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Your favorite coaster tunnel

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The Voyage's "triple down" tunnel is my favorite. First, you drop into a tunnel. Nothing really special, but still fun. Then, it gets darker and you drop again. Now you're in complete darkness as the train drops out from under you yet again. I mean, it just doesn't get much cooler than that.

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I've only rode two coasters with tunnels, Millennium Force and Superman Ride of Steel at SFNE, so I have too say S:ROS has the best tunnels i've been on. The first one, the clearence seems so tight, like your arms would be chopped off going through it, and on the second, theres the awesome mist.

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Top 3:

1. Hades. Although I have only seen the video, the views look pretty intense (just keep the lights off).


2. Good 'ole Nessie-BGE. With ALL of the special effects on/operating as when it was during its anniversary. The stories (and strange articles) we accumulated over the years on Nessie was absolutley hilarious. I remember the very first-time (when it was my first maintenance assignment) we inspected the track those inside the tunnel the lights kept 'flickering' then it just went pitch-black. Thank-goodness I had my trusty flashlight with me.


3. Grizzly @PKD. The tunnel always gets me no matter how many times I have ridden this ride.

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Someone had to have mensioned the beast's tunnel!

I litteraly hit my hat against the side of the tunnel when I stuck my hand out! Also check out my POV for it!


Magnum's Tunnels are pretty sweet with the fog and airtime surprise inside!


Especially since it's been mentioned almost as much as Hades'.


Tremmors's tunnels look wicked, and the gift shop flyby is soooo cool.

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