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Food and Fatties of Middle America!

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I love, love, love your trip reports Joey! You always include some really amazing photos plus some pretty funny captions.


Awesome job




I don't even know where to begin with a caption for that picture... was that the the new "National Lampoon presents Devils's Rejects Vacation" movie poster?


And you are the first entry, which means, you are winning so far!!!!


Is it just me or does no one in MN wear shoes? Just look at some of the first pics of Steel Venom and Power Tower...not one person is wearing shoes!


A lot of people also forgot to wear their teeth that day

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***Ok, here is the caption contest! Best caption for this picture of a couple of no teeth mid-westerners (as decided by me) wins a special prize!***


Hmmm...that's a tough one, but I'll go with: You might be a midwestern redneck if you think Corkscrew is the greatest invention since Coors Light, Hanes Wife Beaters & John Deere tractors.

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Fantastic TR, Just read the whole thing!


As for the captions:


Guy on left: Hey Billy Bob..

Guy on right: Yeah..

Guy on left: I think I just lost my teeth.

Guy on right: You are so screwed.

Guy on left: I know (said in a very redneck way)

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Such a fun day, but sad at the end because it was the last day. I forgot about the kiddie credit we missed, was anybody able to get on it? And Renagade was a really good end for the trip!

I'm still trying to think of a good caption for the contest...

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