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Your favorite coaster tunnel

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I went to Darien Lake last year on Sept 24th and there was no one there so


me and my 2 friends went to the back of the train and we were the only ones


on it and we planned not to scream and it was the creepiest thing ever


because you just hear the roar of the train going through the tunnel. And I


have to say by the look of it Hades has the best tunnel with a 90* turn and it goes under a parking lot what can beat that.

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I know this may sound stupid, but I really like Magnum XL 200's tunnels. I love not being able to know if your going up or down or whatever, and there is an airtime hill in there! Does anyone else think that MF's tunnels suck? I havent been on many coasters with tunnels but I like Magnum's tunnels.

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The second and last tunnel on Beast. The second is cool because you dont know where your going, and the last...well, I dont need to go into that do I? ITS THE EARTHQUAKE MACHINE!!!

But yeah. Hades>all.

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Does the dog house on the Dog Fart Coaster Count? if it does, put me down for that Also, Superman Escapes fly by through the building is cool, but it is the only coaster i have been on with a tunnel, it isn't much of one either.

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Its out of Obivion and hades,


On Oblivion you enter it at 90* (ish) and on hades you go up to 90* on your side so its hard to call however Oblivions tunnel looks great and hades tunnel sux and dont tell me otherwise because it could of had a ledgendary tunnel making it look like your entering hell or somthing but instead they just block paved it

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As much as I think Magnum is over-rated, I do like one of its tunnels! Near the end you are going over a few bunny hills that are about the same size and your body gets into this rythym, kinda. Then you go into the tunnel and go down and keep going down when the "rythym" is telling you that you should be going up- does that make sense?


Also the Tunnel at the end of Seabreeze's Jack Rabit which holds the hidden drop! This could also be viewed as the BEST AIRTIME WHILE RE-ENTERING THE STATION!

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