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Your favorite coaster tunnel

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Oh man how could of have forgotten The "World Famous" Lakeside Cyclone!


And OH crap Dragon Mountain too! I really can't believe I didn't think of that at first.



As for the "I had no idea the tunnel existed reward" that would go to Jack Rabbit at Seabreeze, Caroline Cyclone at Paramount's Carowinds, and also Giant Dipper at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

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For me Vampire at Chessington before over half of it was removed.

It was so dark and small, I always thought it was going to hit the rockwork. A great illusion ruined, also it was a real supprise from a really fun ride to a black intense shock as the car swings right out and back in.

Now its just like going under a flyover on a freeway, shame real shame.






pre 2001

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Since no one ahs said it yet I'll go ahead and put it out there....

THE BEAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't care if you love or hate the ride (I personally love it) but that last tunell around the double helix is awesome, makes theride along with therest of the 3 other tunels. But the helix rocks even with the magnetic trims


I couldn't agree more! That thing is INSANE! It's so crazy loud in there as well! It's complete insanity and it's fabulous!


I also enjoy the tunnel at the bottom of the Raven first hill... sure it's not the craziest, darkest, or longest... it's just plain fun!

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^Note to self... must go to Seabreeze. I live about an hour away, and have never gone inside. I've taken pictures of Jack Rabbit from outside the park though. Silly me... and I never got to experience Quantum Loop.


Seabreeze is absolutely tiny, but everytime I have visited, I have had a blast! And seriously, if you have never ridden Jack Rabbit there the last drop is an incredible surprise in the dark, which in and of itself is made even cooler (more cool?) by how old it is. Add that to their adorable wood-support wild mouse sorta thing, their ancient log flume complete with rapids(!), and sveral good thrill rides, this park is my favorite in New York! Oh and their spinning coaster gives incredible views of Lake Ontario.

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im partial to a couple...


- Desperado @ Buffalo Bills - The tunnel on the first drop...especially at night its like it swallows you up for a split second.


- Big Thunder Mtn @ Disneyland - The last tunnel before the second lift. The way the track is angled it gives a good headchopper and comes up unexpectedly if you are in the back. Its really effective at night!

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Out of all the coasters I have been on, Tremors takes the cake. The tunnels fit very well with the coasters theme and the first one is just fantastic. A steep drop into a small tunnel and right under and through the gift shop! They don't call it the Shake,Rattle and Roll gift shop for nothing!

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Um, I think you are all forgetting the Abandoned mine at Uncle Bernie's in Florida




Uh for me a close second would have to be the SCBB Giant Dipper, but really there is no comparison to "Abandoned Mine" coaster

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In no particular order:


  • Goliath at SFMM (the illusion with the offset roof as you enter the tunnel is one of the best headchoppers anywhere)
  • All the Big Thunder Mountain Railroads (I hear that Paris' first tunnel is especially cool)
  • Lakeside Cyclone
  • Lightning Racers at Hersheypark (best hiding place for an onride camera)

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