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The "I just did this in a Theme Park" Thread

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I just did something completely stupid/pointless in the Magic Kingdom yesterday, and I thought I'd share.


But, I thought that other TPR members might like to share the random/stupid/crazy stuff they've done at theme parks recently because we're all random/crazy/stupid (You know which one you are).


Presenting -


The "I just did this in a Theme Park" thread!




I rode Space Mountain seven times in two hours yesterday (six stand-by, one FastPass). I'm not sure why I did, but I just got on the ride once, turned straight around after coming out of the arcade, and went back inside. Lather, rinse, repeat. I took the wait time card twice. I forgot my glasses in the car pouch after the fifth go, so I waited for about twenty cycles before the cast member found 'em in the pouch. They actually stopped the trains on their blocks the last time I rode, but didn't need to evacuate (I believe someone had trouble getting in the car or something).


I also near lost my voice, due to a yelling at a train on the other lift hill as we went up.


Did I mention that whenever I wave and flail my arms at the people in the lift hill control panel, they never wave back?


What random/crazy/stupid thing have YOU done at a theme park lately (or even NOT so lately, but still random)?


Make sure you keep it semi-clean, and PLEASE don't brag about breaking park rules! Remember, the wacky random stuff that TPR does in theme parks doesn't break the rules. It's just wholesome fun.

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I was at Six Flags America and at the end of the Mind Eraser they take FOREVER loading trains so you hang there for a good 5 minutes and I started yelling the spongebob theme song. Eventually the whole train chimed in and we sang it while entering the station.



Also like every time I go to an amusement park with my little cousin we yell all kinds of crazy/stupid things while going up the hill and during the ride. We love the attention lol. Our favorite is "I changed my mind" and we start to 'flip out' just as the ride crest the top or at the end. Or we'll wait till the ride comes to a complete stop before they let you back into the station and that is when we'll yell really loud and then say "oh, its over". You may not get the humor but we have fun with it and that is all that matters.


Some of things we yell are pretty crude so I will not repeat here because I do not want to come off that stupid or offend anyone lol.

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A few years back, me and my family were staying on property at the Grand Californian, so my parents just let me go to the parks on my own if they were busy and/or asleep. So one night, I was hanging out at Disneyland, when I realized that the park closed in five minutes, and I wanted to get one last ride in on Splash Mountain. I was by the Matterhorn, so needless to say I sprinted for it. I made it in with one minute to spare, and got on the last log of the night.


That was only the beginning.


Because I ended up alone in my log, I basically just decided to enjoy the ride my way-that being yelling my own version of the songs throughout the ride (most of them far, far more disturbing than the originals), pretending to be asleep, and just sorta enjoying the solitude at some points. At the top of the final drop, I threw my hands up at the top of the drop and yelled "THANK YOU CLEVELAND!" to a crowd of employees who were leaving Pooh and the Hungry Bear, and I got cheers on the way down!


I was also one of the last people to leave the park, so I got to experience the walk back to the front virtually alone.


Best. Theme park moment. Ever.

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Two things in the same day:


First one was riding mean streak over 15 times in one day just because of the fact that we could.


Second was my friend and I were waiting for his parents to pick us up at Cedar Point after closing and we decided to wander the park in pitch darkness until they came. It's very creepy when there is no one there at night, not even a security guard.

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When Batman the Ride was new (Brand New) at SFoG, a group of friends and I waited 4 hours to ride, then went back around and did it again.


Also - was part of a psychotic group that had WAY too many people in a Splash Mountain boat at WDW ("clench and squish everybody.) Twas an awesome ride, and the splash was GIANORMOUS!


Also - HHN and a large group of us Chanting random things like "shark, shark, shark, FIRE, FIRE, FIRE" on Jaws.



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When I was a kid I rode Star Tours about 15 times in a row at Disney MGM. Hey, there wasn't a line! We made friends with the CM's there too. And in between running from the exit to the entrance of the ride, we managed to get a few pictures with Darth Vader, Chewy and a few Ewoks.


And yes, I still refer to that park as Disney MGM.

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I was at Disneyland with some friends and we went on pirates at 11:59, so we were the only ones in the boat. We each got our own row, and I said I was tired, I laid down and my friends followed. It for some reason didnt occur to me this was against the rules(I want to say I was like...12) and the CM was laughing as she said, "guys, please sit straight up."and it wasn't said until the last half of the ride. It was awesome and totally fun, but I'll never do it again. Also, we were in innoventions avoiding the rain and we put on a "rock show" while playing rock band which involved head banging, audience interaction, and some awesome semi choreographed moves. The CM working there said we made his day!

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May 3rd, 2009...Rode El Toro 13 times and Nitro 12 times back to back, in the rain. Nuff Said.


Waiting on Kingda Ka's launch platform. Slight drizzle, brakes release and car prepares for launch, at that very moment torrential downpour occurs. Lets just say takin raindrops to the face at 128mph isn't the most fun. I literally had red marks on my face from where the rain hit me. Picture bieng in an ice cave, looking up and seeing thousands of small, sharp, icicles falling towards your face. About equal pain.

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I started eating a Chipotle burrito on Space Mountain, and finished it on Splash Mountain.


My burrito broke in half while trying to pull it out of the bag in total darkness. Luckily it stayed together just enough... cuz I almost came back into the station covered in spilled burrito, and I'm not sure how I would've explained that....


It is VERY hard to pull a burrito out of a bag, separate it from the napkins that came out with it, unwrap it, and keep it together with one hand (cuz a drink is in the other) at 30ish mph in the darkness of space!


The burrito was basically torn in half after Space Mountain, but I managed to hold it together just long enough to get the splash mountain pic too. I started eating it for real in this pic. It was already wet from the ride but moments later it got SOAKED after the drop. It honestly was disgusting, but at that point I was so hungry that I didn't care. Just thinking about it makes me want to throw up... there was so much disgusting Splash Mountain water in that soggy burrito.

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