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Your favorite coaster tunnel

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I'm glad to hear the Grizzly getting it's well-deserved props. That tunnel always feels like something has gone terribly wrong and just when you think you should be dead you come popping out the other side. Once in a while they have the lights on in there and then it's just weird.


Voyage's triple down was the first coaster moment to scare the carp out of me in a loooooooong time.



OT (not so best tunnel):


Here's the story of the very first time my friend Nicole rode the Loch Ness Monster: As we latched on to the second lift, she began to share with me her ideas of how the section between the first loop and where we were now might be reprofiled to make the ride more exciting. That pretty much sums up my feelings about LNM's longest, slowest helix (for)ever. Strobe, fog, whatever. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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That's a good way to get your hand chopped off. What part of "keep your hands inside the car" did you not understand?


I like to put my hands up and to the side on rides! I and I understand. >.>


Not to be rude, but yeah, we had a couple people come back with bloody hands while I worked at the Beast. You're okay usually if you put you hands straight up, but out to the sides there isn't much clearance, especially in the helix tunnel. If you've seen what I've seen, you wouldn't be so quick to stick your hands out to the side on the beast.


-James "I'm being nice to call them 'bloody hands' as they were pretty nasty injuries" Dillaman

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Millennium Force's is accually pretty cool, is narrow and gives a cool sound when it goes through it.


Tennessee Torando's is cool, but not that great....


Thunder Road at PC is pretty cool b/c of that loud noise it makes


Space Mtn's with the lights and swirls stuff is pretty awesome


Top Gun the Jet Coaster - Its cool for any invert to have a tunnel, especially one filled with fog!


Also with Adventure Express! - lights and flashes, skeletons, Indiana Jones theming!

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Colossus at Thorpe Park comes straight out of a loop, under a bridge, over an airtime hill and dives under the shop. the extra airtime makes it feel like you really are gonna hit it.


Oblivion is also very good. it looks smaller that a 2p piece from the top


i dont think ive been on any other rollercoasters with tunnels...

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I think the tunnel leading to the lift hill on Air is superb. I love the way it reminds of driving into a multi storey car park (parking garage). It genuinely gives you that feel. No other tunnel creates such a genuine feeling so well.


2nd to that is the tunnel on Voyage with the tripple down. I love how it catches you out and without the tunnel you'd know it was coming.

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Well it used to be Hades' tunnel, but that coaster has gone to hell, so my favorite tunnel would probably be Demons. Between the lights and water effects, the tunnel provides a good experience on an otherwise bad ride.



Airtime-Does the long section of headchoppers on Viper count as a tunnel?-&Gravity

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