (instead of them bringing their own car).

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Something to keep in mind: parking lots are actually expensive for parks due to property taxes. Properly maintaining a parking lot (re-paving and re-striping) is also fairly expensive.


That is true about property taxes, but some parks (here's to you, GADV) have terrible parking lots. There are so many holes!

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Busch Gardens Tampa has a whole bunch of parking options:


$13 - General parking for cars and motorcycles

$15 - General parking for buses, trucks and recreation vehicles

$20 - Preferred parking ($10 for 2 Year & 1 Year Passport members; Free for Platinum members)

$26 - Valet Parking ($22 for Passport members)

Valet and Preferred parking are both subject to availability. Tour buses may park for free.


And another option is you can actually buy parking online at a discounted rate of $12.15 for general parking and $24.30 for valet parking.

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10 bucks at Canada's Wonderland. Not even that bad considering what other parks charge.


Last visit is was $15!!


Hmm, were you in an RV or a camper? Otherwise it's 10 bucks according to the web site. That's what I paid last year.


Canada’s Wonderland offers ample parking adjacent to the park. Parking for autos and vans costs $10.00 per vehicle. Parking for RVs and campers is $15.

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Six Flags Great America has 2 parking lots. One is closer to the park, which was 25 dollars, and then there was a parking lot further away that was 15 dollars. I think Six Flags Great America found the pricing useless because the the back parking lot would fill up 5 times faster than the closer one. So starting this year, both lots are 20 dollars.


Not sure what to complain about, Parking Pass was only 70-80 bucks

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DelGrosso's Amusement Park, Funtown U.S.A., Hoffman's Playland, Lakemont Park, Magic Forest, Marineland, Martin's Fantasy Island, Santa's Village, and Story Land all have free parking as well.


The Great Escape costs $13 to park regular and $25 premium.


Also, Six Flags New England upped their regular parking fee to $20.

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Hersheypark parking fee is being raised from $10 to $12 starting this Monday for the rest of the season.


Also, Hersheypark general admission is being raised from $54.95 to $55.95 starting this Monday for the rest of the season.

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