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Your favorite coaster tunnel

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Steel Force - I thought the tunnel was cool because it was long and it began on the top of a bunny hop and ended at the bottom of the next bunny hop (or vise versa).


Lightning Racer - I love flying through the tunnel on this coaster and seeing the on-ride camera flash go off, especially at night. Reminds me of lightning, almost living up to the ride's name.


The Beast - This was really fun when I saw that "tunnel that is too small for the train to fit in". This was back in 1999, but I still think about it like it was yesterday.

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Definately Grizzly @ PKD especially at night! Back when I rode it before The Hurler and Hypersonic, it was outrageously good. Haven't ridden it in almost 8 years now, hope its still as good.




It's a deathtrap now.


Voyage triple-down=awesome.

Beast helix=the only good part.

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Dragon Mountain @ Marineland - The pitch black downhill descent into the butterfly inversion. Awesome!


Dragon Mountain gets my vote as well!!


I agree as well. That tunnel really adds a lot to an otherwise forceless coaster.

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