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Food and Fatties of Middle America!

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Holiday World was lots of fun. I liked the family feel it had. And of course free soda was great with how hot it was. I liked the water park area too, Wildebeast is now my favorite water coaster/slide. The walk back of Voyage was great but my highlight of the day was walking with Pat Koch around the park.

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I forgot how terrible the tube slide was. The ride itself was fine, But the heat in the tunnel was terrible. It felt so much hotter in the water than waiting in line. Even the lazy river was too warm. I think it was the first time I ever got out of the water to cool down!

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^ & ^^^. Yeah, I know it was pretty terrible . I promise there will be more food type pictures in the report with Pat Koch. As for fatties, we really didn't finally decide to do the food and fatties until after this part of the trip. The Indiana beach and Wisconsin Dells days were absolutely the best for fatties. Stay tuned!


^^i used a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1 (?). I do prefer the Olympus Tough Series ones but at the time, only Panasonic had HD movie recording.

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"Sticking his thumb in things and saying what a good boy he is seems very much TPR approved."


That made me laugh out loud HARD. (Almost all the nursery rhyme captions did, actually.)


Also, this Ginger does indeed rejoice over Holiday World's free sunscreen policy, just one of a thousand reasons I love HW so very much.

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The next park was truly a food and fatties dream, Indiana Beach! We had an ton of fun checking out all of the locals. The park was pretty run down, and some of the employees were less than stellar, but when your with TPR it doesn't matter and we all had an incredible time! Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain was painfully fun, and the other rides were surprisingly good. Steel Hawg was a fun and unique ride, but seemed like a smaller and slower Eurofighter bred with a crazy mouse. The TPR takeover of the Fascination game was incredible and we collectively got a ton of awesome prizes! Some of the food was actually really good. They had a lot of variety to chose from.


"Morning Bob." "Mornin' Carol." "Big bus over there." "Yep." "See ya' Bob." "See ya' Carol."


Hey, it's not as foggy today! It was finally cooling down...a little.


That's one Bad-A$$ looking group of weirdos!


Eisele's always did brag about the size of his "Pronto Pup!"




The local trailer folk fixed the sign so the english was more familiar.


Beepers!? Welcome to the Mid-West!


The shade was still more preferable.


They still had the old track under the new track, including the old signs.


Best party flyer ever!!!


Looking to the right...


...and to the left.


There was a ton of trash everywhere!


Good luck on your one attlin experience!


Why is there a bathroom in-between the two Cornball signs? The signage at the park was a little odd.




Jack hits 200!


Thank you, I will!


We got a quick quality meal! Unmelted cheese with burnt toast. That takes real skill!


Next up was Steel Hawg!


From Steel Hawg you get a nice view of a creepy abandoned compound. Must have been where all the rapture candidates were first translated at.


Divv just wants a beer, and some Doritos.


TPDave, what happens in Holiday World, stays in Holiday World!


Hang On!


They aren't too sure what to think about the ride.


FYI, Dan doesn't like being taunted with fried Oreos!


"TPDave, that joke was horrible."


"Dan, that camera is horrible."


"America, your ice cream is horrible. ;)"


Dun Dun Dun. Remember her!?!


Time for the Hoosier Hurricane! Tickets across the street? I think it's time to change the sign.


Enjoying the log ride!


This employee was still trying to learn what efficiency, management, approval, and dispatch meant.


Somehow I don't think the kids like the log ride.


So is it Tig-er, or Tig-er-er?


It was a very fun coaster, and one that I had never ridden before.


I loved the absolutely ghetto size examples. ;)


Are you sure your not on our trip?


She's baaaaaaack!


Caramel and Cheese popcorn doesn't sound good at all.


A couple of TPR members really wanted to vandalize just to be 'keelhauled' by a pirate. ;)


They had a haunted shooting gallery where this wolf would jump out at you pretty good.


Nice and brutal.


Some fudge and a sliced caramel apple! Only a lazy fat man would eat a sliced caramel apples . Yes it was delicious. ;)


This was the "Award Winning" burrito. The only thing award winning about it was the damage I did to the bathroom after I was done.


Ice Bat possessed Chuck and Barry M. Deeper and had them do his bidding for the rest of the day.


He is well on his way!


Nothing says 'quality park' like a bra next to the walkway.


TPR swing takeover.


Dan's Italian sausage is entirely sugar free!


Ok, I've gotta try the food network world's best taco.


It was actually really really good, but it was still just a taco. I would still pick a good filet of beef over it anyday.


The walking taco was even better!


Incredibly helpful signs!


I don't think I want anymore tacos.


More TPR swingers!


Brother Ben celebrates his wedding to his 12th wife!


More odd mid-west creatures.


Nothing says Bad-A$$ like those gloves while riding the swings.


I'm sure the stroller is just full of hostess cupcakes and Oreos.


Proof that black holes do exist.


Another quality sign!


A small army of kids could sleep under that tent.


Oh I get it. Your trying to hide by blending in with the flowers!


Our perfect example of Kankles walked by for one last view ;)


Time for a fried Twinkie!


Dan's trying to sneak a peek of my sugar porn!


Time for TPR takeover of FASCINATION!!!!


Fascination requires absolute concentration.


No Amy, you need five lights in a row, not just one.


Of course it didn't take long for TPR members to start waving their balls around!


Even Kidtums played the game with us!


The flying dutchman would influence the ball with some ancient blowing techniques.


It's usually not a good thing when the wife has the ball.


That's pretty much TPR in a nutshell!


Time for another all-you-can-eat lunch!


Fried chicken, hot dogs, and lasagna! A great combination.


This kid was just sleeping there. For a while we thought he was sick/dead and almost contacted security...but first we had to take a picture.


Good from far...


...And even better up close!


A 'big' family and a kid with a killer mullet!


How'd you like to grab a handful of that!


These were the shortest stalls I've ever seen! There was no hiding from anyone!


That cup is actually clear but the water was a nasty yellow color, and it even had a funky smell!


Time to wash down the yellow water with an elephant ear! Very good stuff!


Goodbye Indiana Beach, hello SyFy movies!


Getting a culture credit by eating at the absolutely authentic Australian Outback Steakhouse!


Why is this this thing so delicious!


Lightly seared flesh off of a Tuna!


I finally had people with my who liked fried mushrooms!


I'm so glad that they got rid of the world's worst smelling French Onion Soup! This one is so much better!


An awesome prime rib and side of Shrimp on the Barbie!


Just kidding Bryan, it's not tofu, it's baby rabbits!!!!


Amy enjoys her chicken while her vegetables are completely untouched. Up next is Six Flags Great America!

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I love IB not only because of the coasters, but the people! I could sit there all day and people watch.


Caramel and Cheese popcorn doesn't sound good at all.


Trust me - it's delicious! If you ever do decide to try it, get it from Garrett's. It's a Chicago company that's been around since 1949. It's the best stuff on earth if you ask me.

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As a very soon to be former resident of Lame-iana, I mean Indiana, this report just further reinforces our decision to move far away from all the “Quality people” as seen here. There really are some “normal” folks in Indiana but they are few in far between. Glad you guys enjoyed Indiana and I will miss Holiday World but I am looking forward to exploring some parks out west including my new “home park”, Elitch Gardens.

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It's been a few years since I've been to IB. It looks like the new owners aren't taking the best care of the place. I don't remember things like random trash or signs in disrepair. Is this just my imagination?

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Glad everyone is enjoying it so far!


I love IB not only because of the coasters, but the people! I could sit there all day and people watch.


Caramel and Cheese popcorn doesn't sound good at all.


Trust me - it's delicious! If you ever do decide to try it, get it from Garrett's. It's a Chicago company that's been around since 1949. It's the best stuff on earth if you ask me.


I will probably try it someday, but that popcorn machine looked like it hadn't been used for days so there was no way I was going to try it there


It's been a few years since I've been to IB. It looks like the new owners aren't taking the best care of the place. I don't remember things like random trash or signs in disrepair. Is this just my imagination?


This was my first time to IB, so I don't know what it was like in the past but it definitely was run down and not taken care of. I remember a few people mentioning how much it had gone downhill since their last visit.

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This was my first time to IB, so I don't know what it was like in the past but it definitely was run down and not taken care of. I remember a few people mentioning how much it had gone downhill since their last visit.


Well, it was always a seedy place with interesting characters as both employees and patrons. But there was a reasonable level of maintenance. It wasn't "run down" on any of the 3 or 4 trips I made there.

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I'm hoping it's just growing pains with the new owners, but it hasn't had the same charm on my visits there since the change. I'm still waiting for that spark to come back at my favorite park, though!


I'm hoping the same thing. It does have a lot of potential with the mix of new and old rides, and all of the food choices.

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Was it kinda Ghetto. Yeah. But it does have it's charm. Ghetto charm.


I liked it's collection of coasters. And I loved Lo Co Su Mo.


Guy "I thought Lo Co Su Mo was a Crazy Fat Japanese Wrestler. Boy was I surprised when it turned out to be an awesome coaster." Koepp

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